After such cleaning of blood vessels, the pressure of the elderly ceases to spike, and 9 more supposedly "incurable" diseases go away!

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After such cleaning of blood vessels, the pressure of the elderly ceases to spike, and 9 more supposedly "incurable" diseases go away!​

Famous South African cardiologist revealed a simple way
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Eric Tumuti is a South African cardiologist and professor. Known for treating people without pills. At the same time, everyone who falls into his hands recovers. The professor's patients include famous people from all over the world.
Professor Eric Tumuti rarely gives interviews, trying to devote more time to treating patients. However, the correspondent of our channel was lucky – a well-known doctor agreed to answer a few questions for those patients who do not have the opportunity to visit the clinic.
The doctor explained below how to do a healing cleaning. The article also covers topics such as:
  • Living up to 120 years without pills is real!
  • Why do chronic incurable diseases go hand in hand with dirty blood vessels?
  • Hidden and obvious signs of dirty vessels

Dirt in the vessels is your fearsome killer!​

Professor Eric Tumuti:
- I will give you some info that, I hope, will make you think!
The most common cause of death on the planet is HEART AND VASCULAR DISEASES. The main reason for their appearance in age is CHOLESTEROL. It turns out that cholesterol is the most dangerous substance on the planet. This substance is more likely to kill people than alcohol, nicotine, and drugs combined.
In 94% of cases, if a person does not live to 80 years, cholesterol killed him.

Cholesterol destroys your health. If it did not accumulate in the blood vessels, a person could easily live up to 120 years.​

What does cholesterol look like and what is it? I will not give a description of this substance here, as it is written in medical textbooks. I will put it out more simply. Imagine cold fat left on a pan that hasn't been washed after dinner. This is what cholesterol looks like.
This substance, being in the blood, settles on the walls of blood vessels. First as a small plaque (in 20-25 years), then the cholesterol layer grows rapidly (25-40 years), as more and more particles stick to the sticky layer. AS A RESULT, BY THE AGE OF 40, CHOLESTEROL NARROWS THE LUMEN IN THE BLOOD VESSELS BY ALMOST HALF. In response, the heart has no choice but to increase the pressure. A person has pressure spikes and age-related hypertension with all the consequences. But this is not even the most dangerous thing!
Much more dangerous is that cholesterol completely clogs the small vessels that permeate all the tissues. As a result of deterioration of blood supply, pathological processes develop in the internal organs. Against their background, a person develops chronic diseases.
First the stomach will ache, then the spleen, and after a while he will have stenosis of the liver and pancreas. Usually in such cases, they say that a person's health begins to crumble. Cholesterol is what triggers this process most often.
Cholesterol. By the age of 50-60, a person accumulates up to 3.5 kg of this dangerous substance!
Everything depends on the state of blood vessels in the body. If the vessels are clogged in the legs, this leads to varicose veins, permanent edema and eternal heaviness in the legs. If in the liver, then there is hepatosis and cirrhosis, if in the joints, then hence arthritis and arthrosis or pain in the spine. If the blood vessels are clogged in the eyes, then the person gradually goes blind

It is impossible to avoid contamination of vessels! It accumulates in the blood vessels of each person. Dirt in the vessels causes rapid aging.​

IT IS CHOLESTEROL THAT TRIGGERS THE CHAIN REACTION OF AGING IN THE BODY. And it is the contamination of blood vessels that shortens a person's life less than the period laid down in it by nature.
Instead of a 120-year term (this is the resource laid down in our bodies), people often do not live up to 70! Especially those who have age-related hypertension in their 40s and 50s. By the way, it is one of the most obvious symptoms of vascular contamination.

Not by cholesterol alone – these substances also contaminate your blood vessels!​

Professor Eric Tumuti:
Cholesterol is half the trouble, there are two other substances that accumulate in the blood vessels!
Blood clot mass
If cholesterol resembles fat, then the blood clot mass (clots) resembles cottage cheese. Blood clots form on the inner walls of blood vessels. The danger of blood clots is even higher than of cholesterol. AT ANY TIME, THE CLOT MAY DETACH FROM THE VESSEL WALL AND TO GET INTO HEART AND CAUSE HEART ATTACK, OR INTO BRAIN AND CAUSE A STROKE. Both diseases are fatal with a very high probability of death and disability.
The older a person gets, the higher the risk that the blood clot will come off. This is why older people so often suffer from a stroke or heart attack.
Calcium crystals
These are salts of heavy metals, mercury, and various chemicals accumulated over a lifetime. If a person, for example, worked in harmful production, then he has more such deposits. Although taking into account the current ecology, calcium accumulates in everyone. These substances have already been proven to be CANCER-FORMING. That is, they contribute to abnormal cell division, which leads to cancer.
Almost 98% of those who die from cancer have high levels of crystalline deposits in their blood. We all know that mercury is harmful. And with a large accumulation of calcium crystals, the blood itself becomes harmful.
By the age of 50, a person has clogged blood vessels throughout the body. The more blood vessels are contaminated, the more there are chronic sores, the faster a person ages and the worse he feels!

Check yourself! How dirty are your blood vessels and are you at risk of an early death!​

Professor Eric Tumuti:
I can tell you right away, if you have never cleaned the vessels, and you are more than 50 years old, then your vessels are dirty. If you clean them, you WILL FEEL BETTER ALMOST IMMEDIATELY.
Symptoms of dirty blood vessels:
  • Swelling in the morning
  • Tinnitus
  • Seeing spots
  • Joint pain
  • Dizzinesses
  • Insomnia at night and drowsiness during the day
  • Feeling constantly tired
  • Visual impairment
  • Visual impairment
  • Varicosis
  • Dyspnoea
  • Frequent problems with the gastrointestinal tract
  • Problems with excess weight

Do you claim that cleaning blood vessels can prolong the life of older people and stabilize blood pressure?​

Professor Eric Tumuti:
- I know that. At the clinic, we now prescribe vascular cleaning for all patients over the age of 50 (some over the age of 40). And after cleaning, we do a check-up. APPROXIMATELY 9 OUT OF 10 PEOPLE HAVE NORMAL BLOOD PRESSURE IMMEDIATELY AFTER CLEANING AND DO NOT REQUIRE TREATMENT.
In other words, many who now actively and daily take pills to stabilize blood pressure, could stop doing it. All you need is to clean the vessels. Even if hypertension does not pass completely (and this also happens), you will still feel much better!
Unfortunately, this simple way to normalize blood pressure is actively hidden by corrupt doctors and pharmaceutical companies, which benefit from long and expensive treatment. After all, the longer a person is ill, the more he will spend on medication. It is profitable for them. And cleaning blood vessels is simple, inexpensive and quickly puts a person back on his feet.

A South African pensioner was cured of hypertension by cleaning blood vessels. And there are many such people....​

I want to show you a letter from Matilda Wakes, a retired woman from South Africa. Doctors at a local clinic sentenced her to grave. Relatives decided not to give up. The old lady herself could not come to us, so her daughter called us at the clinic with a request to help. How can we help from a distance? I can't even make a diagnosis over the phone. We advised her to clean her blood vessels.
After 3 months, the old lady wrote to us herself! I want to show you her letter.
Matilda Wakes, 82. A South African pensioner suffering from high blood pressure and a bunch of other illnesses. Living in the city of Brakpan
«Thank you so much for giving me LIFE! When my daughter called you, I was almost unconscious, not thinking straight. Fog in the head from high blood pressure, which was not knocked down even by pills. Pre-infarction condition, they didn't even put me in the hospital, they told my daughter to prepare a place in the cemetery. But my daughter decided to call you. And then she started feeding me the drug you sent us. Fortunately, my illness was over. Gradually, the pressure eased. It's not going up at all now. I literally came back from the dead. A week ago, I took tests at our hospital. When I was told that I was healthy for my age, I was very surprised. A few months ago, I had one foot in the grave. I really hope that I will live longer. I love life with all my heart. Thank you so much for your help and saving me."
THIS IS WHAT A MIRACLE CAN HAPPEN AFTER CLEANING THE BLOOD VESSELS. Although in fact there is no miracle here – everything is explainable.

Method for cleaning blood vessels for pensioners and hypertensive patients​

Professor Eric Tumuti:
- To date, there is only one drug in South Africa that performs this task well. It is called Cardioton. This drug was created in 2015 by the A. Jones Institute of Heart and Blood Vessels (USA). The drug contains about 40 active components – extracts from plants useful for blood vessels, vitamins, micro - and macroelements.
The most important ingredient of the "Cardioton" complex is the so-called "ACTIVE OXYGEN MOLECULES" – they are able to "eat" the accumulated contamination in the vessels. They dissolve cholesterol, blood clots, and calcium crystals.
"Active oxygen molecules" were discovered in 2007 by Japanese scientists. Two Japanese scientists have received the Nobel prize for their research in this field. Today, "active oxygen molecules" are actively used in world medicine.
By the way, the Japanese themselves began to pay increased attention to cleaning blood vessels after the age of 40-50 years since 1965, when the national program of health and longevity was established. In this law, the cleaning of blood vessels is spelled out in a separate paragraph. And today we see the result of this decision. Japan holds the record for average life expectancy. To live up to 100 years for the Japanese is a common thing. If earlier the Japanese cleaned the vessels with herbs, physical education and yoga, now they use special preparations based on "active oxygen"

How long do you need to take Cardioton to clear blood vessels?​

On average, the course of taking the drug is 2-4 weeks. Finish the intake when you feel you don’t need it anymore.
I will list what Cardioton does with your body and health during cleaning, as well as a few months after it.
Cleans and patches the vessels
Due to the "active oxygen molecules", Cardioton will dissolve cholesterol deposits, blood clots and calcium growths. Additionally, thanks to Ginkgo Biloba extract, the drug increases vascular tone and restores their elasticity. After a month-long course of intake, research data show that blood vessels become as clean and elastic as in young people aged 25-30 years. There is a restoration of the small capillaries. As a result, a person's blood pressure stops spiking, weakness and drowsiness disappear, and the healing of wounds and cuts improves. In addition, there are more energy. You will have a lot of energy, you will want to do something at home or in the garden.
Restores internal organs and joints
After cleaning the vessels, the internal organs will be restored. Fortunately, we have such a property as cell regeneration. As a result, many diseases go away. For example, if you have a pancreas or spleen, they will stop hurting. Very often, after cleaning the vessels, ulcers of the stomach and duodenum are delayed. In addition, the joints are restored. No crunching or clicking in the neck, back, or joints. Cartilage comes to life. The weather no longer twists your knees and fingers. Joint mobility will return.
Will melt away the extra fat
Excess weight is something that 4-5 times aggravates the condition of hypertensive patients and the elderly. The higher the weight, the higher the load on the blood vessels, heart, and joints. Often the cause of weight gain is clogging of blood vessels, since glucose can not be removed from the tissues in the right amount. After clearing the debris in the vessels, the weight starts to go away automatically. Additionally, Cardioton contains extract of bee venom, which accelerates the process of fat breakdown. On average, a person loses 8-12 kg per month after cleaning blood vessels.
Restores vision and memory
Cardioton contains an extract from young larch cones, which is able to restore the micro-vessels of the fundus, as a result, vision gradually returns to the person. Many people are starting to see the bus numbers from afar and insert the thread in a needle. There is a total restoration of blood vessels in the eyes. Those who have clean blood vessels do not face blindness at all! It is known to all ophthalmologists.
Restores potency in men!
One of the surprising consequences of clearing blood vessels is that men begin to produce the hormone testosterone again. As a result, prostatitis passes and prostate adenoma is delayed. And potency returns. If you are under 70, you will be able to have sex again.

Butterfly effect for the elderly and hypertensive patients​

The action of Cardioton is like the flapping of a butterfly's wing, which causes a chain reaction of improving internal organs and improving well-being. Starting with the normalization of blood vessels and ending with the restoration of vision and joints.
1-3 months after cleaning the blood vessels is like a second birth. At the same time, patients feel noticeable improvements every week.
Easy awakening
You wake up in the morning and easily take off from the bed — you do not need to force yourself to get up, stretching and rubbing your stiff legs, creaking your back and neck. From the very morning, the body is filled with energy and strength.
Excellent health and mood
From the very morning and during all day. You sleep well and get a good night's sleep. You feel rejuvenated. You don't have to constantly run to the toilet at night. You don't have any pain or itching.
Delicious breakfast
You will significantly expand the menu. You will no longer need to stick to a strict diet. If you eat "something wrong", you will no longer have heartburn or get colics in the side.
Huge strength
When you leave the house, you no longer need to worry about your legs — you don't perceive walking as a load, you can walk all day, and your legs don't get tired or swell. No more shortness of breath, your head will stop spinning. You will again be able to work with pleasure in the garden.
Absolute calmness
You are absolutely calm and relaxed. No more constant pain that consumed your mind, making it impossible to focus on anything else. When nothing hurts, familiar things, sounds, and smells play with new, long-forgotten colors.
You can see perfectly
Even severely damaged vision will gradually recover. What you previously saw as muddy will become clear. You can again see the bus number from afar, you can again admire the beauty of nature.

And most importantly, YOU WILL NOW BE ABLE TO LIVE WITHOUT PILLS. Forget about going to pharmacies for blood pressure medications as a bad dream. This will be a thing of the past for you, as the pressure will stop spiking!

Shortage of Cardioton in South African pharmacies!​

As far as we know, it is extremely difficult to buy Cardioton in pharmacies. This drug is rarely available. Is it true? And what advice would you give to the citizens of South Africa?​

- Yes, it is true. Cardioton is produced in small limited quantities, and therefore it simply does not reach pharmacies. Most of them are bought up by expensive private clinics from all over the world.
Getting Cardioton for ordinary people is really problematic. But NOW YOU CAN ORDER THIS DRUG IN OUR CLINIC. To do this, you can submit a request to receive it on the site. We decided to allocate a part of the purchased batch for this program. However, the amount is small, so there is not enough drug for everyone. It can be ordered by those who are the first to leave a request.
Conditions for obtaining Cardioton:
  • Must be located in South Africa. We do not send Cardioton outside the country.
  • You can only PURCHASE Cardioton ONLY FOR PERSONAL USE. Resale is prohibited. I urge dealers to leave the drug to those who really need it.
  • Leave a request for order on this website by filling out the special form below. You need to enter your phone number to contact our consultant doctor.
In order to participate in our program, you need to click on the "spin" button located below the reel with discounts. Depending on what you get, you can get Cardioton with one or another discount. You can only spin the reel once.

Take advantage of this chance until it is used by others!​

As I said, unfortunately, we do not have enough of this drug for all hypertensive and elderly people in South Africa. Therefore, we decided to provide it to those who are faster than others to leave a request on the site. If you want to improve your body and get rid of pressure spikes by deep cleaning of blood vessels, order the drug as early as possible – while it is still available
Attention! Cardioton has been sold out fast lately and is running out!
The number of items available at the moment:
5 I try Cardioton, I even got to order it at a discount in time, very pleased about that. In 2 months I became a different person! I realized that I hadn't actually been living before I cleaned blood vessels! Headaches are no longer my companions, my varicose veins have receded and the MOST IMPORTANT PART - I LOST 20 KILOS! From 94kg to 74kg! This is the miracle that is the normalization of blood circulation!

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