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Discussion in 'JF Doctor' started by Andrew Nyerere, Mar 3, 2009.

  1. Andrew Nyerere

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    Mar 3, 2009
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    The process of praying should always be commenced by a period of meditation which clears the mind of the garbage of thought, and makes one ready to receive information from higher planes. To repeat-too many people flap down on their knees and start ordering their God to ‘deliver the goods', then they say that prayer never works. Well, let them try meditation first. Meditation actually has four different parts:

    l. The first part is that meditational practice which assists in the development of the true personality of the meditator, and if one can meditate and develop one's per sonality then one obtains a happier and more successful life.

    One becomes happier in the personal aspects of life and one becomes more successful in association with one's fellows, that is, in work. Successful meditation here also increases the mental capacity.

    2. The second stage of meditation is that which almost automatically follows from successful completion of the first stage. The second stage of meditation is that which brings the physical body in rapport with the Overself and brings the Overself in rapport with the Manu of the nation. Before one can meditate to this, and higher standards, it is essential that one has a pure and lust-free life.

    3. The next stage of meditation is that which gives one all the benefits of stage 1 and stage 2, but which enables one in addition to have full occult understanding. That is, when one reaches the third stage of meditation one is able to comprehend and apperceive.

    Apperceive, of course, is different from perceive. Apperceive is the mind's perception of itself (all that which enables the Overself to improve its own spiritual condition).

    4. Lastly, there is the mystical meditation, so called because it is so far removed from earthly concepts that it is rather beyond the understanding of those who have not succeeded in reaching that stage. The fourth stage of meditation takes us by way of the Silver Cord up to our Overself, and then by way of the Golden Cord of our Overself into the presence of that Great Entity which, for want of a better term down here, we call ‘God'. But the first two stages of meditation are the essential steps and you should concentrate on them first.

    Before taking up meditation it is essential that there shall be a Discipline because if one is playing with meditation, one is playing with fire. You would not allow a child to play with a barrel of gunpowder and a box of matches, at least you would allow him to do it only once! In the same way, you must exercise great restraint in practicing the higher stages of metaphysics.

    If you get a little weed of a man who suddenly decides that he wants to gain the muscles of Mr. Atlas, he has to undergo certain exercises, the poor fellow cannot suddenly grab a barbell, etc., and put in twenty-four hours a day at exercises, he would have a breakdown. In the same way it is quite necessary that meditation be regarded as the exercises of the soul, and if you rush into the practice of meditation like an American tourist rushing through the Vatican just to say that he has been there, then you will find that your enthusiasm will wane. You must practice according to a prearranged plan with discipline and much prior preparation because our weedy little man-if he practices too much and lifts too much and exercises too much, he will find that he is so stiff in his muscles that he can hardly move. But you, remember, with meditation, you can become stiff in the mind and that is a horrible state of affairs.

    So in spite of all this, you want to meditate? You want to really go in for this thing? Well, let's see how you like the next bit; to meditate you must have an absolutely quiet time in your day, and you should make that time in the early morning.

    This is one of the reasons why priests, etc., meditate before they eat. You should have no food before meditating, and you should not meditate in bed, if you try that you will fall asleep.

    So-make arrangements to awaken a1i hour earlier than usual, and when your alarm goes off and wakens you, get out of bed, wash and dress, because the process of washing and dressing will awaken you so much that you will not be tempted to crawl back into bed and sleep.

    If you really want to do this thing seriously you will have one corner of a room as your own Inner Sanctuary. You will have a little shrine which will enable you to fix your attention on that which you are trying to do. So, for those who are truly serious, here is how to proceed:

    Have a room, even a box-room will do, as a Sanctuary, and keep the door of that room locked when you are not in it. Have a little table in a corner covered with a white cloth. Upon the white cloth have an image of, for example, a Ho Tai the symbol of Good Living (no, you are not worshipping graven images ! Ho Tai is merely a symbol). Have an incense burner and a stick of thick incense which you should light and then blow it out so that it just smolders in pleasant smoke. It will help if you have previously timed the burning of the incense such as, for instance, to the half hour, so that when your incense goes out you cease your meditation.

    The serious meditator will wear a special meditation robe because the whole idea of the meditation robe is that you are shielding yourself from outside influences. The meditation robe must be very full, with long, loose sleeves, and with a cowl to pull over the head. You can get these of thin black silk, or if you find that too expensive, thin black cotton. When the meditation robe is not in use it should be put into a black silk case where it cannot be touched by other clothing. You may think all this is rather theatrical, but it is not you know, it is the best way of getting the desired results, and if you want the desired results you have to work according to the rules. So-wear your meditation robe when you are going to meditate.

    Now that you have your room, your meditation robe, your Ho Tai, and your incense, go to that room and sit down quietly. It does not matter how you sit, you do not have to sit cross-legged. Sit in any way which is comfortable to you and which prevents you from getting cramps or twinges because in the early stages you cannot meditate if you are in discomfort. When you have sat for a few moments in quiet CONTEMPLATION, you should repeat the prayer:

    Let me this day, living my life day by day in the manner prescribed, control and direct my imagination.

    Let me this day, living my life day by day in the manner prescribed, control my desires and my thoughts that I be purified thereby. Let me this day and all days, keep my imagination and my thoughts directed firmly upon the task which has to be accomplished that success may come thereby.

    I will at all times live my life day by day, controlling imagination and thought.

    You will have seen that the room is not light, of course, but very well shaded, fairly dark in fact so that everything appears grey rather than black. You will soon find the amount of darkness which suits you best.

    If you take a glass of cold water and hold that glass between your two hands so that your palms and fingers are around the glass but not overlapping on to the top, you will find that you will be in a suitable position for another exercise. Now slide the fingers of one hand so that they fit in between the spaces of the fingers of the other hand, so that you have as much of your hands and fingers on the glass as you can manage.

    Sit quietly and take a deep breath. Try those exercises which are mentioned in Wisdom of the Ancients, but take a deep breath and allow the air to be exhaled with a long, long, drawn-out sound. The sound is 'Rrrrrrr Aaaaaaa'. You must do it aloud, you do not have to shout it, you can do it softly although very clearly, and you must treat it seriously because it is a serious practice. Repeat this three times, then sit and watch for several minutes as the odonetic, or magnetized, water focuses the etheric of the body into a cloud around the glass of water. It will condense (the etheric) so that you should easily see the quite heavy haze which will remind you of blue cigarette smoke condensed into a cloud, or if you prefer, remind you of incense smoke condensed into a cloud.

    When you have done this for a week or two, or perhaps a month or two, depending upon your seriousness, you will be able to see some of your life-force in the water, and when the life-force gets into the water it charges the water just the same as soda water sparkles, but the sparks and sparkles that you will see from your own life-force will be flashes of light, lines, and swirlings of various colors. Do not rush things because you have plenty of time; after all, you do not grow an oak tree overnight, and the more serious you are the more success you will have and the success eventually will turn that glass of water into a miniature universe with sparkles of multi-hued fire darting and swirling within the confines of the glass.

    You should arrange your meditation into a definite pattern, or timetable. It is a very good idea to have a rosary so that you can keep check on your stages of meditation. You can obtain a Buddhist rosary, or you can make your own rosary of different sizes of beads, but no matter what method you use you should keep to a very rigid timetable. You must meditate in the same room and at the same time and wearing the same meditation robe.

    Start by selecting one thought or one idea, and sitting quietly before your little altar. Try to eliminate all outside thoughts, center your attention within yourself, and there meditate upon that idea which you have decided upon. As you concentrate you will find that a faint shaking starts within you; that is normal, that faint vibration shows that the meditation system is working. Suggestions:

    1. Have as a first meditation the meditation of love. In this you think kind thoughts towards all creatures who live. If enough people think kind thoughts, then eventually some of it will rub off on other people, and if we could get enough people to think kind thoughts instead of vicious thoughts the world would be a very different place.

    2. After the first meditation of love, you can concentrate on the second meditation which causes you to think of those in distress. As you think of those in distress you really ‘live' their sorrows and their miseries, and out of your compassion you send thoughts-rays-of understanding and sympathy.

    3. In the third meditation you think of the happiness of others, you rejoice that at last they have attained the prosperity and all that for which they long. You think of these things, and you project to the outside world thoughts of joy.

    4. The fourth meditation is the meditation of evil. In this you allow your mind to meditate upon sin and illness. You think how narrow is the margin between sanity and insanity, health, and sickness. You think how brief is the pleasure of the moment, and how all-encompassing the evil of giving in to the pleasure of the moment. Then you think of the sorrow which can be caused by pandering to evil.

    5. The fifth meditation is that in which we attain serenity and tranquillity. In the meditation of serenity you rise above the mundane plane, you rise above feelings of hate, you soar above even feelings of earthly love because earthly love is a very poor substitute for the real thing. In the meditation of serenity you are no longer bothered by oppression nor do you fear, nor do you want wealth for its own sake but only for the good which you can bring to others with it. In the meditation of serenity you can regard your own future with tranquillity knowing that you at all times are going to do your best and live your life according to your own stage of evolution. Those who have attained to such a state are well on the way of evolution, and those who are can place reliance upon their knowledge and upon their inner knowledge to free them from the wheel of birth and death.

    You may wonder what comes after meditation. Well, trance comes after. We have to use the word 'trance' for want of a better term. Actually trance is a state of meditation in which the real ‘you' goes out and leaves the body as one would part from and leave a car.

    Now, as we all know frequently to our cost, if one has a parked car one sometimes gets that car stolen by car thieves.

    In the same way, if people meditate deeply enough to enter what we must term the trance state without clearing their mind of lusts, etc., then they invite ‘stealing' by other entities.

    The trance state is a highly dangerous state unless one first practices under capable supervision. There are various forms of elementals and discarnate entities who are always prowling about to see how much mischief they can do, and if they can do a lot of mischief by taking over a person's body, then they are very happy to have some fun just as teenagers will sometimes steal a car to go racing round the roads; no doubt the teenagers fully intend to return the car unharmed, but frequently the car is harmed. And so when a body is taken over frequently it is harmed.

    Let me repeat that if your thoughts are pure, if your intentions are pure, and if you are without fear, then you cannot be invaded, obsessed, or taken over, there is nothing to fear except fear itself. Let me repeat that; if you be not afraid you radiate an aura which protects your body much the same as a burglar alarm can protect a house, and if your thoughts are pure and you have no lusts, then when the lust of taking over a body tingles your consciousness you immediately look down the Silver Cord and see what it is, just the same as a farmer keeps a watch on his orchard to protect his apples! You cannot be obsessed or taken over or invaded unless you are afraid. But if you are afraid of such things-well, for your own peace of mind and for your own peace of body do not play with the deep trance stage of meditation.

    I am greatly opposed to hypnotism except with the very greatest of safeguards, for if you are put into a hypnotic trance by an inexperienced person he can have an awful lot of fears wondering if you will be all right, wondering if he can get you out of the trance, etc. The hypnotic trance is a passive trance, it is a trance which is caused by a series of powerful sugestions strengthened by a person's belief that he or she can be hypnotized.

    Actually, when a person is hypnotized conditions are much the same as when a person goes cross-eyed because the etheric double is thrown slightly out of synchronization which means that the physical and the etheric bodies are no longer in complete coincidence with each other.

    If you get a bad hypnotist he can do a tremendous amount of damage, he can harm you for years. After all, you would not go to a surgeon who had just learned his surgical technique by taking a correspondence course, you want a person who can operate surely and competently. So-for the sake of your health and your sanity, do not allow amateurs to meddle about with you. If you want for some reason, or you have for some reason, to be hypnotized, then get in touch with some medical association in your own area and they will be able to tell you of some ethical medical hypnotist who has been trained under carefully supervised conditions. You may think that I am overstressing the dangers, but-oh! You should see some of the letters that I receive about harm which has been caused by inept, criminally careless dabblers in hypnotism. Remember that when you are hypnotized your soul is pushed out of coincidence with the centers of your consciousness.

    In the case of mediums, they are often people who get into a dreamy state of trance, a dreamy state of hypnosis, for consciously or unconsciously they lightly hypnotize themselves so that they are hyper-suggestible, and in such a case they can be used as a telephone by people on the other side of life. But remember what we have said, what we have learned together about discarnate entities. The really good people who have passed over are too busy to fool around giving messages at seances.

    Under certain conditions, of course, one can have a very skilled and conscientious person who can go into this trance in the physical and still remain alert in the astral, and so can in effect supervise the type of person who is giving messages to the group of sitters below. This is a very useful tool when one is doing detailed research, but it is utterly essential to make sure that the seance be not interrupted by noise or by the unexpected entry of other people.

    There is a very special form of occult trance, the Adept calls it 'temple sleep', and this is an absolutely different type of trance from any of those previously mentioned because the Initiate who has studied all this under temple conditions knows what he is doing, and he can throw himself deliberately into the trance state just the same as a person can throw himself into a car and drive off, he is under his own control and cannot be obsessed by others. But, of course, this depends upon having years of practice, and until a person has had the necessary experience he should always be under the most careful supervision of a person who has had such experience.

    The average person playing about with trance states has a very useful protective system; you try playing about with a trance, and if you are a normal decent person you will find that you fall asleep! That prevents you from being invaded by discarnate entities. But even here there are two grave danger spots, for example: You are awake, even though in a trance state, but then you fall asleep. Now at the instant when you are between awake/asleep you are vulnerable to obsession just the same as you are vulnerable to obsession when (under these conditions) you have gone to sleep and now awaken. Please note that this only refers to when people are playing about with hypnotism or trances, and there is no danger whatever in the awake/asleep and asleep/awake of ordinary day and night living.

    It follows from all this that you would not be very wise to meddle with trance states unless you are carefully supervised, doesn't it ?

    In certain temples the person being trained is supervised by two senior lamas who are able to keep contact with whatever the acolyte is thinking, and by their gentle but firm guidance the acolyte is prevented from doing any harm to himself or having caused any harm to anyone else. When the acolyte can pass certain tests, then he is permitted to go into deep trances by himself and usually one of the first things he will do is to go
    into a very deep trance, what we term the 'trance of vision'.

    This is a deep trance indeed, and the Initiate will be completely immobile, he might appear to be utterly rigid, even with hard flesh. In this particular state he is still within his body, but is very much like a man on top of a high tower who has a high-powered telescope which enables him to see very clearly and greatly magnified. The man with the telescope can turn in any direction, and can see what is going on with startling clarity.

    One does not get out of the body in the trance of vision, instead you have to wait and practice the trance of projection before you can get out, and in this case the body is limp and flaccid, and is in a cataleptic condition with all consciousness being withdrawn and the body remaining, as it were, under the supervision of the caretaker. Breathing goes on at a very much reduced rate, and the heart-beat is reduced and life just flows very leisurely indeed.

    First of all, when you get in these trances you will wonder if what you are seeing is imagination, but with practice you will know, that which is real and will easily detect that which is merely a thought projection from some other entity, whether incarnate or discarnate.

    To give you an illustration; you are somewhere, anywhere you like, sitting at peace and doing deep trance meditation. If you let your consciousness wander willy-nilly without having much control of it you might find yourself near a person who has had too much to drink, and you may be horrified to see all manner of queer animals wriggling around him. Yes, those striped elephants really do exist in thought form! Worse than that, though, supposing you allow yourself to just wander and you find yourself near a very, very bad-tempered man with murder in his heart; if he is thinking of murder, then you, you poor sufferer, will see the actual scenes as if they were reality instead of just thought, and you may come back to your body with such a jerk that you will get a headache for the next twenty-four hours thinking that you have witnessed a murder or worse!

    The initiated metaphysician can easily recognize that which is real and that which is imaginary, but it is again advised that unless you have some real reason for deep trance, you leave it alone.

    If you will not heed that advice, well heed this; if in a deep trance or in the astral you find horrible entities making faces at you or worse, then you merely have to think strong thoughts at them that you are not afraid, and if you do that you will find that these people disappear. They can only feed on fear, and if you are not afraid they are actually repelled.

    In sincere friendship I advise you not to allow yourself to be hypnotized except by a competent medical person, and I advise you not to undergo trance except under qualified supervision. The ordinary meditation is perfectly safe, no harm at all can come to you because you are in full possession of all your faculties. So-meditate and enjoy it immensely. Avoid hypnotism and deep trance because they will not further your development one iota.
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    Lord Sananda
    To Begin Monday, April 20, 2009

    I bring love and bountiful blessings to my Eagles! This is Sananda, here to take you away from the mundane during your next meditation. It is time for my Eagles to receive a bit of rejuvenation of the Spirit, the Mind, and the Heart. Therefore, rather than focusing on the grids this week, I am asking you to put your focus on you and on me.

    Breathe yourself into your Center and state your intent to connect to me. "I now intend a connection to the energies of Lord Sananda". Wait for me; I shall surely be there. I ask that you then present to me what your needs are for `you', not for the planet, not for your loved ones…just for you. It is admirable to ask for world peace, but that peace must be present within each heart and mind first. So tell me what you feel are your needs for you. And then, for the entire 15 minutes of your meditation, simply sit and feel my love and blessings as I pour them forth over you like Liquid Light. Just allow.

    When you have completed your meditation please ground these Energies into your physical body and then send them down to the Heart of Earth, for she, too, has needs for herself that must be met on an individual basis.

    See you in meditation, my Beloveds! I AM Sananda.

    I wonder how many have heard of the new age movement. These people get together in Forums just like this one[this JF ] and discuss all sorts of things.
    But then suddenly one of them says that he [or she] has received a message from Sananda. So,they share it with other members. So,they think that discussion should be continued but it is also useful to welcome a guru.
  3. Bluray

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    It would be wise as well as beneficial to the entire forum if you would extrapolate at the personal level, along testimony lines, on the nature and history of Lord Sananda and this particular type of meditation to the forum, so that if members choose to meditate per your post, they would do so with right understanding.
  4. Andrew Nyerere

    Andrew Nyerere Verified User

    May 18, 2009
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    Lord Ashtar
    To Begin Monday, May 18, 2009

    All right, let's get right to it, shall we? We are asking the Eagles, for their next meditation, to focus on a grid that you have not worked with before, however many of you are indeed part of this grid. It also is an integral grid in your planet's ascension processes and the rebalancing of Earth humanity's consciousness.

    For the first five minutes of this meditation you are to send the Energy of Love to that area of your Pacific Ocean that surrounds the Hawaiian Islands.

    For the second five minutes, you are to send the Energy of Love to the area of your Atlantic Ocean that has been given the name `The Bermuda Triangle' and is off the southern coast of your State of Florida in the United States.

    For the last five minutes, you are to send the Energy of Love to your Antarctic; what you think of as your planet's South Pole.

    That's it for this week. I AM Ashtar, ever watching over you.
  5. Andrew Nyerere

    Andrew Nyerere Verified User

    May 25, 2009
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    Greetings! It is I, Ashtar, once again. Everything on your planet is changing very, very rapidly. Hearts are opening even wider, eyes are opening to truth, and old systems and ways of doing things are crumbling. Indeed, the mass consciousness is changing in ways never before seen on Earth. And while these positive changes within the sentient beings of Earth are helping to define the next steps for mankind, the Earth, herself, is still very much in the midst of her own ascension processes, which are bringing a lot of upheaval within her physical body. Therefore, it is upon your Mother Earth that we are asking the Eagles to focus during their next meditation. Also, we are asking that this exercise continue for TWO of your weeks, rather than the accustomed one week of your time.

    The meditation is to consist of simply centering yourselves, stating your intent to connect heart to heart with the Earth, and then sending her your Love, with perhaps the thought, "Mother, I support you in whatever you need as you go through your birthing process, and I give thanks for your great care over me. I pour out my Love to you, as I gratefully receive your Love for me". Let this be within your own heart a joyous time of Mother/Child bonding. And so it shall be. I AM Ashtar
  6. Andrew Nyerere

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    Jun 8, 2009
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    Archangel Michael
    To Begin Monday, June 8, 2009

    Greetings, it is I, Michael, bringing you Love and Hope for a more Light-filled future. Another moon cycle is upon you, which presents the perfect opportunity for your next meditation. You are asked to do much the same as you did during the previous monthly moon cycle:

    For the first five minutes, you are to connect with the energy of the moon. Feel the Balance that its energy brings. Allow it to beam down into the very Core of your being.

    During the next five minutes, you are to intend that this energy your moon brings be anchored into the mass-consciousness grid around your planet.

    For the last five minutes of this meditation you are to then send these same Balanced energies to your planet's sun.

    Keep beaming your Light, my Eagle Warriors, as you go through your coming week, knowing that you are protected and surrounded by Love at all times! I AM Archangel Michael.
  7. Bujibuji

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    ehh bwana ehh muda bado unaruhusu
  8. Andrew Nyerere

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    Lord Ashtar
    To Begin Monday, June 15, 2009

    Greetings! It is I, Ashtar. There is a grid that connects those of us in the space brotherhood to those of you on Earth, and to the Earth herself, for we are all contracted in a common intent, that being the ascension of your planet.

    It is time for a bit of refreshment for those in this Project: Eagle Triad who have so faithfully been doing these grid meditations, so we are asking you to engage in the following exercise with those of us in the etheric craft that hover protectively overhead.

    For the first five minutes of this meditation we ask that you send your Love to us, your space brothers and sisters engaged in this work with you. Then…wait for it…we shall return that Love to you amplified ten-fold. Be at peace and bask in our and the Creator's great Love for you.

    For the next five minutes, we ask you to take that amplified Love that you have received and send it, through your intent, to all sentient Life upon your planet.

    For the last five minutes, you are to focus on sending this Love to the Earth, your Mother. Then again…wait for it…for she, too, will return it to you ten-fold.

    There have been many downloads of higher dimensional energy to your planet over the past few weeks, and most of you right now would benefit greatly just from a healthy dose of unconditional Love. And so we hope this shall be the case.

    I AM Ashtar, standing by to rejoice in the Love you shall be sending our way.
  9. Bishanga

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  10. Andrew Nyerere

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    Jun 15, 2009
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    "Why are we telling you all of this? Well what do you think is coming? Anybody want to guess? And along with that is going to come some organized chaos. Now when we say organized, we're telling you it's organized, because we're preparing you. We're telling you that there is going to be somewhat of a chaotic world around you, and that it would be very wise for you to do your house cleaning and to determine what your mission is.
  11. Andrew Nyerere

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    Jun 22, 2009
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    Lord Sananda
    To Begin Monday, May 22, 2009

    On behalf of all your space brothers and sisters, I, Sananda, tell you truly that your last meditation brought us all great joy, as we hope it did for you also. It is wonderful to share our love with you in that way. Now, during your coming week we ask you to put your focus on the Divine Energy of Peace, and this shall be in a format we have used many times within these meditation.

    For the first five minutes, we ask that you, through your intention, connect to the Christ Consciousness Grid. Call down upon you the Energy of Peace and allow your physical, emotional and mental bodies to be filled with that Essence.

    For the second five minutes, you are asked to then project this Peace to all of earth's humanity.

    For the last five minutes you will then send this same energy to Mother Earth.

    I AM Sananda, and I leave you with my Peace.

    To the one who was asking what is this all about,I would say that it is a kind of citizen's religion. New Age Religion,is like citizen journalism we see now in tehran. Now if you were to google the latest Sananda messages on the net,or messages from Ashtar,the messages of the past two months,you will see a kind of religion taking shape.

    And there are many of them who are suppossed to give messages,not just Sananda and Ashtar. There is Kryon,Kuthumi,Metatron,Chohans of the ray,the elohim,and many,many others.AA Michael,Dwal Khul,AA Raphael.

    Whether or not the messages are useful,it is not for me to say. Even in New Age circles,there is an argument as to whether this is the best way to contact the Brotherhood of Light and the Angelic Forces. Whether other methods are better,like the walk-ins.

    But whatever revelation that you receive,you have to think about it,and not just accept it without thinking about it in a critical way. Usually,they give these messages after an internet discussion on the topic,so the message is just a crystallization,or a glorified version of the same thing they were discussing. Like a guest speaker summaring everything that was said,and giving final remarks.
  12. NGULI

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    No net work
  13. Andrew Nyerere

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    Jun 29, 2009
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    Lord Ashtar
    To Begin Monday, June 29, 2009

    Ashtar here. This will be a very short directive for your next meditation.

    For the first five minutes the Eagles are asked to send the energy of Love to all the other Eagles participating in this project.

    For the second five minutes, you are to send to those of the opposite gender within this project, that is, all males send to the females and the females send to the males. This is done, of course, through your intention.

    For the last five minutes you are to send the energy of Love to your Mother Earth.

    Keep up the good work! I AM Ashtar. Salute!

    I have been thinking about these acts of the 108,109,110 of the US Congress. Monks recite the monastic rules once every two weeks. So,I wonder what would happen,if someone were to contract these rules into a single sentence,and recite these acts of the congress,or of any parliament,once every two weeks. Those rules listed there may seem to be very few,but they include all the acts passed by the Congress during the two terms of George W. Bush,and also some by this present Congress of Barack Obama.
  14. Andrew Nyerere

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    Jul 6, 2009
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    Lord Ashtar
    To Begin Monday, July 6, 2009

    Ashtar here once again. Before we get into the next grid meditation I would like to extend a personal welcome to all the new triads that have been established, as well as my personal thank you to those of you who spread the word to others. Well done!

    For those of you who are new to this Project, and also as a reminder to those who have been with us for some time, allow me to recap or summarize some of the facets of this energy work you are doing. These visualizations you are asked to do involve the sending of a specified energy to a specified grid. There are more grids than we will talk about here, not only the electromagnetic grids that you associate with the Earth herself but also grids between individuals, groups, sub-groups, countries, races, species, etc. When you are asked to send an energy to a particular grid, or to connect to a specific grid, it is all done through your `intent'. You would simply state, before you begin, "I am now connecting to the' ____' and give the name of the grid you have been asked to connect to, for example, the Christ Consciousness grid or the mass-consciousness grid.

    The meditations are most often divided into three segments, each lasting five of your minutes. You will, however, occasionally be asked to do a meditation which would be counted as one segment and lasting for the full fifteen minutes.

    For your coming week's meditation we are asking the Eagles to place their focus on three of the grids we have worked with extensively.

    For the first five minutes, you are to send the Energy of Love to the mass-consciousness grid surrounding your planet.

    For the second five minutes, you are to send the Energy of Love to the sun of your solar system.

    For the last five minutes, you are to send the Energy of Love to your Earth Mother.

    That's it for this week. Once again, we are so very pleased with the progress of this group, so keep up the good work! Ashtar out.

    You may think that this is all a watse of time. But for the young,they have time,and they may want to think about these things. Also, Lama Mingyar Dondup also mentions the grids,

    “Well, you see, the world has a magnetic pull. If you
    throw a thing up into the air the magnetism of the
    Earth pulls it down again. If you fall out of a tree you
    fall down, not up, because the magnetism of the Earth
    is such that you must fall to the Earth. But we have
    a thing which is anti-magnetic to the Earth, we have
    to keep them very carefully under guard the whole
    time because if an untrained person got hold of one of
    these things he could find that he had floated right out
    of the Earth. The fall then is upwards. How we control
    it is by having two grids, one is tuned to the magne-
    tism of the Earth, the other is opposed to the magne-
    tism of the Earth. Now, when the grids are in a certain
    position the plates will float, they will not go up and
    they will not go down

    You access the grids by intent,just as Ashtar says. You don't have to understand how it works for it to work. There are many people using mobile phones in the village,and they don't know how the phones work

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    Archangel Michael
    To Begin Monday, July 13, 2009

    It is I, Archangel Michael, bringing the Greetings and the Love of our Creator to this group of Eagle Warriors. As I'm sure you have noticed as well as felt, the energy shifts are coming in rapid succession, so rapid in fact that it seems to be almost non-stop. Your sun your moon and your planet are undergoing a galactic alignment with certain other planets and this is having what seems to be chaotic effects; and those effects naturally produce un-ease in your mental, emotional and physical bodies. We understand this and have great compassion for those who suffer, but we can also assure you that you will one day see that it was truly worth it. And what makes it worth it is Love. And that is the Divine Energy you are being asked to use in your coming week's meditation.

    We are once again asking you to connect with what we have named the `Source Grid' or `God Grid'; and I am asking that this one re-post below the description of this Grid as it was previously given for the benefit of those among you who are new to this grid project.

    [from Meditation #360] "It is a Grid established by your conscious acknowledgment that `Something BIG' is coming. You can't quite describe it or put your finger on `what' that `something' is but you feel it throughout every cell of your Being. That `something', that Energy, that you feel to be coming is, my friends, quite simply `Creator' or `God', however you wish to express it. And so it is this Source Grid or God Grid to which you are connected, and it is your conscious connection to this grid that helps ease the integration of its Energies into the mass consciousness of Earth humanity."

    To begin this meditation you are to get into a quiet, centered space, then `intend' the following: "I intend a connection to the Source/God Grid". Through your intention you are connected to the appropriate grid.

    You are to then open yourself to receiving the Divine Energy of this Grid: our Creator.

    Next, you are to intent that this Energy gather within your Heart, where it is then wrapped by the Love that resides in your Heart.

    You are to then `intend': "I AM sending this Energy from my Heart to the mass-consciousness grid". Again, through your intent the Energy will be directed to the correct grid.

    Lastly, we ask that you then repeat the last intention, but, instead, sending to the Earth and all her Nature Kingdoms.

    We ask this be done in one 15-minute sitting, and when you are finished please state: "I now disconnect my consciousness and my energy from the Source Grid." We don't want any of the Eagles getting `fried' by that Grid by getting too much of a good thing! <grin> I jest; just a bit of Heavenly humor. I AM Michael.
  16. Andrew Nyerere

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    Greetings, it is I, Ashtar. You will no doubt be happy to know that the wave of energy your world received recently is beginning to ease as it is integrated into all the grids. There will be, however, times of great upheaval and change in your near future, but that energy, too, can be eased through the diligent efforts of this group to help those grids stay in balance by sending an abundance of positive, loving and conscious intentions to them. So, with that in mind, you are being asked to do the following during your next week's meditation. We will be working with the energy of Trust.

    You are to begin your meditation by commanding your consciousness to connect with the Christ Consciousness Grid and then call for the Energy of Trust to fill and Overlight you. Allow it, then, to be done.

    You are to then use your fifteen minutes of meditation sending, through your conscious intent, that Divine Energy of Trust to the mass-consciousness grid of Earth humanity. For the times that are to come will be a time of testing, so to speak, and Trust is the Key to a passing grade.

    I AM Ashtar.

    Trust in the Teacher,trust in yourself,and trust in others.
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    Lord Ashtar
    To Begin Monday, August 3, 2009

    Greetings, Eagles! It is I, Ashtar, here with your next meditation. Let's get right to it, shall we?

    For the first five minutes of this meditation, you are to send the energy of Love…the great stabilizer and healer…to the electromagnetic grids that run along the top surface of your Mother Earth. This shall be so simply by stating your intent.

    For the second five minutes, you are to send the energy of Love to the grid that lies just below the surface of the planet.

    For the final five minutes you are to send Love to the Core of the planet.

    That's it for this week. Know you are dearly loved. I AM Ashtar.

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    Archangel Michael
    To Begin Monday, August 10, 2009

    Greetings, Beloveds. I AM Archangel Michael. The times are indeed changing as the walls and structures of your old world fall around you. It is a most stress-filled time for most upon your planet, and we are here to set you upon a meditation to bring ease to many hearts. Your world, at this time, is in need of the ease that only Divine Grace can bring; therefore, you are asked to do the following exercise for your coming meditation. Before beginning, please put forth the intention to join with the other Eagles of this Project in Group Heart, Group Mind and Group Intent.

    For the first five minutes, you are to connect to the Christ Consciousness Grid and ask for the energies of Divine Grace to fill you.

    For the second five minutes, you are to then send Grace to all lifeforms, all Kingdoms, upon your planet.

    For the last five minutes, you are to send Grace to the planet Herself, your Earth Mother.

    May Peace, Grace and Trust abide with each of you. I AM Michael.
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    To Begin Monday, August 17, 2009

    Well, we are definitely getting toward the end of this downhill slide in the energy transmutations which have been going on for the past several of your weeks. And, although many of you have had what you perceive as a `rough ride', I'm pleased to report that there were no fatalities (That is a joke) LOL At this time we would like all our Eagles to take this next week to `reconnect' with all the other Eagles&#8230; as many of you have been feeling isolated and alone during the recent influx of energies.

    For the first 5-minute visualization, we would like all our Eagles to send their energy to all the other Eagles.

    For the second 5-minute visualization, we would like our Eagles to visualize their physical body as a conduit, or `connector', and the energies from the sun of your solar system streaming down through their physical body and anchoring into the core of Mother Earth.

    For the third 5-minute visualization, we would like our Eagles to visualize and `feel' this energy from the core of the planet returning back up to and anchoring within their physical body.

    That's it for this week. Enjoy your beautiful `circle of connection'.
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    Lord Ashtar
    To Begin Monday, August 24, 2009

    I bring greetings and love to all triads. This is Ashtar. We are asking you to move your focus this next week to three other grids to which you are connected.

    For the first five minutes of this meditation you are asked to send the energy of Love to your atmosphere. Every living being on your planet is connected to your planet's atmosphere, thus producing a grid. It is also, as you know, a vital component of the Earth's ecosystem.

    For the second five minutes, you are asked to send the Energy of love to the Crystal Kingdom.

    For the last five minutes, you are asked to send the energy of Love to all plant life on Mother Earth.

    That's it for this week. I AM Ashtar.

    Hapa ningependa kutoa maoni yangu kuhusu mkutano wa NEC uliopita na maamuzi [au kutokuwepo kwa maamuzi kuhusu mafisadi]

    NEC imeamiua kwamba kama kuna matatizo katika Chama, yajadiliwe kwanza ndani ya Chama.

    Kimsingi, hivi ni kama Lord Jesus alivyosema kwamba, Ndugu yako akigombana na wewe, mwambie kwanza wakati yuko peke yake. Akikataa, ongea naye mbele ya mtu mmoja au wawili. Akikataa, ajadiliwe kwenye mkutano, akikataa, usiongee naye tena.

    Kwa hiyo tunapopinga ufisadi,hatuwezi kupinga maamuzi ambayo,on the surface,yanaonekana kwamba ni maamuzi yenye mantiki. Hata monks wanasema hivyo hivyo, kwamba mkingombana in The Order,mambo yasitanagwe nje bila ruhusa. Mpaka uruhusiwe kusema kwamba,''Kuhusu mambo haya, tumebishana sana katika kikao""