My tablet keeps turning off


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Jul 11, 2015
I have an android tablet jelly bean, I bought it 2 months ago and it was working fine until recently when it started acting weird as it keep turning off itself and showing inconsistent battery levels eg. 22℅ then 90℅ then 0℅.

Even if its fully charged, de tab will only work for few minutes before it shut down and when I restart it, I will notice de drop of battery level from 100℅ to 20℅ and then it will work for couple of minutes and turn off again. Its really annoying.

I have tried to calibrate the battery, factory resetting and cleaning the battery and its ports but with no success.

Any help please?
Kama umeshafanya calibration ya battery, factory reset umesha eliminate kuwa hiyo ni software or Os issue so hiyo battery ni faulty (imeshachoka) inabidi ukanunue mpya tu.
have the same problems facing you, but mi naweka charger lakini kuna wakati inaonesha iko full nikichomoa kwenye charger nikiwasha battery inashuka kwa hiyo nachomeka tena kwenye charger alfu nawasha ikiwa IPO kwenye charger battery inakuwa full but kwako tatizo Kubwa only 2 months tatizo.

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