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Sheria zote hizi Mtanzania atazijuaje?

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Sheria (The Law Forum)' started by Chenge, May 4, 2012.

  1. Chenge

    Chenge JF-Expert Member

    May 4, 2012
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    Japokuwa wanasema kutokujua sheria sio excuse ya kufanya makosa lakini hebu check hizi hapa chini zote ni sheria zinazotumika hapa Tanzania utazijua saa ngapi?

    Chapter The Laws
    1 The Interpretation of Laws Act
    2 Katiba ya Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania, ya Mwaka 1977
    3 The Basic Right and Duties Enforcement Act
    4 The Laws Revision Act
    5 The Government Proceedings Act
    6 The Evidence Act
    7 The Judgments Extension Act
    8 The Reciprocal Enforcement of Foreign Judgments Act
    9 The Presidential Affairs Act
    10 The National Emblems Act
    11 The Magistrates’ Courts Act
    12 The Notaries Public and Commissioners for Oaths Act
    13 The Children and Young Persons Act
    14 The Hire Purchase Act
    15 The Arbitration Act
    16 The Penal Code
    17 The Corporal Punishment Act
    18 The Witchcraft Act
    19 The Prevention of Gambling Act
    20 The Criminal Procedure Act
    21 The Legal Aid (Criminal Proceedings) Act
    22 The Rural Farmlands (Acquisition and Regrant) Act
    23 The Opticians Act
    24 The Inquests Act
    25 The Bankruptcy Act
    26 The Deeds of Arrangement Act
    27 The Administrator-General (Powers and Functions) Act
    28 The Succession (Non-Christian Asiatics) Act
    29 The Law of Marriage Act
    30 The Sisal Industry Act
    31 The Public Trustee (Powers and Functions) Act
    32 The Commissions of Inquiry Act
    33 The Civil Procedure Code
    34 The Oaths and Statutory Declarations Act
    35 The Public Holidays Act
    36 The Registration and Identification of Persons Act
    37 The Refugees Act
    38 The Tanzania Investment Act
    39 The Expulsion of Undesirables Act
    40 The Tanzania-Zambia Pipeline Act
    41 The National Lotteries Act
    42 The Pools and Lotteries Act
    43 The Age of Majority Act
    44 The National Microfinance Bank Ltd. Incorporation Act
    45 The Explosives Act
    46 The National Industries (Licensing and Registration) Act
    47 The National Security Act
    48 The Health Laboratory Technologists Registration Act
    49 The National Sports Council of Tanzania Act
    50 The National Social Security Fund Act
    51 The Provident Fund (Government Employees) Act
    52 The National Kiswahili Council Act
    53 The Trustee Investments Act
    54 The Immigration Act
    55 The Tanzania Sisal Corporation (Establishment and Vesting of Interests) Act
    56 The Tanzania Audit Corporation Act
    57 The Fugitive offenders (Pursuit) Act
    58 The Prisons Act
    59 The National Institute for Medical Research Act
    60 The Industrial Court of Tanzania Act
    61 The Children’s Homes (Regulation) Act
    62 The Urban Leaseholds (Acquisition and Regrant) Act
    63 The Engineers Registration Act
    64 The Occupiers Liability Act
    65 The Tourist Agents (Licensing) Act
    66 The Tanganyika Red Cross Society Act
    67 The Witness Summonses (Reciprocal Enforcement) Act
    68 The Boy Scouts Act
    69 The Girl Guides Act
    70 The Medical Stores Department Act
    71 The Resettlement of Offenders Act
    72 The Graves (Removal) Act
    73 The Internationally Notifiable Diseases (Prevention) Act
    74 The Protected Places and Areas Act
    75 The Road Frontage Premia Act
    76 The Public Officers (Recovery of Debts) Act
    77 The Intoxicating Liquors Act
    78 The Agricultural Products (Control of Movement) Act
    79 The Capital Markets and Securities Act
    80 The Civil Aviation Act
    81 The Tanzania Investment Bank (Repeal and Transitional Provisions) Act
    82 The Vocational Education and Training Act
    83 The Co-operative College Act
    84 The Foreign Vehicles Transit Charges Act
    85 The Merchandise Marks Act
    86 The Ocean Road Cancer Institute Act
    87 The Building Societies Act
    88 The Co-operative and Rural Development Bank (Repeal and Transitional
    Provisions) Act
    89 The Law of Limitation Act
    90 The Minimum Sentences Act
    91 The Institute of Finance Management Act
    92 The Aerodromes (Licensing and Control) Act
    93 The Mzumbe University Act
    94 The Muhimbili Orthopaedic Institute Act
    95 The Drugs and Prevention of Illicit Traffic in Drugs Act
    96 The Infectious Diseases Act
    97 The Regional Administration Act
    98 The Mental Diseases Act
    99 The Mosquitoes (Control) Act
    100 The Tsetse Fly (Control) Act
    101 The Sexual Offences Special Provisions Act
    102 The Tanzania Library Services Act
    103 The Board of Internal Trade Act
    104 The Entertainments Tax Act
    105 The Hotels Act
    106 The Employees’ Terminal Benefits Schemes (Registration and Regulation) Act
    107 The National Examinations Council of Tanzania Act
    108 The Births and Deaths Registration Act
    109 The Tanzania Foods and Nutrition Act
    110 The National Social Welfare Training Institute Act
    111 The Peoples Militia Act
    112 The Small Industries Development Organisation Act
    113 The Land Act
    114 The Village Land Act
    115 The Parliamentary Services Commission Act
    116 The National Land Use Planning Commission Act
    117 The Registration of Documents Act
    118 The Land Acquisition Act
    119 The Corporations Sole (Establishment) Act
    120 The Hides and Skin Trade Act
    121 The Audio-Visual Institute of Dar es Salaam Act
    122 The Ardhi Institute Act
    123 The Mining Act
    124 The Motor Vehicles (Tax On Registration and Transfer) Act
    125 The Production Development Funds Act
    126 The Special Tribunals Act
    127 The Privatisation Trust Act
    128 The Assayers Act
    129 The National Council for Technical Education Act
    130 The Standards Act
    131 The Electricity Act
    132 The Kariakoo Market Corporation Act
    133 The Plant Protection Act
    134 The Government Loans, Guarantees and Grants Act
    135 The Grass Fires (Control) Act
    136 The Private Health Laboratories (Regulation) Act
    137 The Produce Export Act
    138 The Rufiji Basin Development Authority Act
    139 The Institute of Adult Education Act
    140 The Joint Finance Commission Act
    141 The Appellate Jurisdiction Act
    142 The Tanzania Institute of Education Act
    143 The Tanzania-Zambia Railway Act
    144 The Dar es Salaam Institute of Technology Act
    145 The Tanzania Industrial Studies and Consulting Organisation Act
    146 The Marine Parks and Reserves Act
    147 The Excise (Management and Tariff) Act
    148 The Value Added Tax Act
    149 The Tanzania News Agency (Repealing) Act
    150 The Muhimbili National Hospital Act
    151 The Private Hospitals (Regulation) Act
    152 The Medical Practitioners and Dentists Act
    153 The Animals (Protection) Act
    154 The Animals (Pounds) Act
    155 The Board of External Trade Act
    156 The Animal Diseases Act
    157 The Meteorology Act
    158 The Wattle Bark Industry Act
    159 The Tanzania Industrial Research and Development Organisation Act
    160 The National Milling Corporation Act
    161 The Tropical Pesticides Research Institute Act
    162 The National Construction Council Act
    163 The Motor Vehicle Driving Schools (Licensing) Act
    164 The Carriage of Goods by Sea Act
    165 The Merchant Shipping Act
    166 The Tanzania Harbours Authority Act
    167 The Highways Act
    168 The Road Traffic Act
    169 The Motor Vehicles Insurance Act
    170 The Tanzania Railways Corporation Act
    171 The Law Reform Commission of Tanzania Act
    172 The Inland Water Transport Act
    173 The Ferries Act
    174 The Institute of Rural Development Planning Act
    175 The Pawnbroking (Prohibition) Act
    176 The Tanzania Engineering and Manufacturing Design Organisation Act
    177 The Tanzania Central Freight Bureau Act
    178 The Tanzania School of Journalism Act
    179 The National Board for Materials Management Act
    180 The Day Care Centres Act
    181 The Centre for Agricultural Mechanisation and Rural Technology Act
    182 The National Productivity Council Act
    183 The Disabled Persons (Care and Maintenance) Act
    184 The Disabled Persons (Employment) Act
    185 The Co-operative Audit and Supervision Act
    186 The Geographical Names Standardisation Act
    187 The National Institute of Transport Act
    188 The Protection from Radiation Act
    189 The Stamp Duty Act
    190 The Revenue (Collection by Stamps) Act
    191 The National Environment Management Act
    192 The National Defence Act
    193 The National Service Act
    194 The Visiting Forces Act
    195 The Sokoine University of Agriculture Act
    196 The Export Tax Act
    197 The Bank of Tanzania Act
    198 The Industrial Promotion and Development Fund Act
    199 The Agricultural Development Fund Act
    200 The Economic and Organised Crime Control Act
    201 The Tanzania Cotton Lint and Seed Board Act
    202 The Tobacco Industry Act
    203 The Cashewnut Board of Tanzania Act
    204 The National Arts Council Act
    205 The Air Tanzania Corporation (Re-organisation and Vesting of Assets and
    Liabilities Act)
    206 The Ward Tribunals Act
    207 The International Finance Corporation Act
    208 The Business Licensing Act
    209 The College of Wildlife Management Act
    210 The Chattels Transfer Act
    211 The Co-operative Societies Act
    212 The Companies Act
    213 The Business Names (Registration) Act
    214 The Sale and Goods Act
    215 The Bills of Exchange Act
    216 The Land Disputes Courts Act
    217 The Patents (Registration) Act
    218 The Copyright and Neighbouring Rights Act
    219 The Pharmaceutical and Poisons Act
    220 The Road and Fuel Tolls Act
    221 The Emergency Powers Act
    222 The Spirits Act
    223 The Arms and Ammunition Act
    224 The Beekeeping Act
    225 The Export Processing Zones Act
    226 The Tanzania Commission for Science and Technology Act
    227 The Auctioneers Act
    228 The Goldsmiths and Silversmiths Act
    229 The Newspapers Act
    230 The Films and Stage Plays Act
    231 The East African Development Bank Act
    232 The East African Community Mediation Agreement Act
    233 The Eastern and Southern African Management Institute Act
    234 The Ministers and Members of Parliament (Salaries and Allowances) Act
    235 The Contractors Registration Act
    236 The War Graves Act
    237 The Judicial Service Act
    238 The Territorial Sea and Exclusive Economic Zone Act
    239 The Dodoma Special Investment Area Act
    240 The Institute of Accountancy Arusha Act
    241 The Police Force and Prisons Service Commission Act
    242 The Disaster Relief Co-ordination Act
    243 The National Employment Promotion Service Act
    244 The Trade Unions Act
    245 The Executive Agencies Act
    246 The Armaments Control Act
    247 The Probation of Offenders Act
    248 The Loans and Advances Realisation Trust Act
    249 The Food Security Act
    250 The Preferential Trade Area (Implementation) Act
    251 The Sugar Industry Act
    252 The African Chiefs Act
    253 The Dar es Salaam Maritime Institute Act
    254 The Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters Act
    s 255 The General Loan and Stock Act
    s 256 The Proceeds of Crime Act
    s 257 The Public Corporations Act
    s 258 The Political Parties Act
    s 259 The Natural Resources Act
    s 260 The Tanzania Wildlife Research Institute Act
    s 261 The Commodity Import Support Regulation Act
    s 262 The Dairy Industry Act
    263 The Workers’ Compensation Act
    264 The Port Service Charge Act
    265 The Stock Theft (Prevention) Act
    266 The Official Oaths Act
    267 The Regulation of Land Tenure (Established Villages) Act
    268 The Open University of Tanzania Act
    269 The Architects and Quantity Surveyors (Registration) Act
    270 The Professional Surveyors (Registration) Act
    271 The Foreign Exchange Act
    272 The Waterworks Act
    273 The Dar es Salaam Water and Sewerage Authority Act
    274 The Export of Timber Act
    275 The Tea Act
    276 The Imports Control Act
    277 The Tanzania Forestry Research Institute Act
    278 The Affiliation Act
    279 The Fisheries Act
    280 The Tanzania Fisheries Research Institute Act
    281 The National Museum of Tanzania Act
    282 The National Parks Act
    283 The Wildlife Conservation Act
    284 The Ngorongoro Conservation Area Act
    285 The Fair Competition Act
    286 The Accountants and Auditors (Registration) Act
    287 The Local Government (District Authorities) Act
    288 The Local Government (Urban Authorities) Act
    289 The Urban Authorities (Rating) Act
    290 The Local Government Finances Act
    291 The Community Service Act
    292 The Local Government (Elections) Act
    293 The Local Government Authorities (Decoration of Buildings) Act
    294 The Publications (Compulsory Deposit) Act
    295 The National Housing Corporation Act
    296 The Parliamentary Immunities, Powers and Privileges Act
    297 The Factories Act
    298 The Public Service Act
    299 The Ministers (Discharge of Ministerial Functions) Act
    300 The Regulation of Wages and Terms of Employment Act
    301 The Tanzania Postal Bank Act
    302 The Tanzania Communications Act
    303 The Tanzania Posts Corporation Act
    304 The Tanzania Telecommunications Company Incorporation Act
    305 The Tanzania Posts and Telecommunications (Vesting of Assets and Liabilities)
    306 The Broadcasting Services Act
    307 The Tanganyika Law Society Act
    308 The Seeds (Regulation of Standards) Act
    309 The Records and Archives Management Act
    310 The Law Reform (Fatal Accidents and Miscellaneous Provisions) Act
    311 The Pharmacy Act
    312 The Public Officers and Government Departments (Change of Titles) Act
    313 The Tanganyika Higher Education Trust Fund Act
    314 The Planning Commission Act
    315 The College of Business Education Act
    316 The Disqualification (National Assembly and Miscellaneous Offices) Act
    317 The Transport Licensing Act
    318 The Trustees’ Incorporation Act
    319 The Veterinary Surgeons Act
    320 The Public Recreation Grounds Act
    321 The Muhimbili University College of Health Sciences Act
    322 The Police Force and Auxiliary Services Act
    323 The Forest Act
    324 The Land Survey Act
    325 The Nurses and Midwives Registration Act
    326 The Trade and Service Marks Act
    327 The Transfer of Businesses (Protection of Creditors) Act
    328 The Petroleum (Exploration and Production) Act
    329 The Prevention of Corruption Act
    330 The Accidents and Occupational Diseases (Notification) Act
    331 The Water Utilisation (Control and Regulation) Act
    332 The Income Tax Act
    333 The Antiquities Act
    334 The Land Registration Act
    335 The Adoption of Children Act
    336 The Public Health (Sewerage and Drainage) Act
    337 The Societies Act
    338 The Public Land (Preserved Areas) Act
    339 The Rent Restriction Act
    340 The Weights and Measures Act
    341 The Advocates Act
    342 The Banking and Financial Institutions Act
    343 The National Elections Act
    344 The Food (Control of Quality) Act
    345 The Law of Contract Act
    346 The University of Dar es Salaam Act
    347 The Coffee Industry Act
    348 The Public Finance Act
    349 The Insurance (Vesting of Interests and Regulation) Act
    350 The International Development Association Act
    351 The Statistics Act
    352 The Probate and Administration of Estates Act
    353 The Education Act
    354 The Foreign Service Fees and Charges Act
    355 The Town and Country Planning Act
    356 The Diplomatic and Consular Immunities and Privileges Act
    357 The Tanzania Citizenship Act
    358 The Judicature and Application of Laws Act
    359 The Investment in Tanganyika Government Securities Act
    360 The Public Officers (Salaries and Allowances) Act
    361 The Preventive Detention Act
    362 The Transfer and Delegation of Powers Act
    363 The Bretton Woods Agreements Act
    364 The Tanzania Tourist Board Act
    365 The Airport Service Charge Act
    366 The Employment Act
    367 The Government Leaseholds (Conversion to Rights of Occupancy) Act
    368 The Extradition Act
    369 The Customs (Dumping and Subsidies Rates) Act
    370 The Treasury Registrar (Powers and Functions) Act
    371 The Public Service Retirement Benefits Act
    372 The Parastatal Organisations Pensions Scheme Act
    373 The Export Processing Zones Act
    374 The Tax Reserve Certificates Act
    375 The Islamic Law (Restatement) Act
    376 The Pyrethrum Act
    377 The Customary Leaseholds (Enfranchisement) Act
    379 The Fertilizers and Animal Foodstuffs Act
    380 Tanzania Commission for Aids Act
    381 The Deportation Act
    382 The Exports Control Act
    383 The District Development Corporations Act
    384 The Statutory Bodies (Change of Names) Act
    385 The Traditional Liquor (Control of Distillation) Act
    386 The Public Order Act
    387 The Severance Allowance Act
    388 The Security of Employment Act
    389 The Deep Sea Fishing Authority Act
    390 The Destitute Persons Act
    391 The Potable Spirits (Compounding) Act
    392 The Commission for Human Rights and Good Governance Act
    393 The Petroleum (Conservation) Act
    394 The Freehold Titles (Conversion) and Government Leases Act
    395 The Insurance Act
    396 The Local Government Training Institute Act
    397 The Regions and Districts (Establishment Procedure) Act
    398 The Public Leadership Code of Ethics Act
    399 The Tanzania Revenue Authority Act
    400 The Parole Boards Act
    401 The Agricultural Inputs Trust Fund Act
    402 The Eastern Africa Statistical Training Centre Act
    403 The Customs (Management and Tariff) Act
    404 The National Bank of Commerce (Reorganisation and Vesting of Assets and
    Liabilities) Act
    405 The Institute of Judicial Administration Lushoto Act
    406 The Tanzania Intelligence and Security Service Act
    407 The Local Authorities Provident Fund Act
    408 The Tax Revenue Appeals Act
    409 The Community Health Fund Act
    410 The Public Procurement Act
    411 The Treaty for the Establishment of the East African Community Act
    412 The Education Fund Act
    413 The Surface and Marine Transport Regulatory Authority Act
    414 The Energy and Water Utilities Regulatory Authority Act
    415 The Shipping Agency Act
  2. prakatatumba

    prakatatumba JF-Expert Member

    May 4, 2012
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    hapo hujamaliza zote na kuna nyingine zimefanyiwa marekebisho
  3. f

    fadhil sebeku New Member

    May 4, 2012
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    what do u think should be done
  4. b

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    Unatakiwa usome zinazokuhusu
  5. Mgjd

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    Utazijua utakapokuwa umevunja mojawapo. Kikawaida si rahs hata kidogo kwa mtu yeyote kuwa perfect,na ndiyo maana kila siku watu tunavunja sheria,..bahati ni kwamba hatujawajibishwa na sheria zenyewe. Au hazitekelezwi,kwa kuwa italazimu mahakama zielemewe.
  6. C

    CHUAKACHARA JF-Expert Member

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    Advocate inabidi asome sana akipata case inahitaji kutumia sheria moja wapo!

    ALPHRED MAHUNJA JF-Expert Member

    Jun 28, 2014
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    Acha hofu kijana sheria inagusa kila mahali na wewe hutoweza kufanya kila shauri inategemea upo kitengo gani katika kazi mfano majaji wanapewa majukumu kulingana na wapi wamebobea hivyo mawakili nao wamegawanyika kulingana na wapi wanapaweza zaidi mfano jinai,madai tena ardhi, ndoa au bank na nk acha hofu mahali unapofanyia kazi ndipo utakapobobea kisheria.Kikubwa ni kuwa jifunze misingi mikuu ya sheria