RnB star 'fathered son with 14-year-old Kenyan girl'


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Feb 4, 2009


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Sisqo is reported to have fathered a child with a 14-year-old girl more than ten years ago, a Swiss court has heard.
The News of the World reports that the court decided the RnB star is the father of the child, a boy named Ian, with a Kenyan-born girl he met at a VIP reception following a concert in Zurich in 1999.
The mother, who is now 25-years-old, said: "After the concert Sisqo was standing with his band at the bar. We went over and talked to them. Then everything went very fast.
"I was so young, but I wanted to enjoy my life," she continued. "Ian often saw his father on TV. He's very proud of him. It's up to his father to prove he's right to be proud."
The Swiss press has revealed that the court ruled that Sisqo should pay monthly child support fees.
It was also reported that Sisqo, who was lead singer of boyband Dru Hill at the time, has repeatedly avoided taking a paternity test and has been successfully sued for child support by the mother of the boy.

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