Revivo is the leading Natural Immune


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Aug 3, 2012
Revivo is the leading Natural ImmuneSupplement and is helping people just like yourself live a more rewarding life
Revivo customers get so much relief and benefit from using itthat we receive testimonials every day from people telling us how Revivo haschanged their lives for the better, and how they can now face the world withconfidence and without fear. It has definitely proven itself to be thestrongest and safest immune system supplement available on the market. Try itand join our family of happy Revivo users!

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Top 3 reasons you should use Revivotoday:
Revivo is NOT like other immune system supplements. Theingredients in Revivo together have 3 main benefits rather than just one:

  1. It strengthens and supports the immune system.
  2. It reduces the side-effects of conventional drugs used in autoimmune weakness conditions.
  3. It address many of the symptoms of immune weakness such as fatigue, diarrhea, poor sleep, rashes, night sweats, thrush etc.
Strengthening and supporting the immune system:
The immune system is a complex collection of organs, cells andother structures in the body that together fight against infection and otherforeign pathogens taking over the body. This is an ongoing battle whether aperson is healthy or sick as we are always exposed to such pathogens andinfections.
Forthis to take place there are 2 main requirements, viz, there should be enoughnutritional components to support the cells involved in fighting infection andthere should be enough healthy cells to do the job. While most other immunesupplements address the nutritional requirements of the immune system, they donot actually boost immune function or increase the amount of immune systemcells in the body to help fight infection. Revivo however does both, itprovides the nutritional support needed for healthy immune function and at thesame time also has herbal ingredients that are known to increase the number ofhealthy immune cells in the body.
Reducing the side-effects of conventional therapies and drugs:
Whilemany of the drugs used for people who are suffering from weakened immunefunction are essential, they also tend to have a lot of varying side effectsranging from minor skin problems to serious problems like lipodystrophy, lowblood pressure, fatigue, weakness, diarrhea, muscle loss and wasting etc. Wehave added ingredients in Revivo that counter these effects and thereforeeliminate the side effects associated with these drugs.
Addressing associated symptoms of immune weakness:
Becausethe human body is a complex and interrelated system, things do not happen inisolation. A weak immune system will have knock on effects on other areas ofthe body and in fact this can work both ways around. Sleep for example is animportant part of immune function and not having enough sleep can make yourimmune system weak. At the same time a weak immune system can also result inyou getting less sleep. This then turns into a vicious circle with immunefunction becoming weaker and weaker. It is similar with fatigue, diarrhea,nausea and vomiting etc. Revivo has ingredients to assist with these associatedsymptoms that even though you may think is not part of the immune problem youhave, plays an important role in you returning to optimal health.
You can contact Dr. Joel S Ruvugo at +255 754 98 68 00 or +255 713 98 68 00 for further details
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