Point ni zile zile


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Jul 12, 2015
1. Lack of capital
2. Poor government system
3. Lack of skilled labor
4. Dependance of import goods
5. Poor contract agreement between investors and the government
6. Extreme corruption among the top government leaders
7. Misuse of natural recourses
8. Poor National Objective Settings (to takle the above problems)
9. Suppression of freedom of expression and opinion
10. Ego among the top government leaders that lead to authoritarian government system (no one should question or give opinions except one person or two).
11. Lack of law enforcement and negligence of the three pillars of the government, that is, the Parliament, Court, and President.
12. Lack of patriotic spirit among the citizens which lead to the elected politicians to do as they wish because no one is going to act against their greedy decisions or poor performance.
13. Fear of change among the leaders because they will lose what they feel is right for them to rule and lead in an inheritance system. That is what if the system will change and my son will not have anyone in the system to help be in the rulling minority? Let the poor system that is supporting our well-being continued in existence
14. Failure to see the upcoming problem of nationalism among the world nations. Every nation is trying to maintain nationalism concept. This means you are not from this nation, and you don't deserve anything, and therefore, they are coming to take advantage of our political instability and scoop mega profit of our natural resources and everything that has value to our future generation.

Pamoja na kuonekana kuwa (point) hizo zinaonekana Afrika, Ukweli ni kwamba hizo pointi ni za Kidunia, na haijalishi ni Bara au Nchi au Serikali gani, piga ua....
Ni nadharia tu.

ni maneno ya Kulishwa tu. ni DisInformation, ni propaganda tu za kutaka kudhalilisha na kujiondoa utu.

Kwa kifupi sio Kero za Waafrika peke yake.

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