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Mar 20, 2016
Muftee logistics we are looking for well qualified applicants to fit in 10 vacancies posted. post needed to apply are as a follows,

  1. 1 hiring markerting manager

  • Must have masters degree in related field
  • must be Tanzanian by birth
  • must have atleast 4 years of experiences
  • Able to work anywhere either within or outside the country
2. two qualified drivers

  • Must have veta certificate
  • Valid licence
  • Atleast Advanced certificates for secondary education
  • Able to mult task
3. One receptionist


  • Must have degree in human resources
  • must be very charming personel
  • Must be well organized.
  • Must have knowledge in Microsoft word and excel.
4. Four field supervisors


  • must have a bachelor degree in any related field.
  • Must have knowledge in administration
  • must be mult talented and inovative
  • must have atleast 1 year of experience
send your letter via
attach with all academic certificates
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