Ruto's philanthropy exposed


Jul 22, 2020
Parading a poverty-ravaged Kikuyu family for handouts gives William Ruto the best feeling ever as he continues to politics of philanthropy. Was the photo op at Karen with Feju viral kids necessary?

The naive would interpret it just as an act of philanthropy. But to many non-Kikuyus in Kenya, displaying a totally needy Mugikuyu in public who has come to you with his poor children gives the best feel of supremacy. It gives an excellent opportunity to show others that the Gikuyu Nation is nothing but an enterprise of poverty and helplessness.

The politics of philanthropy is not just at Karen, it was the same during the colonial period. The white man cherished having a mugikuyu man working on his farm with his wives and his children, just to shame them and prove that they were nothing. The Feju viral kids were mere pawns in an elaborate propaganda scheme.

It is for the same reason why Africans are “celebrating” Covid-19 ravaging white Americans and Europeans. Seeing a white man suffering gives the African a feeling that the white man is no special, a schadenfreude.

Kenyans usually ridicule any White Man they see begging in Nairobi or Mombasa. That is how others ridicule when a Kikuyu family is filmed in Karen collecting trash.

The glee on William Ruto’s face every time he goes about displaying such children tells everything about him. He cannot send his donations quietly like all the other Kenyans, he has to display them with their shame.

If I were a non-Kikuyu, I too would collect the hoi pollois from Gikuyu villages every other day, assemble them in a palatial home-lawn and give them the damn handouts just for my community to see there is nothing really special about them. Just to deflate their misplaced ego that they are the Jews of Kenya and the Ibo of Nigeria.

Ask yourself why of all the communities in Kenya, is there no other tribe with needy people? Just ask yourself that simple question. Don’t other communities have candidates to be paraded at Karen luscious gardens? A Hustler is simply a poor Gikuyu man, not the other tribes, that is Ruto’s message.

Only sound policies will transform Kenya, not the parochial politics of philanthropy.

Source: Lion Net News
Raila's philanthropic act in Kibra is seen as saintly though several people died and who said Kikuyu are not poor?
You guys are so funny, it`s real nice seeing you engaging and arguing in discussions concerning your country politics. I love your "unity"...😁😁😁
So you are a first world person with first world mind? I guess you should stop engaging third world mind as they add no value to you. So amazing for a person with first world mind lobbying for uhuru to remain in office so that they continue looting as if Kenya is brookside.
Siezi amka asubuhi kupigia mwanaume mwenzangu kura,
Iyo ni ufala ya hali ya juu.
kwan unadhani alipelekwa Hague juu ya kuiba??,

Kwani Hague alienda peke yake? Si walienda wengi tu..sasa mbona husemi hao wengine kama ndio walio choma watu? Ukute kwa hustler ilikuwa kasingiziwa tu..kwani baba ya mungiki humjui?
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