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New invention in business

Discussion in 'Habari na Hoja mchanganyiko' started by PROCUC SYSTEM, Mar 24, 2012.

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    Title of the invention: Procuc System

    The invention falls under: Business studies

    Name of the inventor: Marco Shigele
    Procuc System is the latest in Home trade and International trade. Poculization and Procuclization are the effective means of the System. The fundamental raison d’être of Procuc System is to capitalise the under-capitalised business and impress people in their multitudes to participate in production. Through this System, business persons will have access to money for their businesses without collateral. The System aims at enabling people who can not afford to obtain a loan from the bank or any financial institution to have access to money in order to boost business capital. It is also suitable for those who can afford to obtain business loans through banks or other financial institutions to raise their capital. The System is an inspiration to miserable and grumpy people .It is an inspiration in a sense that, there are people who are miserable, poverty-stricken and grumpy due to abject poverty and poverty trap. Therefore, through this System, the great majority of people will have access to business; hence, a promising and optimistic life will transpire. Procuc System can change person’s goals from unachievable ultimate goals set by that particular person as regards his/her affluence desire for life to a prodigious achievement. So, the System can be an auspicious measure to mitigate poverty. Procuc System is absolutely different from Upatu (microfinance arrangement of contributing money to group members in turns) and other business units.

    Procuc System objectives

    ·[FONT=&amp]To capitalise the under-capitalised business by exerting a business person to access money without [/FONT][FONT=&amp]collateral.[/FONT]
    · [FONT=&amp]To enable people with inadequate capital to establish business.[/FONT]
    · [FONT=&amp]To enable employees who are very busy with their jobs to raise[/FONT][FONT=&amp]income.[/FONT]
    [FONT=&amp]To extricate people from extravagance.[/FONT]
    [FONT=&amp]To impress people in their multitudes to participate in production.[/FONT]

    Possible implications of Procuc System to the community

    • It can enhance diligence and accountability in business.
    · [FONT=&amp]It can be an auspicious measure to mitigate poverty.[/FONT]

    The concept of Procuc System

    The term Procuc is derived from three nouns, such as Proprietor, Customer and Client. The nouns are agents of the system. The term is formed from three first letters of the noun Proprietor two first letters of the noun Customer and one first letter of the noun Client. Therefore, Procuc System is defined as the technique used to operate in business by involving three agents viz. the Proprietor,Customer and Client. The study of Procuc System is calledProcuciologywhile a person who studies Procuc System is known as Procuciologist.The Procuc System Initiator is known as Procusysiator

    Procuc System Agents (PSA)
    There are three Agents of Procuc System, viz.
    • Proprietor
    • Customer
    • Client

    Interaction refers to a kind of action that occurs as two or more objects have an effect up one another. The idea of a two-way effect is essential in the concept of interaction, as opposed to a one – way causal effect. A closely related term is interconnectivity, which deals with the interactions of interactions within systems. Procuc Interaction involves the interaction between Procuc Operator and Customer, Procuc Operator and Client one, Procuc Operator and Client two, Pocu and Client one, Pocu and Client two and Client one and Client two. There are six types of Procuc Interactions which are:
    · [FONT=&amp]Pocuism[/FONT]
    · [FONT=&amp]Poconism[/FONT]
    · [FONT=&amp]Clieontism[/FONT]
    · [FONT=&amp]Pocuclieonism
    [/FONT] · [FONT=&amp]Pocuclientwism[/FONT]

    Conditions of running Procuc
    Procuc System is selective, it should be noted that, not every business qualifies to be Procuc. As a matter of fact, location of the business is the factor to be put into consideration. The point to remember is that, not any business location is suitable for Procuc. Also, there are criteria to be considered for a person to be a Procuc Operator. Therefore, Procuc is highly dependent on the nature of the business, Procuc environment, Procuc location and Procuc Operator. Currently, there are seventeen conditions of running Procuc as prescribed in the book of Procuc System. These conditions characterize eight basic items as follows:-
    · [FONT=&amp]Qualities of a good Procuc Operator.[/FONT]
    · [FONT=&amp]Qualities of a good Customer[/FONT]
    · [FONT=&amp]Procuc environment.[/FONT]
    · [FONT=&amp]Qualities of Procuc.[/FONT]
    · [FONT=&amp]Payment procedures.[/FONT]
    [FONT=&amp]Procedures to be taken so as to meet the qualities of being a Customer.[/FONT]
    · [FONT=&amp]Breaching of Poculization Agreement.[/FONT]

    Mathematical formulae

    New Mathematical formulae have been devised to facilitate the System to work efficiently.

    Procuc System has various terminologies which were formulated from English Language. Pronunciations of the newly formulated terminologies are found in the book.

    The invention of the System led to the writing of the book, titled “Procuc System”. It comprises of four Topics viz. · [FONT=&amp]Introduction to Procuc System[/FONT] · [FONT=&amp] Procuc Operation and Business units[/FONT] · [FONT=&amp] Poculization and Procuclization [/FONT] · [FONT=&amp] Let us invest in Tanzania.[/FONT] Agriculture, Livestock, Natural Resources, Mining Sector, Manufacturing Sector, Banking and Insurance, Health and Education, Economic Infrastructure and Tourism Sector are investment opportunities existing in Tanzania. These investment opportunities are incorporated in the Topic of Let us invest in Tanzania. Procuc operation is highly dependent on Electronic Fiscal Devices (EFDs) for efficient control in areas of sales analysis and stock control system. Therefore, information about Electronic Fiscal Devices is available in the book. Details about financial transaction, commercial transaction, business units andmonetary units of various countries in the World are included.

    In short
    , get the original copy of the book of “Procuc System” in order to learn the following items clearly:
    · [FONT=&amp]The concept of Procuc System[/FONT]
    · [FONT=&amp]Procuc System Agents
    [/FONT] · [FONT=&amp]Procuc Interactions[/FONT]
    [FONT=&amp]Triple Mechanism Model (TMM)[/FONT]
    · [FONT=&amp]The fundamental raison d’être of Procuc System[/FONT]
    · [FONT=&amp]K[/FONT][FONT=&amp]ey factors that the bank uses to analyse a potential borrower[/FONT]
    · [FONT=&amp]How will Procuc System be conducted?[/FONT]
    · [FONT=&amp]Roles of the Government, Banks and Procuc System Team (PST) in Procuc System[/FONT]
    · [FONT=&amp]Conditions of running Procuc[/FONT]
    [FONT=&amp]Importance of Procuc System[/FONT]
    · [FONT=&amp]Procuc Operators[/FONT] · [FONT=&amp]Non-procuc Operators[/FONT]
    · [FONT=&amp]Application of Electronic Fiscal Devices (EFDs in Procuc operation[/FONT]
    · [FONT=&amp]Financial transaction[/FONT]
    · [FONT=&amp]Commercial transaction[/FONT]
    · [FONT=&amp]Business units (Sole proprietorship, Partnership, Joint stock companies (Public limited company and Private limited company), Cooperatives, Public corporation, Local authorities and Parastatal bodies)[/FONT]
    · [FONT=&amp]Similarities and differences between Procuc System and other business units[/FONT]
    · [FONT=&amp]T[/FONT][FONT=&amp]he concept of poculization and procuclization[/FONT]
    · [FONT=&amp]T[/FONT][FONT=&amp]he concept of proeperio, prosperio and tiocalization[/FONT]
    · [FONT=&amp]Exponential Principle of Poculization[/FONT]
    · [FONT=&amp]Newly discovered Mathematical formulae[/FONT]
    · [FONT=&amp]Monetary units[/FONT]
    · [FONT=&amp]Investment[/FONT][FONT=&amp],[/FONT][FONT=&amp] i[/FONT][FONT=&amp]nvestment climate[/FONT][FONT=&amp], r[/FONT][FONT=&amp]easons for investing in Tanzania[/FONT][FONT=&amp] and [/FONT][FONT=&amp]i[/FONT][FONT=&amp]nvestment opportunities existing in Tanzania[/FONT]

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