South Africa: Riots - Nigeria to Demand Compensation. [Tanzania je?]

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Mar 24, 2008
This Day (Lagos)
28 May 2008

Damilola Oyedele

The Federal Government yesterday said it would seek appropriate compensation for properties lost by Nigerians during the xenophobic attacks on foreigners in South Africa.

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Chief Ojo Maduekwe while briefing newsmen in Abuja also said the government has not appointed any candidate as Nigeria's High Commissioner to South Africa after former Chairman of the People's Democratic Party (PDP), Senator Ahmadu Ali turned down his posting for 'personal reasons.'

Maduekwe said though it was reassuring that no Nigerian was killed during the spate of violence directed against foreigners in South Africa, a comprehensive list of Nigerians who lost their properties is being compiled so as to evaluate the adequate amount of compensation to be sought from the South African Government.

Maduekwe said the Nigerian government condemned the unjustified attacks and lamented that Africans are being killed on African soil for no reason other than being foreigners especially since South Africa was a beneficiary of immense solidarity support from all Africans during the apartheid regime. He called for a better education of South Africans and said they need to realise that other Africans were instrumental to their independence.

"Many South Africans were sent to Universities on Nigerian funds, their leadership appreciates this but it is unfortunate that when Nigerians including professionals, go to South Africa to work, they are rejected," he said.

The situation is better now, he insisted and "the two Nigerians who sought refuge in the Johannesburg Mission have returned to their rented apartment. Our officials in Johannesburg and Pretoria are in contact with Nigerian communities especially those in Cape Town and Durban as part of strategy to keep in regular touch with our community in case of any eventuality".

The hostile actions of the South Africans to other Africans, he said, would be a major setback to the concept of the United States of Africa which is being pursued vigorously, if Africa cannot unite.

"The governments (in African countries) should not allow legislation that would make life difficult for other Africans. There is a need to eliminate discriminatory tariffs for other Africans like the case we had in Ghana, and allow for free movement before there can be a United States of Africa ," he said .

Wakati Wizara yetu ya mambo ya nje ikiendelea kusuasua na zoezi lake la utambuzi/ uhakiki wa raia Kitanzania waliofikwa na ghasia za nchini Afrika Kusini, wenzetu wako hatua tano mbele!! Tunaomba kusikia matamko kama haya kutoka Wizara ya mambo ya nje, na wala sio propaganda za kisiasa ambazo hazina manufaa yoyote kwa raia wa Kitanzania waliopoteza mali zao!
Naunga mkono hatua za serikali ya Nigeria, na ninaitaka serikali yetu ifuate hatua hiyo hiyo ya kudai fidia kwa Watanzania walioharibiwa mali zao ama kudhuriwa . na pia itoe tamko kali la kudai kuwafikisha katika mkono wa sheria wote ambao walihusika na mauaji .

na ili kuwatendea haki wananchi wa Tanzania waliohusika kwa hali na mali katika mchango wa kuzikomboa nchi za kusini mwa Afrika serikali i "declassify" information mbali mbali za namna tulivyochangia ili kuweka rekodi sawa mbele ya macho ya ulimwengu.
Hii Story nimeikuta Tanswna. Nafikiri jibu ushalipata kutoka kwa Mh. JK!!!

Rre Tawete

Last Saturday night President Kikwete of Tanzania was seen on SABC 3 TV ‘defending' South Africa during the AU conference in Addis.' It's an exaggeration to call what's happening in South Africa xenophobic tendencies. It's only a few criminals causing confusion in that country', he remarked. I was really shocked and disappointed. Why did he decide to speak for Mbeki who was also at the conference? Why are our leaders taking us for a ride? Our leaders are shying way from condemning Mugabe and Al Bashir of Sudan . And here we have the AU Chairman struggling to defend his ‘big brother'; defending the indefensible, so to speak! So the killing of 42 foreigners, injuring 100's, looting and vandalizing their shops and businesses and displacing 20,000 of them in South Africa is nothing strange? Meanwhile the violence has spread to at least 4 other provinces. If this is not xenophobic then what's it? The funny part of it is that Mbeki has come out to condemn (albeit belated) the attacks, calling them disgraceful and shameful. So where does Kikwete stand?

I think one of the things President Kikwete and his colleagues should be worried about is this this:- How come the perpetrators of these shameful acts are not also targeting white immigrants? Oh, they are the superior race! I'm not glorifying the attacks, though. It's either FIFA takes the World Cup from S/A, or African nations advise their nationals to boycott it.

Meanwhile today is African Union Day. It's a public holiday in my country. African Union Day, Hmmmmmm!!!!

I weep for Mother Africa. I see United Africa as a mirage, and a joke. Do I sound pessimistic?
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