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Nov 10, 2012
:A S cry:Question: Two friends of mine argued over a TV program and had to engage in a fight to resolve the matter. Is it true that some of the programs on TV are harmful?

Answer: Your inner mind is like an indifferent father who hands over to the child anything he asks, frogs, blades, nails, snakes, etc You must be careful with what you allow to enter your mind. In most cases the production lines hand over as finished products things which the supervisor, which is the outer mind, never ordered. Ills and wickedness should never come near your mind lest it should be confused for a request. When you bring into mind an idea such as wishing your enemy to get attacked by armed robbers or meet with some accident your production lines which is the inner mind may mistake this as a request.
Because it reads only the words,‘accident' or ‘armed robbers' and does not bother itself to read longish sentences. When you watch music on tv or a gangster movie and a person gets killed, your subconscious mind sees it through the window of your outer mind and takes ‘person dead' as its orders and proceeds to kill your wife or yourself or any other person in the range of your local who is at that particular moment and time closer to the point of dying. If you had a relative in hospital tied to a life support machine, he suddenly takes a cough and gives up his ghost.-extract from Prophecy weekly newspaper @

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