Nigerian 'bomber' videos emerge

Askari Kanzu

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Jan 7, 2011
Al-Qaeda wanaweza kuisambaratisha Nigeria!

Nigerian 'bomber' videos emerge

2011-09-18 13:40

Lagos - Videos have emerged purporting to show members of a Nigerian Islamist sect preparing for suicide attacks, including a young man said to be responsible for last month's bombing of UN headquarters.

The two videos obtained by AFP are said to be from the sect known as Boko Haram and come as concern intensifies over whether it has formed links with outside groups such as al-Qaeda's north African branch.

The possibility of such links has led to deep concern among Western nations and mounting pressure on the government in Nigeria, Africa's most populous country and its largest oil producer.

General Carter Ham, the head of the US military's Africa Command, said on Wednesday that al-Qaeda's north African branch, Shebab militants in Somalia and Boko Haram have expressed a will to "more closely collaborate and synchronise their efforts".

Boko Haram's attacks have grown increasingly sophisticated, and it had not been known to target international institutions before the United Nations bombing in Abuja.

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