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Twins aged 9 youngest ever to be given secondary school place
Source:The mirror Uk
By Rebecca Evans 1/03/2010

Nine-year-old genius twins youngest ever at 'big' school
Twins aged nine are set to become the youngest pupils to be given a secondary school place today.

Paula and Peter Imafidon have already broken records by passing AS-level maths at seven - an exam normally taken at 17.

And today - National Offer Day - they will join hundreds of thousands of other pupils to find out which secondary school they will attend, despite being two years younger than most of them.

Peter and Paula attend an ordinary state primary school but have already received provisional offers from 12 top secondaries.

Their father Chris said: "We're delighted with the progress they have made. Because they are twins they are always able to help and support each other."

For that reason the youngsters would be fine at secondary school, despite the age difference with their peers, he said.

Dubbed the Wonder Twins, they hit the headlines when they set three world records by passing AS-level maths.

They became the youngest candidates to get AS-level maths, the youngest school pupils to pass as previous title holders had been taught at home, and the youngest twins to achieve this level in maths anywhere in the world.

A year later they became the youngest students to pass Cambridge University's Advanced Maths paper.

The twins have also co-authored a book with their primary school classmates - with proceeds going to charities and their school. Paula and Peter, from Ruth maths in maths her Waltham Forest, East London, are following in the footsteps of their clever sisters.

Samantha, 12 passed two GCSEs at 11; Christiana studied at undergraduate level aged 11; and Anne-Marie, 20, is on a scholarship at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, USA.

All, including the twins, have taken part in the Excellence in Education Programme, which works with schools to develop children from socially disadvantaged backgrounds.

Dad Chris said their achievements are due to being nurtured, not to them being "geniuses".

He said: "Every child is a genius.

Once you identify the talent of a child and put them in the environment that will nurture that talent the sky's the limit.

"Look at Tiger Woods, or the Williams sisters - they were nurtured."

Peter has ambitions to become Prime Minister one day while his sister wants to be a maths teacher.

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Ruth Lawrence got a maths A-level aged nine in 1981. her first class maths degree at 13 made her Oxford's youngest modern graduate
Hawa walifanya kufuru hii mwaka jana.

8-year-old Twins Make Another Academic History
London Twins, Peter and Paula Imafidon have now made history as the first ever 8-year-olds to pass the University of Cambridge's Advanced Mathematics in 800 years.


PR Log (Press Release) – Aug 19, 2009 – LONDON - Twins, Peter and Paula Imafidon have now made history as the first 8-year-olds to pass the University of Cambridge's Advanced Mathematics. This is against all odds and despite attending a regular public (state-owned) elementary school in an inner-city area of England but participated in the famous programme. By passing the exam, they have become the first students in the 800 year history of the University of Cambridge to pass such a rigorous Mathematics paper which was designed for students that are over twice their age.

Last year they set three world records, exceeded the achievement in the Guinness book of records, and became the youngest mathematicians ever according to the leading American newspaper - USA Today and other respected media world wide. Now at 8, they have built on their achievement by taking the rigorous University of Cambridge Advanced Mathematics paper and co-authored a book with their elementary school classmates. Their book's forward was written by the best-selling and famous children author Jacqueline Wilson

Mathematics seems to run in the Imafidon family. Their eldest sister, Anne-Marie, was the first school girl to pass high school level Math and Computing while at elementary school. She is currently the world record holder of the youngest girl ever to pass College-level computing at 11. Their other sister Samantha Imafidon is the youngest girl ever to get a scholarship at any high school in Britain. She holds 3 other Mathematics records. The second child of this extraordinary intellectual family, Christiana, is the youngest student to study at undergraduate degree level at the age of 11. (

The 8-year –old Twins, have built on their achievement by co-authoring a book with their elementary school classmates. The book's forward was written by the best-selling and famous/best selling children author Jacqueline Wilson. Earlier this year the twins Peter and Paula participated in the International boat show in London and completed 200 metres in a spectacular time of less than 1 minute. They both enjoy dancing. Peter was crowned the best dancer in his class last year.

A statement released by Chris Imafidon, the Patriarch of the Imafidon family states that "We are extremely delighted with the continued progress of the Twins' intellectual journey and development, this result made us realise that every child is capable of any achievement, or feat. All children are born bright provided they are given an enabling environment. It is important for every parent to know this about Mathematics in particular and learning in general. That is, if we ALLOW any child to express their passion for a subject, there is no height they cannot reach or a level they can't exceed.

So, this results is not about the Peter, or Paula Imafidon, or any other Imafidon's grades, it's about the limitless intellectual prowess of the mind. If the human mind is properly nurtured the mental achievement is immeasurable. We will be releasing a DVD, CD and book on the secrets of our success. We hope to make these available in response to many enquires from parents all over the world.

Earlier, the twin's older sibling, Samantha Imafidon, broke the record and became the youngest person ever to pass this exam. Then, Professor Robert Hunt, Deputy Director of the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences and a Fellow of Christ's College, University of Cambridge commented that "It's fantastic to hear of this achievement in passing Advanced Mathematics at a young the age. As well as containing lots of fascinating and fun Mathematics, this exam is great" Dr Hunt, stated that "I know how important it is for talented youngsters to be given the chance to show what they can really achieve

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