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Apr 4, 2021
My friend Martha who stays with her parents at Nairobi had come to visit us at Mombasa. Since Nairobi is cold and Mombasa is very hot, Martha was complaining that she is not getting enough sleep during the night due to a the high temperatures. So, she used to bring a matress to the sitting room during the day and sleep.
Martha is a very beautiful girl. she has the assets, big boobs and huge buttocks. I can’t help myself but to admire her back whenever she passes by me. I guess she might have noticed this because every time she passes by me she moves in a manner relaxing a buttocks such that they shake invitingly.
That day I came back home and found her sleeping at the sitting room. She was not wearing any pants and her mini skirt had moved up to her hips. She lay on a back and spreed her legs apart exposing her pussy.
When I discovered her in that position an idea came into my mind and I quickly locked the main door because I knew she was the only one in the house at that time.
I then knelt between her thighs. I moistened my finger with saliva and inserted it in her love hole . This action sent electrical signals throughout my body causing my 8 inch dick to experience a hard rock erection.
I unzipped my trouser and spread her legs further almost overstretching her pussy. While supporting myself with my right hand, I guided my huge cock inside her pussy with the help of my left hand.
To my surprise , she moaned. I was shocked and wanted to pullout but she held me back and spread her legs even further. Then she kissed my surprised face and wispered to me that it was okay.
My previous movement had causded my cock to move out of her, so, she took it and directed it back into her pussy. I entered, withdrew,entered,withdrew, filling every part of a vigina. She moaned with pleasure.
I increased my pace and gave her a quick to and fro stroking. This thrashing caused her vagina to produce a hissing sound with every stroke of material I made.
After five munites or so, my dick stiffed, I burried it deep inside her, she moaned with pleasure, we were “cumming” at the same time. I shot my cum deep inside her, and collapsed on top of her.
She kissed me and started to caress my back with her hands…

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