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Je watanzania Mnafahamu mwizi wa EPA ameshakimbia (Jiitu Patel)

Discussion in 'Habari na Hoja mchanganyiko' started by popo, Aug 30, 2008.

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    popo Member

    Aug 30, 2008
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    [Tanzania: UK Speaks Out On BoT Prime Suspect

    British high commissioner to Tanzania, Mr Philip Pharam, yesterday said he was not aware of business tycoon-Jeetu Patel's whereabouts.

    The high commissioner also said neither he nor any of his staff members, were certain the Dar es Salaam-based businessman was holding a British passport.

    Mr Parm was responding to a media query on concerns that the tycoon, who is linked to the Sh133 billion rip-offs at the Bank of Tanzania (BoT), may have already escaped from Tanzania.

    Patel, whose name appears among owners of at least eight of 22 phony companies, was reported to have swindled Sh133 billion from BoT. He has disappeared since the embezzlement from the external arrears payment account (EPA) became public.

    Reports from his close friends and relatives have it that Patel is a British national and holds a UK passport.

    However, in an interview with The Citizen yesterday, the high commissioner remarked: "I do not know where he is as there is no information to suggest that he is in Britain."

    Mr Parm added that his office was not certain whether Patel could be traveling on a Briton passport.

    However, the envoy reiterated that his government was committed to helping Tanzania bring to book suspects confirmed to have embezzled public funds through corruption.

    He hinted that Britain would be willing to cooperate with Tanzania even in pursuing individuals proven to be involved in corruption in the country.

    "We are cooperating with the government of Tanzania in corruption investigations and will continue in the interest of bringing those involved to justice.

    "As the single largest bilateral donor, the British government has an interest and we would not hesitate to act where there is anything requiring us to do that," said Mr Parm.

    The high commissioner also said he expected other partners to accord full cooperation in the investigation on corruption. They should also respond appropriately to take forward the war against graft. "The key is to have successful investigations," he said.

    Focus on the crackdown on corrupt people seen as masterminds of the mega rip-offs seemed to shift to Britain following last week's revocation of the US visa for the disgraced former BoT governor, Daudi Ballali.

    The US cancelled Ballali's official visa at a time when he was reported to be recuperating in a Boston hospital where he has been receiving treatment. He was dropped from the bank's top position by President Jakaya Kikwete soon after an audit by Ernest and Young revealed the massive looting of state funds.

    Like Patel, the whereabouts of Ballali are not very clear. Reports say he could still be in Washington despite the visa annulment. Other reports have it that he has flown out to one of the Caribbean islands.

    Pressure from opposition politicians and civil society groups is mounting on the government to extradite the former governor. They also want anyone linked to the BoT scam to face charges locally.

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    Patel is a share holder of Navy Cut tobacco, Ndovu Soaps, Bina Resorts, Bencon International, Maltan Mining Company, Bora hotels and apartments, Venus Hotels and BV Holdings. All these were listed as beneficiaries of part of the Sh133 billion loot from BoT.

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    Author: thomasrgreen
    Since 2005 an American businessman in Zanzibar has become an associate
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    Jasusi JF-Expert Member

    Aug 30, 2008
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    Ingekuwa wewe ungefanyaje? Rais keshawapa muda wa kuzirudisha hizo hela. Katika nchi yenye utawala wa kisheria mtu kama huyo ni kushikwa mara moja na kuswekwa lupango na kuuliza maswali baadaye. Lakini sisi tunabembelezana.
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    Masatu JF-Expert Member

    Aug 30, 2008
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    Hakuna kitu hapo Jitu Patel yupo mtaani ana dunda kama kawaida, si mmewaambia warudishe pesa yaishe watarudisha na yataisha! After-all zile hazikuwa pesa na umma!. Talk abt shamba la bibi....
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    JokaKuu Platinum Member

    Aug 30, 2008
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    ..kama hazikuwa fedha za umma, zilikuwa fedha za nani?

    ..why and how did the money end up in our Central Bank?

    ..kwanini huyo mwenye hizo fedha asizigawe yeye mwenyewe kwa kina Jeetu Patel badala yake tunawatumia watumishi[balali,mgonja,.] wa umma kuzigawa?


    ..halafu Bongo nchi nzuri hamna tena.

    ..hata kama amekimbia mambo yakipoa atarudi tu.

    ..huwezi kujua mafisadi wanaweza kumhitaji kuchonga dili nyingine mpya.

    ..mmesahau yule mhindi Chavda si wanadai amerudi?