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Political risks to watch in Tanzania; Activists Accusing GVT of denying their fundamental freedoms

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Siasa' started by nngu007, Sep 15, 2012.

  1. nngu007

    nngu007 JF-Expert Member

    Sep 15, 2012
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    Fri Sep 14, 2012 5:45pm GMT

    By Fumbuka Ng'wanakilala

    DAR ES SALAAM, Sept 14 (Reuters) - Tanzania could face growing unrest in the months ahead following a string of clashes between police and opposition supporters over their right to hold public demonstrations.

    Tensions between supporters of the main opposition CHADEMA party and police are rising, with activists accusing the government of denying citizens their fundamental freedoms.

    Following are the political risks to watch in the country.


    A Tanzanian journalist was killed on Sept. 4 in the latest flare up of violence following a series of clashes between the police and opposition supporters.

    The main opposition CHADEMA party accuses the government of trying to thwart its political activities with frequent police stop orders against its widen further.


    Activists and some opposition leaders have been calling for a halt on the signing of new hydrocarbon deals until Tanzania puts in place the necessary policy and legislation to regulate its fast-growing energy sector.

    Tanzania is this month expected to resume talks with Malawi over a border dispute in Lake Malawi. Malawi says it owns all of the lake, but Tanzania says it owns half of it. Some Tanzanian politicians have upped the rhetoric and warned any significant oil or gas finds could escalate the border issue.


    Tanzanian government officials have announced plans to review gas and mining contracts, worrying foreign investors who want reassurances that the government will maintain a stable legal environment.

    The government is under pressure from politicians and the public to increase revenues from mining and energy sectors, and is already drafting new legislation to regulate its gas industry.


    Parliament's energy and minerals committee was disbanded in July following allegations of corruption against some of its members. The committee is charged with overseeing the mining, oil and gas sectors.

    Aid donors and opposition leaders have questioned the government's seriousness in its fight against corruption, and investors have long complained of graft as one of the main reasons for the high cost of doing business in Tanzania. (Editing by Richard Lough)

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  2. nngu007

    nngu007 JF-Expert Member

    Sep 15, 2012
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    Where is Justice in Tanzania?
  3. C

    ChiefmTz JF-Expert Member

    Sep 15, 2012
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    If you dont see, it is in your pant.
  4. King'asti

    King'asti JF-Expert Member

    Sep 15, 2012
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    Ng'wanakilala disappeared for a long time. Welcome back brother!
    Don't forget the police brutality of citizens in all chadema rallies.
    To answer your question: where there is mafisadi, there is no justice!
  5. nngu007

    nngu007 JF-Expert Member

    Sep 15, 2012
    Joined: Aug 2, 2010
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    Nimesema ni AHADI YANGU... Sitamtukana Mtanganyika au Mzanzibari yoyote... Namshukuru MUNGU kwa NEEMA!!!
  6. Nyakageni

    Nyakageni JF-Expert Member

    Sep 15, 2012
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    So painful.