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Massive theft at Mkwawa University!

Discussion in 'Biashara, Uchumi na Ujasiriamali' started by Nzowa Godat, Jan 26, 2012.

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    Jan 26, 2012
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    THE Parliamentary Public
    Organization Accounts
    Committee (POAC) has formed
    a probe team comprising three
    legislators to investigate fraud
    at Mkwawa University College
    of Education after discovery of
    massive theft of money.
    This come two days after a
    Loans Board official, Ester
    Budili was arraigned at Kisutu
    Resident Magistrate's Court
    for theft of 90m/- through
    creation of "ghost" students
    and employees in nine
    universities. The fraud
    involved forging of real names
    of students supposed to
    receive loans from the
    Students Loans Board and
    payment of salaries to non-
    existent employees on pay-
    The legislators picked to probe
    the fraud at Mkwawa College
    are Zainabu Kawawa (CCM),
    Mwibara Kangi Lugola (CCM)
    and Ali Khamis Seif (CUF). The
    MPs would probe the link
    between the university and
    the Loans Board with regard
    to the fraud. The investigation
    might also be extended to
    other universities.
    Addressing journalists shortly
    after meeting with the
    university management, POAC
    Chairman Mr Zitto Kabwe said
    the total amount from the
    Loans Board paid out to 32
    ghost students from the
    university was 66m/-. Mr
    Kabwe said the committee has
    refused to continue with
    briefing of the report until the
    investigations were
    completed, noting that the
    university management might
    be called again in Dodoma.
    Apart from the fraud linking
    the Loans Board and the
    university, the committee also
    questioned payments of
    salaries to ghost workers as
    well as illegal procurement.
    "The current budget for
    students loans in the country
    is about 250bn/- and the
    number of students is
    increasing, making us wonder
    if the government can sustain
    this. Now we cannot sit by and
    let crooks swindle the
    government," he admonished.
    The Committee's Deputy
    Chairman, Mr Deo
    Filikunjombe said the list of
    students' names clearly
    showed that they had been
    technically altered. However,
    what was disturbing is the
    similarity of the names to the
    real names of students who
    received loans. "The
    registration and index
    numbers are the same; they
    have only altered one name of
    each student on the list," he
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    East Africa
    Legal Affairs
    Mr Kabwe noted that Mkwawa
    University is leading the pack
    in submitting fake student
    names to the Loans Board.
    The university's governing
    board was also blasted for
    awarding tenders without
    taking into account the lowest
    evaluation costs. Reading the
    Controller and Auditor
    General's (CAG) report, Mr
    Kabwe noted that goods and
    services worth 1.2bn/- were
    bought without observing legal
    procurement procedures.
    Another amount totalling
    152m/- did not have
    supporting documents, dating
    back to 2006/2007.
    The university's governing
    board had a hard time
    responding to the allegations,
    with one member noting that
    it was a small problem that the
    university was working on to
    rectify. Members of the
    committee queried whether it
    was a normal thing to conduct
    payments without relevant
    documents, noting that the
    CAG's reports clearly indicated
    problems in the procurement
    "The CAG reports tells us
    clearly that there is a problem
    in the university's
    procurement process but the
    management says it's not a big
    problem; let them tell us what
    are these small problems. This
    issue must be investigated
    thoroughly, we need to get to
    the root of the problem," they
    noted. The university's
    Principal, Prof Philemon Mushi
    said the problem noted in the
    CAG's report is being rectified
    in current procurement