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Je Tanzania inahusika hapa?

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Siasa' started by Smatta, Dec 9, 2009.

  1. Smatta

    Smatta JF-Expert Member

    Dec 9, 2009
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    A couple was found with more than 100,000 bullets and military gear in their house at Narok town.
    Four rifles and two pistols were also found in Mr Munir Ahmed’s house. A seventh pistol was found on his waist when he was arrested in Embakasi, Nairobi, on Monday night.
    The seized bullets are usually used in sub-machine guns. Yesterday, police displayed two telescopic machines, five pairs of military boots, assorted British military uniforms, 20 army bags, 20 planes’ batteries, 12 tyres and 80 jerricans of a multi-purpose oil used to clean guns.
    Some Sh429,000 and military food rations were also found in the businessman’s house.
    Police Commissioner Mathew Iteere led senior officers in displaying the wares at CID headquarters in Nairobi. He said they are yet to establish Ahmed’s motive.
    He said although some of the weapons are locally manufactured, they do not know how Ahmed obtained them.
    "It is an amazing cache, which is also shocking to us, but we will get to the bottom of this matter," he said.
    [​IMG]Some of the weapons recovered in a house in Narok town, on display at CID Headquarters in Nairobi, Tuesday. Two people have been arrested in connection with the cache. [PHOTO: EVANS HABIL/STANDARD]
    Ahmed sat in a guarded police car as the arms were displayed.

    Guns for hire
    A huge part of the caches, which police said could serve a battalion, was found in a store in Narok town and the rest was seized in Parklands.
    And last night, The Standard learnt the Administration Police Chief Armourer Joseph Maritim was arrested in connection with the seizure.
    Police sources said they anticipated getting more weapons, according to informers and it is possible some may have either been leased or sold.
    Another raid on his premises and those of his friends was planned for last night. Mr Iteere said they had counted up to 87,500 bullets and there was another big box.
    Some ammunition showed they were manufactured at the Eldoret Ordinance Factory run by the military. Other boxes indicated they had come from the US, Britain and Nato.
    Investigators said the weapons showed Ahmed could be an arms dealer even as insiders claimed he supplies weapons to neighbouring countries.
    But Iteere denied Ahmed sells or deals with the Government.
    The couple deals in oil products and run a popular petrol station in Narok besides other businesses in Nairobi.
    Iteere said the seizure followed an operation in Isiolo and Samburu where some 30 rifles and more than 2,000 bullets have been seized.
    Internal security PS Francis Kimemia said they are yet to know the origin of the weapons.
    Always armed
    Iteere said an informer tipped the police of a gun dealer in Narok, who could be behind the supply of weapons being used to kill and maim people in cattle rustling prone areas.
    A team from Special Crimes Prevention Unit was immediately composed and ordered to trace Ahmed. They tracked him to an auction in Embakasi on Monday.
    "The team was informed Ahmed is always armed and can fire at slight provocation, which made them take precautionary measures before striking," a source told The Standard.
    "He did not resist but seemed shocked when he was told he was under arrest and his gun grabbed, with at least five officers around him," said one of the officers. From Embakasi, the officers drove to Narok where they found the cache.
    Sources said the businessman tried to bribe the six officers with Sh3 million each, to let him go.
    But Ahmed’s lawyer Cliff Ombeta said his client had been framed. He said Ahmed is a licenced gun handler and did not know where police got the more than 100,000 bullets.
    His wife has been detained in Narok. Police said they are yet to decide charges against the man.
  2. k

    kayundi2 JF-Expert Member

    Dec 9, 2009
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    There was fear in Nairobi yesterday afternoon after officers from the Special Crime Prevention Unit with help of the dreaded Flying Squad Unit arrested a man of Asian Origin with a consignment of over 120,000 bullets,130 M-16 riffles,Gun Oil, and several pistols together with millitary training attires.

    The man who was picked from a public auction he was attending in the city was caught by surprise and the arms were seized in his other house at Narok Town on the oustskirts of Maasai Mara game reserve.Narok is a few Kilometers from the Tanzanian border
    The arms were airlifted by two Kenya Airforce helicopters and a police chopper to CID Hq on Kiambu Road in Nairobi where the media was allowed to film before they were transferred to GSU Training school under heavy security.

    Kenyan Police commissioner said they believed the man was the biggest illegal arms supplier in East Africa with extensive network to rebel groups in Uganda,Sudan,Rwanda and Somalia.He said the seized cache was enroute to Al-shabaab rebels in Somalia.

    What was amazing is that part of the consignment was labbeled "KENYA ORDINANCE CORPORATION FACTORY" which is a bullet manufacturing owned and managed by an arm of Kenya Army called Maroon Commandos based in Eldoret.Other arms were labelled as NATO ORDINANCE and is believed that it was either stolen from British 53 Batallion which trains in Isiolo and Samburu in Kenya...This cache of arms according to Millitary souces in Kenya can sustain the whole Batallion on a two weeks training and three months on a whole out war with an enemy.... investgations are ongoing.This incident after 9 suspected Al Shabbab rebels appeared in a Mombasa court yesterday where they were charged for being in Kenya illegally while they were armed.They were arrested by Kenya Army forces on the border with Somalia earlier last week
  3. Absolute

    Absolute JF-Expert Member

    Dec 9, 2009
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    Duh... afazali kidogo ila lazima kuna wakubwa wanahusika kuipa support hiyo network-they should be known
  4. Bluray

    Bluray JF-Expert Member

    Dec 9, 2009
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    Connecting the dots, mchizi ana nyumba karibu na mpaka wa Tanzania.
  5. Ab-Titchaz

    Ab-Titchaz Content Manager Staff Member

    Dec 10, 2009
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    Criminal investigation officers display a cache of weapons and military accessories at C.I.D headquarters, Nairobi on 8th December 2009. Two pistols, four rifles and over eighty thousand live ammunition were intercepted by officers attached to the Special Crime Prevention Unit in Narok inside a house belonging to Muneer Ahmed




  6. Ab-Titchaz

    Ab-Titchaz Content Manager Staff Member

    Dec 10, 2009
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  7. BabuK

    BabuK JF-Expert Member

    Dec 10, 2009
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    Kenyan police are pursuing hints that a huge cache of weapons seized by officers on Tuesday could have been destined for Tanzania. Police sources said here yesterday that they would involve their Tanzanian counterparts in investigating the matter.
    Police Commissioner Mathew Iteere described the arsenal as the largest ever consignment of weapons found in civilian hands in Kenyan history, adding that it includes 100,000 bullets and six guns.
    An assortment of military supplies was also seized from a businessman’s house in Narok, he explained.
    Narok businessman Munir Ishmael (35) and his wife are reported to be in custody for questioning over the arms, which included ammunition clearly marked as having been manufactured by the Kenya Ordnance Factory in Eldoret and the Ministry of Defence (British Army).
    When reached for comment, Inspector General of Police Said Mwema said their Kenyan counterparts had not communicated with his department on the matter.
    “We shall communicate with them and let you know about the outcome later,” he said in a brief telephone interview yesterday evening.
    Most of the ammunition bullets recovered were meant for .38mm, .22mm, 306 mm and 7.62mm-calibre guns. Two pistols and four rifles were also seized from the suspects’ house. Some of the rifles had telescopic sights, favoured by army snipers and assassins.
    The .38mm and .22 mm-calibre bullets are commonly used in pistols, while 306 mm ones are shells for shotguns and the 7.62 mm ones are suitable for automatic rifles like AK-47s and G-3s.
    An undisclosed amount of money was also impounded, as were military machetes, military backpacks, shooting range ear plugs, military sleeping bags, foldable camping beds, solar batteries, heavy duty vehicle batteries, 70 water containers, tyres, solar camp showers, Land Rover spare parts, target practising points, military boots, knives, lubricants, and NATO-approved military food rations.
    Iteere said the bullets were enough to serve a large city police station like Nairobi Area for up to 20 months, adding that such a huge amount of ammunition could only be found in a police armoury.
    Investigators are understood to be following up tip-offs from public informers suggesting that the bullets were destined for Tanzania.
    The arsenal was discovered in a Monday night operation by the Special Crime Prevention Unit comprising regular and Administration Police officers. Assistant Commissioner of Police Richard Katola led the mission.
    The police commissioner said it was three weeks of police investigations that led to the discovery of the weapons.
    “Police acting on a tip-off raided a residence in Narok and recovered 80,000 rounds of assorted ammunition, six firearms, and assorted weaponry. This is an amazing cache,” he said.
    “It is the first such recovery in the history of Kenya and is thanks to the commendable cooperation between police and the public. This (suspect) is an individual but we are trying to expose the syndicate,” he said.
    The bullets were similar to those used by the Kenya Police, and Iteere promised that investigators would soon establish their source and where they were being taken.
    “The information we have is that some of the ammunition was destined for Tanzania. But some of it looks like what is used by the security forces in Kenya,” he noted.
    The discovery is likely to cause concern, coming as it does only three months after a BBC investigative report to the effect that groups in the Rift Valley were buying guns in preparation for Kenya’s 2012 election.
    Narok town residents expressed shock and disbelief at the sheer amount of the weapons found in their community, many saying they knew Ishmael as a humble businessman.
  8. J

    JokaKuu Platinum Member

    Dec 10, 2009
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    ..hii inatakiwa ipelekwe kwenye ukumbi wa siasa ili watu wengi zaidi wachangie.
  9. Peasant

    Peasant JF-Expert Member

    Dec 11, 2009
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    Kweli kabisa, maana huu ukumbi wa kimataifa siku ni wa kidini sana mpaka unaboa.
  10. I

    Ilongo JF-Expert Member

    Dec 11, 2009
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    Hapo nahisi wahusika ni KENYA na NATO. Kaaazi kweli kweli!!

    Ngoja tujue kwenye mawasiliano yake ya simu watagundua ni akina nani amekuwa akiwasiliana nao hivi karibuni. ...
  11. J

    Jasusi JF-Expert Member

    Dec 11, 2009
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    Hapana, msisingizie NATO. Hawamo kwenye biashara za silaha haramu. The truth will be known soon.
  12. Abdulhalim

    Abdulhalim JF-Expert Member

    Dec 11, 2009
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    Miafrika badala ya kufanya biashara zenye kujenga inauza silaha za plack market. Ndio maana kila kitu kibaya kinapewa label ya 'black'