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Read hii wapendanao!!!

Discussion in 'Mahusiano, mapenzi, urafiki' started by Lyatuta, Jun 16, 2011.

  1. L

    Lyatuta Member

    Jun 16, 2011
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    HELLO GUYS!! WAPENDANAO....IT depends how you classify wapendanao. from my side its almost what beautiful things you can do to strangers!! now thats proper kupendana, sivyo?? haya haya sasa msijali saaana,.
    information for dearest students, or anyone who aspires to new challenges in life.......
    I AM RELATIVELY NEW AT THIS FORUM AND THE MAIN REASON I AM HERE IS TO ENLIGHT SOME PEOPLE AMONGST YOU...WHO ARE REALLY INTERESTED IN GETTING A UNIVERSITY POST ABROAD! IN PARTICULAR POLAND THE COUNTRY IS IN THE EUROPEAN UNION (schengen) AND LIFE ISN'T THAT EASY (AS ITS ALL THE SAME IN THE EU BLOCK, ONE HAS TO EARN HIS/HER LIVING) BUT DON'T YOU BE DISCOURAGED..WHOEVER YOU ARE, IF YOU REALLY WANT IT YOU WILL HAVE IT. they say penye nia pana njia. I AM A STUDENT MYSELF AT THIS UNIVERSITY AND I HAVE BEEN HERE FOR THE PAST TWO YEARS, SUPPORTING MYSELF. THE COURSE IS GIVEN FREE OF CHARGE FUNDED BY THE EUROPEAN UNION INTEGRATION AND HUMAN RESOURCES PROGRAM. ITS A SCIENTIFIC TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY BASED IN WARSAW, THE CAPITAL OF POLAND. THE WHOLE COURSE IS IN ENGLISH LANGUAGE AND LASTS FOR ABOUT 3.5 TO 4 YEARS FOR B.Sc& If interested then check all that info on the link below........ mimi siyo mnaijeria sitaki tengeneza hela kwa njia hii so be honest with yourself first then contact me here otherwise you dont need to as all information on what you got to do is included on this link:)) all the best people nadhani najaribu kutoa ideas it doesnt mean you are desperado, its just information people....and i mean it. Real and proper info, no jacks. so its up to you kusuka au kunyoa. NON-EU CANDIDATES - International Students Portal NON-EU CANDIDATES - International Students Portal
  2. M

    MINAKI Member

    Jun 16, 2011
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    Thanks very much,god blec u ndugu!
  3. Lizzy

    Lizzy JF-Expert Member

    Jun 16, 2011
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    200€?!Sio scam hii?!Watu wasije wakalipa alafu wakaambulia patupu!!
  4. Eiyer

    Eiyer JF-Expert Member

    Jun 17, 2011
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