Powerful Reasons Why cloud servers from Datasoft Networks are among the Best


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Aug 30, 2014
Our customers always ask us these questions and please read our answers to learn more.....And it will be easy for you to get hooked on to our services for all the GOOD reasons.

1. What makes Datasoft Networks’ cloud servers so fast?

Answer: We use superior SSD’s which are enabled by RAIN Technology. In short other cloud servers use SATA HD which function with 3000-4000 Input Output Per second (IOPS). Datasoft Networks uses RAIn Enabled SSD’s which have 90,000 IOPS that is almost 20 times faster cloud servers. That is LOT OF SPEED!

2. What makes Datasoft Networks’ Cloud servers perform better and reliable?

• We use genuine DELL C100 hardware with 24 core CPU
• We use lesser number of clouds per server without overloading each server with more number of clouds.
• We use separate storage devices for backup..So our customer Backups are SAFER

3. Why are Datasoft Networks Cloud servers cheaper and have very low prices?

Answer: At Datasoft Datasoft Networks - Portal Home We use Legacy applications (Put together by our own Technical team) for Cloud provisioning and hence we have Low overhead costs and do not have any licensing costs that needs to be paid for Cloud provisioning apps! So we are able to pass on these cost benefits to our customers and HENCE the price is low. Our powerful cloud servers start from as less as $10/Month

Above all!! We have an excellent Customer service and support available online 24*7 which brings a satisfied smile on our customer faces.

So why wait! Visit Datasoft Networks - Portal Home and Take our 5 day FREE TRIAL** today!!!

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