tanesco service line application


Nov 6, 2010
Service Line Application and Provision of Quotation

  • The customer is required to buy and fill in application form for power supply
  • TANESCO will undertake service line survey within seven days from the date when the customer returns service line application form properly filled in and with all necessary attachments
  • If the customer has filled in the service line application form and has provided all necessary attachments (one photograph of the customer and wiring diagram of the house/building properly drawn and rubberstamped by the registered electrical contractor who undertook the wiring), the customer shall be given a quotation:
    • Within 7 working days where the service line does not exceed 30 mtr from the nearest pole.
    • Within 10 working days where line extension is required (of not more than 100mts).
    • Within 14 working days where new networks have to be established or if supply is required for industrial and commercial customers.
Service Line Construction
If the customer has paid all monies owing and met all other obligations stipulated in the Service Line Form, and if, where applicable, all instalments have been paid, the following time frames shall apply for provision of supply:

  • Within 30 working days where the existing infrastructure can be used (within 30m from the nearest appropriate connective pole)
  • Within 60 working days where lines extensions of not more than 100m (that is when the customer is located between 30m and 100m from the nearest TANESCO appropriate connective pole).
  • Within 90 working days where new networks have to be established or if High Voltage Lines extensions are required for industrial and commercial customers (that means if there is no nearby infrastructure to supply the applicant).
Power interconnections prices are as follows;

  1. An urban customer, the price is Sh320, 000.
  2. A rural electrical connection at distances less than 30 meters without pillars is Sh177, 000.
  3. Rural customers requiring electricity one way and one pillar, the price is Sh337, 740.
  4. Urban customers through one by one pillar the price is Sh515, 618.
  5. Rural customers who built one way and two pillars the price is Sh454, 654.
  6. Urban customers who built one way and two pillars price Sh696, 670.


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