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Sababu Kuu 2 Zinazoweza Kumfanya Mwanaume Atoke Nje Ya Ndoa

Discussion in 'Mahusiano, mapenzi, urafiki' started by Allien, Jun 14, 2009.

  1. Allien

    Allien JF-Expert Member

    Jun 14, 2009
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    Top Two Reasons Why Your Husband Will Cheat on You

    One of the most devastating events to occur in life is when a husband has an affair. In addition to the physical concerns of disease, being passed from another woman or man to you, there is also the emotional scars that can destroy a life – forever! Unfortunately, the number of husbands going outside the marriage to have an affair is on the rise, which is one reason we see divorce at an all-time high.

    Having suspicion or worse, proof that your husband has cheated disrupts every aspect of life. Keep in mind that some husbands are absolutely, 100% faithful but other husbands choose to have an affair. The reasons why a husband cheats on a wife vary for each individual situation. While some reasons are unusual, we wanted to address the two reasons most commonly associated with a husband cheating on his wife.

    1. Sex

    Very simply put, if a husband is not being sexually satisfied at home, the chances of him going elsewhere increase. Now, even if a couple were having intimate moments several times each week, if the husband feels bored or dissatisfied, he may be willing to risk the marriage in hopes of finding a way to enjoy his sexual fantasies. Of all reasons a husband cheats, physical dissatisfaction at home or physical interest in another woman is the number one cause of infidelity.

    The problem is that most men are unable to separate fantasy from reality. Therefore, even if sex at home is better than average, he may have interest in trying new or unusual things. If the wife were not willing to participate, he would again search out someone who could help fulfill his fantasy. With this, the infidelity is purely physical for the man but obviously, to the wife, he has not only betrayed her physically, but emotionally.

    2. Boredom

    Another aspect of a cheating husband looking for sex outside the marriage is that he may no longer find his wife attractive or the relationship stimulating. For instance, if she gained weight after having children, does not take care of herself physically, finds time with her friends more interesting than with her husband, or simply becomes a "nag", then he might stray. While his intention is only physical, he has a desire to feel good about himself. However, when things at home are not going well or he is no longer attracted to his wife, finding the opportunity for sex with someone else is an outlet and boost to the ego.

    We have all heard about the "seven year itch", which is a time in which marriages seem to be at greatest risk for divorce. Around this time, a couple has become comfortable, letting down appearances, no longer working hard to please the other spouse, finding other interests in the form of friends or activities, and so on. In other words, things become stagnated and boring. At this time, a husband may long for the old excitement that he once felt with his wife, meaning he looks for it in someone outside the marriage rather than invest to fix things with the wife.

    Remember, every marriage goes through quiet periods, which are times of adjustment, growth, and new discovery. Obviously, these times are perfectly, normal. However, when two people love one another and are dedicated to the marriage, it is important to recognize when things are starting to fall apart so immediate action can be taken. Many times, talking about refocus with one another or professional counseling can bring the marriage back around to the beautiful bond it was originally.

    Source: Top Two Reasons Why Your Husband Will Cheat On You
  2. Raia Fulani

    Raia Fulani JF-Expert Member

    Jun 14, 2009
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    Haya si ndio yaleyalee ya kutwanga na kupepeta? (cut & paste) Wapi mchango wako, kaka?
  3. Allien

    Allien JF-Expert Member

    Jun 14, 2009
    Joined: Jul 6, 2008
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    Top 10 Reasons Why Married Men Cheat?

    Marriages often break down on account of husbands not being loyal to their wives. Wives these days are not accepting their husbands showing interest and building up a relationship with another woman. They expect total commitment from their partners. Most of the time the wives are busy with household chores and children and they get little time for their husbands. Yet, whatever time they get they would like to spend it with their husbands.

    Why do husbands cheat? After all, don't they have any commitment to their family? Here are some reasons, why men seek the company of another woman, despite taking care of their wife.

    • Boredom - Men tend to get bored of their married life. Life, at times, become monotonous. The wife may be too involved with household chores and children and may not have the time for him. He is in search of excitement and finds it in another woman.

    • A roving eye - Men are supposed to have a roving eye. They like looking and admiring other women. They like to taste something "new" and "different."

    • A nagging wife - Many husbands get fed up with a nagging wife at home and prefer the loving and caring company of another woman.

    • A neglected wife - Many women do not take care of themselves. They go out of shape. They lose out on their figure. At home, they do not take care of their appearance or dress up properly. Naturally, a man gets fed up with his wife and prefers a better looking woman.

    • Sexual incompatibility is also a reason why men go in for another woman. A few years down the line the husband may feel his emotional and physical needs are not being met and tends to seek the company of another woman. The husband often finds an outlet for his physical and emotional needs by having an affair with another woman.

    • To try out something new is often a reason given by the husband for indulging in an extra-marital affair. He often feels he needs a change of scene and would like to spend time with someone who is "different" and perhaps "more exciting".

    • Easy access to female companionship is another factor which provides an opportunity for a husband to have an extra-marital affair. Often on business trips, he tends to take advantage of being with another female colleague and enters into a relationship with her.

    • Male ego is also another factor for men to cheat upon their wives. Husbands often feel superior about being a man and like to focus on their "macho" qualities of being able to attract another woman.

    • Peer pressure also encourages a man to cheat upon his wife. Some friends may cajole him into trying out something "new". They often introduce him to other females with whom he can spend more time.

    • A wife paying too much attention to children and household chores often forces a man to go in for relationships outside marriage. He feels neglected. He wants more attention and since he is not getting it at home he prefers to get it from an outsider.

    Men do cheat on their wives. This is a harsh reality some wives have to face up to. At times, the wife could be responsible for the situation, sometimes the man himself is found guilty of such an act. Several marriages fall apart on account of extra-marital affairs of the husband.

    Source: Top 10 Reasons Why Married Men Cheat?
  4. Allien

    Allien JF-Expert Member

    Jun 14, 2009
    Joined: Jul 6, 2008
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    Kwani wewe kipofu? Huoni hata sources nimekuwekea?

    Kila siku hapa JF kuna sources nyingi toka sehemu tofauti: magazeti, watu, nk. Kama huna cha kujifunza just move forward to other threads.

    Usilete Pumba.
  5. Pretty

    Pretty JF-Expert Member

    Jun 14, 2009
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    Nafuu mtu ucopy na kupaste lkn unaleta jambo la maana na la msingi. Sio mtu unaanzisha thread ilimradi tu.
  6. BAK

    BAK JF-Expert Member

    Jun 14, 2009
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    Another special thank just for you Pretty ha ha ha ha . Enjoy the rest of the weekend.
  7. ChaMtuMavi

    ChaMtuMavi JF-Expert Member

    Jul 2, 2009
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    [FONT=&quot]Listed below are the most common findings about cheating husbands. We also offer resources and advice for dealing with a cheating husband. All sources can be found at the bottom of this page. [/FONT]

    • [FONT=&quot]Men are more likely than women to cheat. It is estimated that close to 50% of all men will cheat at some point in their lives.[/FONT]

    • [FONT=&quot]Husbands are also more likely to engage in online cheating – using chat rooms, webcams and online services to arrange sexual encounters (including prostitution).[/FONT]

    • [FONT=&quot]The more money a husband makes, the more likely he is to be unfaithful. Having more money brings more opportunity and wealth tends to attract more women. [/FONT]

    • [FONT=&quot]A lack of sexual excitement or the routine of having sex with the same person often leads men to stray. Men are more likely to be drawn to the thrill of having sex with someone new.[/FONT]

    • [FONT=&quot]Husbands are less likely than wives to consider leaving their spouse when having an affair.[/FONT]

    • [FONT=&quot]A cheating husband is more likely to have an affair with someone who is younger than his wife. [/FONT]

    • [FONT=&quot]When having a one-night stand, men are less choosy than women when it comes to selecting someone to have sex with.[/FONT]

    • [FONT=&quot]Husbands are more likely to feel that cheating is justified due to the lack of sex within a marriage.[/FONT]

    • [FONT=&quot]Husbands are much more likely than wives to be serial cheaters.[/FONT]
  8. Mpita Njia

    Mpita Njia JF-Expert Member

    Jul 3, 2009
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    Haya, tupatie na cheating wives
  9. Allien

    Allien JF-Expert Member

    Jan 20, 2012
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    Uko wapi Mpita Njia?