See 3 Ways To Use Vaseline You Need To Know

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Oct 22, 2016

See 3 Ways To Use Vaseline You Need To Know​



Vaseline also known as petroleum jelly serves a lot of purpose aside just moisturizing the skin and being used as lubrication for tight things. I will be listing these other purposes that Vaseline can serve so when you are in any of the situation, you can make use of it.


1. Using Vaseline for dry and chapped lips, incase the weather is dry and it is affecting your lips, to avoid tear in your lips, rub a thin layer of Vaseline on your lips.

2. When dying your hair, you can draw a line of Vaseline layer along your forehead and behind to avoid dye from staining your skin.

3. You can make a body scrub with Vaseline by adding salt to make your skin smooth and silky.

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