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Jan 14, 2008
naomba mnisaidie ku form inequality ya swali lifuatalo: at klemu Teachers College the technical section makes table and chairs which are processed through the assembly and finishing departments for a particular order from a customer, only 48 hours of work are available in the assembly and 36 in finishing dept. To manufacture one table it requires 3 hrs in the assembly and 3 hrs in finishing, while a chair requires 4 hrs in assembly and 2 hrs in finishing. If a chair fetches 40 shillings as profit and table 50 shilling as profit, determine the combination table and chairs to produce maximum profit. Tks in advance.
let x chairs and y tables be made.

since only 48 hours of work are available in the assembly then it follows that:

4x + 3y <= 48 (i.e. x chairs each taking 4 hrs and y tables each taking 3hrs should not consume more than 48 hrs of assembly unit)

and since there are 36hrs in finishing dept then we have
2x + 3y <= 36

of course since x and y are numbers of items then we have

x >=0


Objective function to maximise profit is therefore

40x +50y

endelea kuplot na kutafuta convex polygon set.

Safi kabisa, inanikumbusha Linear programming, nilikuwa nimesahau kidogo, ahsante sana.

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