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KENYA: Mwisho Wa Moi

Discussion in 'International Forum' started by Kenyan-Tanzanian, Dec 19, 2007.

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    Dec 19, 2007
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    The Standard Online | Dec 18 2007 
    Rift Valley is astir, so which way for region? 
    Published on December 19, 2007, 12:00 am 
    Rift Valley is astir, so which way for region?
    By Andrew Kipkemboi
    Amidst the enthusiasm to vote in the Rift Valley are forces grinding against each other. Former President Moi still has bearing in the region’s politics and there is a group of emerging leaders who are full of energy.
    The Kalenjin have a tale about hunting; if you lose your arrow, don’t scratch your head, stand at the spot and aim in the direction of the lost one. The trick wasn’t always successful, but it did work sometimes. 
    Most of the locals are juxtaposing this and the predicament posed by the December 27 General Election. 
    Amidst the enthusiasm and the anticipation to vote in the Rift Valley are forces grinding against each other. Especially the battle for Baringo Central and Keiyo South parliamentary seats, which could be seen as a microcosm reflecting the shape of things to come.
    It is interesting how things have panned out since former President Moi retired five years ago. Especially with the people collectively admitting that it lost the last one and look forward to wiping away the bad memories. 
    That partly explains the fanatical following of the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) in the province. Moi has little regard for ODM.
    Certain things hold sway in the political life of this vast province that stretches from the border of Ethiopia and Sudan in the North, to the Tanzanian border in the South. It is named after the Great Rift Valley.
    Former President Moi addresses a rally in the Rift Valley recently.
    One, former President Moi, though out of power has considerable bearing in the politics of the region. Two, there is a group of emerging leaders who are youthful, full of energy and fearless who are taking the region by storm with cries about deliverance and liberation. And there are the old politicians still holding out. 
    Though they lack the doggedness, guile and the experience, most of them will take the game to the old guard. Their ambition and dreams are buoyed by an electorate yearning for new leadership. And that mix — of a new crop of leaders and a people yearning for change — has created a stir in the region with over three million votes. 
    Many residents of the vast province feel that the exit of Moi exposed them to the ills of being in the opposition. A huge chunk, mostly the young, though disapprove that and they are stoking up the fire of agitation that is sweeping the province. And the leaflets depicting ODM presidential aspirant Mr Raila Odinga hanging the former President did nothing to assuage the anger that the locals have with the current administration. Throngs of youth and old men sit out in trading centres in the evening talking about politics.
    Former Eldoret North MP and Pentagon member, Mr William Ruto, addresses supporters at Iten in Keiyo District during an ODM campaign rally recently.
    Former Eldoret Kanu chairman, Mr Jackson Kibor, who fell foul with the former President said leaders were out of step with the people.
    "The people … even small children know Arap Mibey (the name the locals have given Raila) and nothing can change them," he said.
    "As a university student in the 1970s we fought for people power. The people are always ahead and Rift Valley is not an exception in 2007," says former Internal Security PS, Mr Zakayo Cheruiyot who is vying for the Kuresoi seat on an ODM ticket. 
    The sacking of key Government officials in the wake of Kibaki’s victory has left a sour taste in the mouths of many and the general believe is that that was the corollary of backing Moi’s chosen successor Mr Uhuru Kenyatta, who is now in the Party of National Unity through which Kibaki will be contesting the presidency. 
    "It is not a rebellion per se, people want change. To the people of the Rift Valley nothing has moved and when PNU says kazi iendelee they feel spited," said Cheruiyot.
    "And like the rest of the country in 2002, they are angered."
    Most of the country in 2002 rallied behind the National Rainbow Coalition, which swept Kanu after 42 years as the ruling party.
    Kibaki was then the presidential candidate.
    Political betrayal
    Despite taking it in their stride, many construe Moi’s current dalliance with Kibaki as a betrayal so hard to take. They feel that Moi has strung them along.
    "It is not in the interest of the people … there is a lot more than meets the eye in that," said Mr Stephen Tuitoek from Baringo Central. 
    Moi had represented the constituency since independence to 2002 when his son Gideon, took over.
    They claimed that they’ve stood with him for so long and thought they could count on him as they plan to turn the tables on Kibaki. 
    "We carried his (Moi) burdens in 2002, now it is up to him to take it by himself. He left us and we have no obligation but to walk away and the people have decided," said former Eldama Ravine MP, Mr Musa Sirma. 
    Apparently, Moi has scotched rumours that he is warming up to Kibaki for protection and at the same time playing up a succession plot. 
    In the province too are leaders that the electorate feel have let them down. And they plan to hang them out to dry on December 27.
    And so worn out by the unceasing lies and the aloofness of politicians, most of the communities in the province have readied themselves for the night of the long knives. 
    They know that they have their destiny in the voting cards. Passionate opposition to Moi’s direction is an article of faith to them. And many fear that by the way things are going, Moi could become the odd man out. 
    "People want security and a promise of a happy future for which the old generation cannot provide," said Victor Kemboi, 26, from Keiyo South represented in the Ninth Parliament by Mr Nicholas Biwott.
    And like in most parts of the country, the youth machine in the Rift Valley is cranking up and it will be perilous to ignore them. Many of them have not voted before and their passions are easily excited. And it is not hard to guess which way their vote will go.
    "We want change for better or for worse," said Mr Thomas Kimuge, 24.
    Then there is older generation who are still attached to the old guard and who cannot let go. These represent the pockets of PNU dotting the province. Both groups are at a crossroads and a meltdown is expected. 
    Others like former Baringo East MP, Mr Asman Kamama (PNU) and former Kacheliba MP Mr Samuel Poghisio (ODM-Kenya) will most certainly fight off their challengers and retain the seats.
    Though steady, Agriculture minister, Mr Kipruto arap Kirwa will have to sweat it out.
    "I will vote for Biwott, what has he not done that was not expected of him," Arap Kendagor in his late 50s says at Emsea Junction on the Kabarnet-Iten Road.
    The young men seated across the table murmur.
    "At least I know him (Biwott) … I cannot trust this other youngster they are talking about," he says to dismissal from the youth.
    "Let us try him and see what he can offer us," cuts Mr John Barkalya, 29.
    Mr Jackson Kiptanui is running against Biwott on an ODM ticket.
    Economic gains realised
    But what is playing out is an inter-play of perception and propaganda. People have new perceptions about leadership and leaders and propaganda is fuelling the group dislike of certain leaders. And ODM’s slogan about a better life ahead and devolution is a sponge for thousands of unemployed youth across the province. It will be a back-breaking job for the other parties to turn the tide that has been building up.
    Though a few people dispute that under Kibaki life is better with gains in agriculture, the mainstay of the province, many feel that a lot would have been done better nonetheless. 
    "We get payment for our wheat, milk and maize, but that is where the good story ends," said a farmer in Eldoret who sought anonymity. 
    "We have no security, there are no jobs and the roads are not any better," he said.
    He said the closure of Eldoret Airport in 2003 was political and had cost them millions and so has the collapse of infrastructure.
    "No new road has been built in the last five years," he says.
    "The people are protesting about missed opportunities and failed dreams. They want out and propaganda is fuelling the rampant rebellion," said Mr Kipkoros Kandie, a former University of Nairobi engineering lecturer running for the Baringo North seat on a Kenda ticket.
    "The year 2002 was a watershed in the country and particularly for our community … people lost their jobs and for once in our history, we looked lost without a clear identity … now we think we have one," Mr William Cheptumo, the ODM aspirant from Baringo North says.
    "Once bitten twice shy. If Kibaki had showed some recognition for the Kalenjin and especially the Tugen, the game would have been different," says Cheptumo.
    Cheptumo regrets Moi’s distaste for Raila and Ruto and says leaders emerge naturally in a society.
    Many admit that Moi is indefatigable and could do anything and turn the game on its head. 
    "I want you to heed my counsel and vote for Kibaki because he knows the past, present and future," said Moi in Tinderet in October. 
    But former Nominated MP, Mr Franklin Bett, quotes a Kalenjin proverb, melildoi kiruk kapyook (Even the strongest among us at one point must give in)
    "We respect Moi … he had his time that is gone. He should give the young among us the chance also," said the former State House Comptroller. 
    Bett is running against Health minister, Mr Paul Sang of PNU for the Bureti parliamentary seat. He is in ODM.
    "The people want change and that can only come through ODM," says Ruto. "Nothing will stop that … it is an idea whose time has come."
    Though Moi is trying to rally up the province to vote for PNU and specifically Kanu, many of the people feel that the Kalenjin will be none the worse for it if they vote for Raila. 
    Emerging political players
    Moi’s role as an elder Statesman cannot be gainsaid though that is becoming a huge challenge with the emergence of youthful leaders like Ruto, the immediate former Eldoret North MP.
    Moi takes a dim view of Ruto and is thought to take him (Ruto) as a young politician with the tendency to overplay his hands and often warns him and the people about it.
    But can Moi hold the feet of the young politicians and their mammoth followers to the fire and trigger off an exodus from ODM?
    The scenario parallels with one of Aesop’s famous fables; The Lamb and the Wolf. 
    Pursued by a wolf, a lamb takes refuge in a temple. When the wolf cried out to the lamb that the priest would slay him if he caught him, the lamb responded; "So be it. I’d rather be sacrificed in the temple than be devoured by you."
    No doubt, many read mischief in Moi’s about-turn because of the treatment he got after he stepped out of State House in 2002. The community shared in the humiliation and though many expected Moi to go soft on the Kibaki administration, none thought that he would endorse President Kibaki for a second term. So the tug of war is set. Between a people who want to move on and throw the caution to the wind and a former President who feels that value to the vote is when the community votes for Kibaki. To most of the people, Moi’s reasoning that Kibaki as President is a symbol of national unity, lacks political traction.
    And that is why they are okay with whatever the shooting of the arrow in the direction of the lost one yields. 
    The ghastly errors of President Kibaki’s regime, like the ruthlessness of the first years, have fed the cauldron of disdain and fuelled the affection of Raila, the former Lang’ata MP and ODM’s torch bearer who many herald as a saviour. So in the Rift Valley, a place many expected least enthusiasm for ODM, aspirants are grinding down their opponents in other parties and exciting the masses.
    It is one of the regions where the people have a fervent adoration for ODM and its ideals.
    "The people like Raila for his courage and sense of confidence … they feel that he can deliver," says Kibor who was kicked out of Kanu in 1996 when he touched off a storm when he asked Moi to name a successor.
    Raila’s open rebellion and patient strategy has endeared him to the locals and Moi’s constant warnings about an impending Armageddon is being scoffed at.
    "We have sympathy for Raila … a kind of liking and when Moi asked the people to support PNU, the people had to rebel," says Kibor. 
    Kibor says the people feel emboldened that someone from another culture and tradition could thumb his nose at Moi and no one dares miss the boat. "Raila has been in sync with the Kalenjin after the referendum and that gave him the advantage," says Mr Moses Lessonet, the Eldama Ravine ODM aspirant.
    Lessonet sees the battle in the Rift Valley as a battle between the proletariat and the well-to-do.
    Out to snatch torch
    Meanwhile, the youthful leaders, disciplined by poverty and enlightened by education want to snatch the torch from the old generation and retire the delusion that they are the leaders of tomorrow.
    "You cannot wait a half your lifetime to lead and people still say wait …" says Mr Hosea Kiplagat, the Baringo Central Safina aspirant. Biwott, once viewed as a fulcrum of Rift Valley politics, is facing a battle of his lifetime. Should he survive the onslaught, it will be by the skin of his teeth. Biwott is in Kanu, an affiliate of PNU. Biwott says his development record is his trump card.
    "I have built schools, health centres, roads and helped people get clean water … that is tangible development, I will do more when elected," he said. 
    The first MP in the Ninth Parliament and former President Moi’s son, Gideon, also has an array of opponents to maul down.
    "I am not losing sleep over them, I will win. My development record speaks for itself" a confident Moi said. 
    Kiplagat, a former Moi confidant, feels that that is not the case and promises to give Moi a run for his money. The other notable contenders are former Commissioner of Lands, Mr Sammy Mwaita (ODM), Mr Enock Chepkwe (Narc) and Mr Julius Bolei (Agano). Moi’s Private Secretary, Mr John Lokorio is running against Cheptumo in Baringo North.
    In Kabarnet town, there are giant posters of the aspirants. Just like in the rest of the Rift Valley, the people are excited. They have never seen anything like this before. 
    The writer is the Features Editor
     © 2007 Standard Group 
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    Kithuku JF-Expert Member

    Dec 19, 2007
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    Mie hadi sasa naona Moi ndie rais wa Kenya. Sijui wenzangu mnasemaje? Hivi ndugu zangu huko Kenya, yale "makofi ya Nyayo" bado yapo? Na siku hizi ni nani anayetangaza kuhusu mahali Mtukufu Baba Moi alipohudhuria ibada ya jumapili? Vipi kuhusu kwaya zinazomtembelea Baba Moi kwenda kumtumbuiza nyumbani kwake? Moi bwana "aliikamata" Kenya, na hadi leo bado anayo!
  3. Alnadaby

    Alnadaby JF-Expert Member

    Dec 19, 2007
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    Moi yuko taabani..anachungulia kaburi.ifikapo 27.12.07 siku hiyo ndiyo siku rasmi ya mazishi.
  4. Mnhenwa Ndege

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    Dec 19, 2007
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    Moi alikataa kuitwa mtukufu kipindi kile Rais mstaafu Mkapa alikokwenda Kenya baada ya kushinda kura za 1995, rais Mkapa hakupenda kuitwa mtukufu na Moi pia akalikataa jina hilo baada ya kuitwa zaidi ya miaka kumi na saba.

    Kuhusu Kenya,i think the Kenyan society is aggressive politically and the public is outspoken unlike our dearest Tz. what Moi is doing currently is saaving his ass, he very well knows that if Raila gets into into power he will be in trouble. kumbuka Moi alimueka raila kizuizini siku za nyuma.
  5. Mtu wa Pwani

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    ndugu yangu nnataka uelewe wanasisa hawa meno ya mbwa hayaumani.

    leo utasikia maadui kesho marafiki wakubwa huo ndio mchezo wao
  6. Mnhenwa Ndege

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    Dec 19, 2007
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    Nakubaliana na wewe kabisa Mtu wa Pwani, ila stori hii ni tofauti kidogo.


    Raila lazima ale na Moi sahani moja, hawezi kumchekea kabisa. Huyu Baba Moi amekula miaka tisa ya uhai wa Raila. it means Raila spent approximately 9 years collectively in prison during Moi's era. unadhani akiwa raisi wa Kenya atamuacha hivi hivi wakati kuna dhambi nyingi zilitendeka during Moi's era.

    i personally dont think so.
  7. K

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    Sasa hii mimi naona ni siaza za kisasi (au tuite "politics of vengeance"?), na nawashauri wakenya kwamba ni sababu nzuri sana ya kuTOkumchagua Raila. Kama mtu anahitaji kuwa rais ati ili apate fursa ya "kumshughulikia" mbaya wake, hicho ndicho wakenya mnachohitaji? Hicho anahitaji YEYE Raila, sidhani kama ndilo hitaji la wakenya walio wengi (na kama ndicho wakenya wanachohitaji basi hali ni mbaya sana!). Ushauri wangu tu kwa wakenya: Chagueni maendeleo, amani, maelewano, maridhiano, na utawala wa sheria. Kama utawala (system yote) ukiwa mzuri, hakuna watu watakaowekwa detention kama ilivyomtokea Raila, kwa hiyo pigeni kura za kubadilisha mfumo huo. Ndivyo alivyofanya Mzee Nelson Mandela na wenzake kule Afrika kusini, walibadilisha MFUMO kandamizi uliokuwepo, badala ya kupoteza muda wa kuorodhesha kila aliyefanya hiki na kumlipizia kisasi (maana hao walifanya hayo kwa sheria zilizokuwepo ambazo zilikuwa sawa kipindi hicho, hawakuvunja sheria!). Na serikali ya Moi ilim-detain Raila kwa kutumia sheria zilizopo, kwa hiyo hakuvunja sheria. Mnachotakiwa kufanya ni kuweka mfumo utakaoondoa sheria mbaya hizo ili wengine wasiumizwe nazo kama alivyoumia huyo Raila, na si kutafutana kisasi.

    Nawatakia kila la heri, uchaguzi mwema.
  8. Kenyan-Tanzanian

    Kenyan-Tanzanian JF-Expert Member

    Dec 19, 2007
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    Wanaosema Raila atalipiza kisasi ni maoni yao ila sio hakika itakavyokuwa.

    Suluhisho kama ulivyosema ipo ndani ya kugeuza mfumo. Ndio maana Raila na timu yake ya ODM wanataka kugeuza mfumo kwa kuihalalisha katiba pendekezi ya Bomas iliyokusanya opinions na kupata support ya waKenya 83% mwaka 2005.

    Katiba hii itaielekeza Kenya kuwa nchi ya majimbo au Federal Republic. Mfumo huu, wasomi kwa wananchi wanakubaliana ndio mwafaka kwa kususha chini shida za kisiasa za kikenya kama vile ukabila na utovu wa usawa wa kiuchumi. Kutakuwa na Majimbo kumi na mbili ambazo zitajitawala kwa njia zote zile (politial, economic, social etc) kwa asilimia 45%. Serekali ya jumla itakuwa kama baba yao na makao yake yatakuwa Nairobi kama vile Waamerika wanatawaliwa kutoka Washington au waNigeria kutoka Abuja. Serekali ya kati (federal Government) itakuwa na control ya 55% ya utawala wa majimbo haya. Idara nyeti kama vile Majeshi, Maswala ya Usalama, Mahakama na Elimu zitakuwa 100% chini ya the Federal Governement.

    Hivyo basi kila jimbo eg. North Rift, South Rift, Nyanza etc au tuseme Singida, Kigoma n.k. inaaminika itafamu kwa undani sana ni lipi wananchi wa huko wanataka liwekwe maanani katika development programs zao kuliko serekali ya kati au centralized governement iliopo sasa Kenya na hata TZ. The people watakuwa na a greater say in their governance and management of their resources and destiny.

    Waleanaostaafu kama vile Mkuu wa Majeshi, marais wa awali, wakubwa wa Dini mbali mbali, mashujaa mbali mbali wa nchi, walobobea kama Nobeli Maathai na wazee wanaoaminika na kukubalika kama viongozi wa makabila tofauti watakuwa na bunge lao la Senators. Au Bunge la pili. Bunge la kwanza la federo litakuwa lile lile la MPs liliopo sasa. Hivyo wabunge watapitisha sheria zilizopendekezwa na bunge ndogo za majimbo. Kisha bunge la wazee wale au hilo la pili litampa Rais ushauri na rais atahalalisha au kukataa hilo lililopendekezwa. Kutakuwepo pia na Waziri mkuu kama vile Lowasa ili kuchek power za Rais ili kusijetokea Rais powerful kama vile moi au kenyatta au kibaki.

    Hizi ni dondoo tu. Document yenyewe au katiba pendekezi hiyo ya Bomas iko na details chungunzima vile mfumo huu utatekelezwa. Hapa nakupa kionjo tuu. Ina chapters 27 na pages 1653. Iliandikwa na wataalamu waKisheria toka Kenya na kwingine duniani. Iliongozwa na Profesa anayevuma sana katika mambo ya sheria za kikatiba, Yash Pal Ghai. Utafiti wa maoni ya WaKenya ulifanywa kwa miaka mitano. Kisha data hio iliwekwa kwenye constitutional conference iliyowaleta washika dau toka nyanza zote za jamii ya Kenya kama vile dini, uchumi, siasa, wanamila, wasomi, civil society and wanasheria.

    Ni mfumo huu ndio unakubalika na Raila Odinga na wenzake wanaompasapot, wananchi kwa wanasiasa. Ukabila wakenya unatokana na utovu wa usawa wa kiuchumi. Kabila ya wakikuyu ni scapegoat tuu kwajili wanajiweza sana kibiashara na wamekuwa serekalini chini ya Urais wa Mkikuyu mara 2(under Kenyatta + under Kibaki). Wataalamu wenyewe wanasema, makabila au jamii zingine za Kenya zitakapoweza kucontrol their own resources basi hazitakua na wakumlaumu mambo yakienda mrama ila wao wenyewe tuu. Hivyo basi hata pakakuwa na Rais mkikuyu tena baadaye, waKenya hawawezi mlaumu kwa asilimia kubwa kwa kutowaletea maendeleo mashinani. Rais huyo atagawana lawama au sifa na viongozi wa bunge ndogo za kikanda ambao watatoka kwa jamii ziishizo kwenye kanda hizo.

    Tayari hii spriti ya Federo inafagiliwa sana pia huko Uganda ila haipewi support kwa sababu fulani fulani muhimu ikiwepo kwamba waliopo madarakani sasa kama vile akina Kibaki Kenya wanatafuna matunda mema ya mfumo wa centralized government na hawapotayari kujinyima shibe! Nawaombeni mutuombe dua tufaulu kwenye experiement hii na Federo huku Kenya. Ikienda sawa sawa si pia nyinyi our closest brother-countries TZ na UG mtai iga na kuilocalize ili ifit situations zenyu wenyewe? It is these small jimbos then that can make a federal Kenya, a federal Uganda and a federal Tanzania. In the future, politicians of that generations will further consider uniting the federal systems of Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania into a gigantic East African Political Federation (EAPF). Hapo tutakuwa tunabuild federalism of shirikisho from below kama wajenzi wa nyumba wafanyavyo. Brick au tofali la kwanza zitakua jimbo ndogo ndani ya Kenya, UG, na TZ. Kisha hizi zikiwa stable tusonge mbele na tujenge nchi ya muungano au shirikisho la East Africa litakalokuwa muungano wa mijimbo mitatu (au mitano plus Rwa and Bur)zinazoendesha tujimbo tudogo ndani yao. EAPF ikijaribiwa na ifaulu basi iungane na South African Political Federation, Central African Political Federation, Western African Political Federation na North African Political Federation na hatimaye....sijui itakuwa baada ya miaka mingapi....... tutafaulu kujenga the much desired United States of Africa wazee wetu waliooiota. Countries and federations just like houses are built from below....wahenga walisema make it small but effective and it will one day be big....or haba na haba hujaza...

    Majimbo au ugatuzi ndio mfumo utakaosahihisha maovu yaliyotendwa na wakina Moi dhidi ya kina Raila. Raila hawezi kulipisha kisasi kwajili haingii mamlakani kama yeye binafsi. Anaaingia kama kiongozi wa timu ya viongozi wa kabila zimezoamua kumsapot yeye na wala sio Kibaki. He has control but he is also controlled by the Luhya, Kalenjin, Maasai, waSomali and waSwahili leaders. The main target in this political hunt in Kenya is not Moi. No. Most Kenyans watakusahihisha utakapo argue eti target ni revenge. The target in Kenyan politics is to create the so-called Kenyan Dream. Ile ndoto ya wakenya walio wengi kwamba Kenya inaweza kuwa kama akina Korea ifikiapo 2030. Huku hii ishu imepigiwa debe na pande zote mbili PNU ya Kibaki na Moi na pia ODM ya Raila na ODM KENYA ya Kalonzo. Wananchi wanasema hawa wote wanatosha kuwa Rais na kuilekeza Kenya to its dream of being a Second-World Nation by 2030. Shida ipo tu kwa lile swali: Ni nani kati yao anaweza tufikisha hapo Kanaan kwa kasi, nguvu na utaifa unaoaminika? Wengine wanasema ni Kalonzo. Wengine wanasema jibu ni Kibaki. Wengi wanasema jibu ni Raila.

    The choice this year is not between the Good (Kibaki) and the Bad (Moi) like it was in 2002. The choice is between the Good (Kalonzo), the better (Kibaki) and the best (Raila).....

    Liwe litakavyokuwa Kenya haitarudi kule alikokuwa ametupotosha Mzee Moi.
  9. K

    Kithuku JF-Expert Member

    Dec 20, 2007
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    Umejieleza vizuri sana, very impressively. Na kama wakenya wengi wana mawazo kama hayo, ninaamini mtafanya uamuzi wa busara sana. Hakika nawatakia kila la heri.

    Nina dukuduku kidogo kuhusu jina lako "Kenyan-Tanzanian", kwangu linamaanisha wewe ni mtanzania mwenye asili ya Kenya. Kama ni hivyo hilo lilipaswa kuwa ndio jina langu, maana mie babu yangu alihamia Tanganyika from Kenya in the early 1920's, na sasa mie ni mtanzania. Ila kwa kuwa unajieleza kuwa wewe ni mkenya basi nadhani ni "Tanzanian-Kenyan". Au wasemaje?
  10. D

    DAR si LAMU JF-Expert Member

    Dec 20, 2007
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    ..kwahiyo naye atamweka moi kizuizini? wont help him much kama atamsumbua mzee huyu,kwasababu hana nguvu tena,ni mstaafu tu!
  11. Kenyan-Tanzanian

    Kenyan-Tanzanian JF-Expert Member

    Dec 20, 2007
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  12. M

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    Mtz- Kenyan,
    Waachana na habari ya Polls- hupotosha saa ingine!
    Kibaki atapata 2nd term- nakuja Nairobi in Jan. ninitakunulia bia ya Tusker ktk kupongeza ushindi ya Kibaki!
    Uko hapo ndugu?
  13. Alnadaby

    Alnadaby JF-Expert Member

    Dec 21, 2007
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    Raila atafanya kama viongozi wengi wa busara walivyowahi kufanya huko nyuma.Kuwasamehe waliomkosea na kuwaacha wazee kupumzika.Katika kampeni zake hakuna mahali aliposema kuwa atamtia ndani mzee wa watu.
    Raila ni mtu anyefanya mahesabu yake kwa akili sana.Kumbuka NARC...bila Raila isingeshinda uchaguzi.Na sasa mnajua ipo pale PENTAGON.Kura ya maoni ya mwisho kabisa inaonesha bado Raila ataula urais wa Kenya.Namtakia kila la kheri kama Mtanzania mwenye kuipenda Kenya.
  14. Mnhenwa Ndege

    Mnhenwa Ndege JF-Expert Member

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    I totally agree that vengeance is not a development solution in politics, with me i think Raila will definately win the elections maana kila Mkenya ambaye si Mkukiyu nikimuuliza anasema kuwa atampigia kura Raila. My random sample size might be representing the ideas of Kenya who knows.

    Kenya sikama Bongo rigging is minimum, watu wanapiga kura halafu wanasubiri zihesabiwe. hapa tunaambia tukisha piga kura tukae mbali na vituo vya kura. Kama kura ni haki yako ni lazima uilinde isijekuibiwa.

    Yani ndugu zangu what do you think of that? yani hata mukawa ni sera nzuri na mkakubalika vipi, ikiwa kura hamzilindi its like carry water in woven basket.