My friends Mum


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Apr 4, 2021
Confession time. One day after getting paid nilienda kwa beshte yangu since haeskul mainly kumlipa deni yake. Kufika kwao nilipata hayuko though her Mum was around. Nilimsalimia na akanikaribisha vizuri informing me my pal ameenda supermarket kubuy food. She asked how am doing and knowing she was like my mum to o nilijibu calling her Mum which alikataa aka insist nimwite na her name "Caro" i tried to debate that wasn't appropriate since alikuwa my senior but she insisted i call her Caro hapendi kuita mama so i accepted. She brought tea and sat nxt to me and then i noticed her nipples were pointing out and camel toe was showing off. I dont know how she pulled that off but on taking few sips looking at her conspicuously she smiled and I smiled back. After smiling she nodded and came straight to me giving me one hell of a deepkiss as she massaged my now hard, black and well veined dic. I responded by massaging her boobs. We romanced for a while as she took my head between her legs making me lick her big clit with huge labia i could feel her get more wet. Upon feeling her extremely wet nunu i pulled down my trousers and without even wearing a CD i slid my d*ck inside and fcked her so good she started calling me babaa
After hot steamy 12minutes and few seconds i managed to complete round one. After cummg she went to change while i went to clean myself. On right timing few minutes later after settling down from cleaning than my friend came. Not being able to explain much i paid him and left knowing i had fucked her mum and it felt so good i couldn't imagine older women were that tight. Its only few days ago he saw her mothers phone and how we have been sexting plus her mum has sent m nudes for a while. So how am i supposed to start a convo with my friend without making him feel disrespected coz i don't want to end our friendship because of intimacy with her mum. Or he sees me as small dad
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