Movies You 'Can’t' Watch On A Plane


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Movies You 'Can’t' Watch On A Plane

You are 35,000 feet above the ground, a baby is crying to your left, a 30-stone neighbour is spilling into your seat from the right, and the food smells like a stomach wound. The allure of an in-flight movie to escape the utter misery is just what the sanity doctor ordered. Not so fast! Some are far from ideal in the circumstances.

We give you a guide to the films to stay clear of whilst in airplane hell.

This suspense-filled thriller sees Jodie Foster play a woman whose child goes missing on a plane. Every parent’s worst nightmare comes true in this gripping flick that will have you on the edge of your seat (if there was enough room in economy of course). Stressful situations in small surroundings are unadvisable on long-haul journeys. In light of this, it’s probably best to leave this film in the overhead locker.

Home Alone
This kid’s classic is always set to send your mind into a fit of panic as you rummage through your brain trying to work out whether you switched off all your household appliances and what exactly it was you forgot to pack this time. You’re already on the plane. Passport? Check. Boarding pass? Check. Sick bag? Check. Children? Erm…Whoops. It’s a pity that you’ve already unplugged all the things they would need to survive.

Although ‘Bridesmaids’ is even funnier than ‘The Hangover’ without the Y chromosome, a terrifying account of nervous plane travel is shoved in your face halfway through the flick. Anyone with a fear of flying should give this a miss as it shows the hideous consequence of combating said nervousness with excessive drinking. Things get messy. But also hilarious.

Con Air
Question: What’s worse than finding snakes on your plane? Answer: Finding a bunch of the world’s most murderous convicts in your cockpit. Welcome to ‘Con Air’. It follows a group of villains as they hijack a plane, take hostages and attempt to escape the police in a ludicrously dangerous plan. They also run out of nuts.

Nightmare at 20,000 Feet (Twilight Zone: The Movie)
Although you might be hard pushed to find this 1963 film on the latest in-flight entertainment systems, it is probably best to leave the DVD at home. The plot follows a passenger with a severe case of aviatophobia (fear of flying) and hallucination sets in. He notices a hideous gremlin on the wing of the plane that begins to destroy the engine. Brutal and bizarre.

Toy Story 3
The third film in the much loved ‘Toy Story’ franchise now comes with an ‘emotional health warning’ due to its tear-jerking moments. Avoid becoming one of the 41 per cent of men that admitted they’d hid under blankets to hide tears on flights and opt for a happy film. Like ‘Elf’. Don’t let your kids watch it else they will become one of those aforementioned crying kids. The shame would be irreversible.

Snakes on a Plane

A fairly obvious choice for anybody that is fearful of snakes, planes, or Samuel L Jackson movies since ‘Deep Blue Sea’. The self-explanatory title gives the game away pretty early on but the in-flight horror of having a thousand slithering killers winding their way into the cabin is sure to cause pandemonium on the plane before Shaft can save the day.

Cast Away
Anyone flying away for work would be well advised to avoid this Hollywood treat. Tom Hank’s is whisked away on business but the plane crashes into the sea on his way there. He then gets trapped on a deserted island with just a volleyball to talk to. For those lusting after a break on their own private island, he is there for four years to fend for himself. Sounds a bit like a Ryanair flight.

Air Force One
If you are friends with either Barack Obama or Harrison Ford, you should never, ever watch ‘Air Force One’. A movie telling a tale of the presidential plane being hijacked by terrorists is the last thing anyone wants to watch considering recent times. Sure to spark panic in economy or first class alike, this one should be struck off any in-flight entertainment.

Open Water
If you find yourself on a long awaited trip to a paradise island, then don’t select this chilling flick from the list. This one is not for the scuba-holiday makers. Following a tale of two divers who get stranded in the middle of the ocean after their boat leaves without them is sure to fill you with fear of the deep blue sea. Try not to ruin your holiday by imagining plunging into the mass of water below.

Which films have you instantly regretted watching while on a plane?

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