Mugabe says no to UK election observers

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Jan 7, 2011
Anatisha, ndio maana wanamwogopa!

Mugabe says no to UK poll observers
09/09/2011 00:00:00
by Staff Reporter

Mr Mugabe I Presume ... Deborah Bronnert checks in

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe has rejected a request by Britain to send election observers for general elections set to be held early next year, the ZBC reported last night.

Mugabe, who met Britain’s new ambassador Deborah Bronnert for the first time, said Zimbabwe “cannot invite people who have imposed sanctions on her to be observers”.

“By imposing sanctions, Britain had demonstrated her dislike of one side while favouring the other,”
the ZBC quoted Mugabe as telling the envoy, making reference to his Zanu PF party and Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC-T. Zimbabwe “abhors countries which meddle in our electoral affairs”, Mugabe added.

Bronnert takes over from Mark Canning whose tour of duty expired in June.

She told Mugabe she brought greetings from Queen Elizabeth II who said Zimbabwe is “a country of great importance to the UK and that she [the Queen] would want to get weekly reports from her”, the ZBC reported.

Speaking to the UK Foreign Office's internal publication last month, Bronnert said: “I am honoured and delighted to be taking up this post at such an important time for Zimbabwe, as the parties in the inclusive government work towards greater reform and free and fair elections.

“The UK has long been a friend to the Zimbabwean people and I look forward to ensuring that that commitment remains as strong as ever.”

Relations between the two countries frayed over the last decade after Britain accused Mugabe of electoral theft and human rights abuses, while leading an international lobby to impose sanctions on Zimbabwe.

Mugabe, on the other hand, accused Britain of reacting badly to his government’s policy to acquire land from British descendants to resettle landless blacks.

However, Mugabe told Ambassador Bronnert that “despite everything that has happened between Zimbabwe and Britain, there is room for dialogue and history has a track record of cooperation between Zanu PF and past Conservative governments”.


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Apr 16, 2011
I love Mugabe's point of view on international matters... That is the only time you
can tell he is level headed na what he is doing inchini kwake ni kiburi tu!!


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Nov 6, 2010
What I always see in these Western Election observers and others the like, is bunch of spies, looking for weakness in countries in question so as they can capitalize on them to bolster their countries economically, socially, political, actually, strict speaking bolstering their countries security. What they do(these observers) is to mass the military infos and other sensintive data accomplish their spying objectives. The situation is different in Most of Least developed contries, our observers do fight to go abroad for election monitoring/observing just for earning allowances/pdms. Observers doing the real observing are rarely available. Mugabe banning the UK election observers to attend the Zimbabwe election show, can be 'seen' at different angles.
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