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Kunawaka kwa King Mswati (Swaziland Uprising)

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Siasa' started by Mzalendo80, Apr 12, 2011.

  1. Mzalendo80

    Mzalendo80 JF-Expert Member

    Apr 12, 2011
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    If even one part of our continent lives under a tyrannical regime, none of us can claim to be free. The Swazi people have suffered economically and politically at the hands of the royal elite," said spokesman Tahir Sema in a statement.

    "It is heartening to note that there is a new mood amongst trade unions, civic and social movements, students and faith based organisations.

    "They have realised that it is only through mobilising their members, and daring to think and plan for another Swaziland that the current bankrupt regime can be replaced."

    Samwu supported the call of trade unions in Swaziland for the sacking of the current cabinet and King Mswati and replacing them with a transitional government.

    "We therefore send our greetings to all Swazi democrats, and pledge ourselves to providing practical solidarity to them in the struggle for a democratic and people driven Swaziland."

    ANC ally Cosatu is set to protest along the Swaziland border in Tuesday. Unions, youth movements, civil society and opposition groups have reportedly vowed to protest on Tuesday against the Swazi monarch.

    A former leader of the Swaziland National Union of Students said the youth were to embark on North African-style protests on April 12 -- they are demanding a "total change of the system of government in Swaziland".

    A facebook group called the "April 12 Swazi Uprising" had been started to help mobilise people.

    According to its description on Facebook, the group: "is the voice of the people on the streets who are sick and tired of the misrule by the Swazi regime and the snail pace and lack of action by Swaziland's so-called progressive".

    It pledges to, in the next few months, create the biggest mass movement that the country had ever seen.

    Samwu supports Swaziland uprising - Times LIVE
  2. Mzalendo80

    Mzalendo80 JF-Expert Member

    Apr 12, 2011
    Joined: Oct 30, 2010
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    Bring the Swaziland monarchy to its knees - ANCYL
    Floyd Shivambu
    12 April 2011

    League calls on the youth of that country to rise up against King Mswati (Apr 11)


    11 April 2011

    The ANC Youth League once again calls on the youth of Swaziland to fearlessly confront the Swaziland Monarchy and fight until it has been brought down to its knees on the uprising that starts on the 12th of April 2011. The youth of Swaziland should be like the youth of South Africa in 1976 who stood fearlessly against the armed apartheid regime and sustained militant protests and struggles until the regime came to the table for negotiations which brought political freedom and democracy. The Youth of Swaziland should be inspired by the Youth of Tunisia and Egypt, who brought down regimes sympathetic to imperialists.

    In South Africa, April is heroes month, celebrated though commemoration of gallant lives of struggle heroes, particularly Solomon Mahlangu and Chris Hani. The youth of Swaziland should draw inspiration from these fearless fighters and confront the Monarchy with the same determination and courage that defined Chris Hani and Solomon Mahlangu.

    The ANC Youth League and all democracy loving youth of South Africa, Africa and the world are behind all efforts to bring democracy, peace and justice in Swaziland. The ANC Youth League will never agree with the usage of violence against peaceful protestors and the Swaziland Monarchy should be cautioned that violence will fasten its inevitable collapse.

    The Youth of South Africa should wherever they are found condemn the Swaziland Monarchy and find ways to undermine anything the monarchy does and represents. The South African government should never be associated with or seen to be protecting the unjust, brutal and backward repression of the Swazi Monarchy.

    As true democrats, all South Africans, particularly the ANC government should condemn what is happening in Swaziland and take active steps to bring democracy in that country.

    Statement issued by the ANC Youth League, April 11 2011

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    5 responses to this article


    ....steady on there, comrade SHIVAMBU.

    Too much freedom & democracy in SWAZILAND might not be a good thing for the ANCpf ! Have you thought this through, or are you just frothing on the current events band wagon ?

    The SWAZI . .more
    by John Austin on April 12 2011, 12:06
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    Just a couple of points
    When the collective goons of the ANCYLuse the word "fasten" can one assume they mean "hasten" or is there a new form of English (pidgin perhaps) which is better suited to the limited inteeligence and grasp of those of the cro magnon . .more
    by Plutarch on April 12 2011, 15:16
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    Self determination
    Haha, the brave Juju will take up a spear against the Swazi. The young blobbo had better start doing some training soon. Lazy fat bums don't do very well amongst the warrior boys.

    by Darkroom on April 12 2011, 15:18
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    For once I agree with ANCYL
    But here is a suggestion, one MUCH more useful than holding a conference at huge cost for world youth. The ANC shortpants continually tell us and the ANC longpants how many people support them. So take some of the funds that your organisation controls . .more
    by Alto on April 12 2011, 15:38
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    Swaziland Uprising Issue
    i really do not think this protesting is right. firstly Swaziland is a small country and can not fight the way South Africans did back in the days. Hrh Mswati will not give up his father's land just because another,bigger and so called 'better' country . .more

    Politicsweb - Bring the Swaziland monarchy to its knees - ANCYL - PARTY
  3. Mlangaja

    Mlangaja JF-Expert Member

    Apr 12, 2011
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    Mungu ibariki Afrika. Tumekuwa nyuma kwa miaka mingi kwa sababu ya uongozi mbovu. Sasa Afrika imeamka hawana budi viongozi wetu kuamka kutoka usingizini. Hasa hapa kwetu Tz wanakoponda mali kwa mrija.