Ismail Jussa wa ACT-Wazalendo Apinga Vikali Mpango wa Kubinafsisha Bandari ya Malindi kwa Kampuni Binafsi ya Ufaransa


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May 23, 2017
Chama Cha ACT Wazalendo Kupitia Kwa kada wake machachali Ismail Jusa kimeponga Mpango wa kuopa kampuni ya Kifaransa ya Africa Global Logistics uendeshaji wa Bandari ya Malindi.

Jusa amesema Haina maana Serikali kuingiza pesa zake kisha kuja kuipa kampuni ya Nchi.

Hata hivyo Serikali ya Rais Mwinyi imesema itabinafsisha Bandari ya Malindi Kwa kile ilichoita ucheleweshaji na urasimu wa upakuaji mizigo.

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- Bandari ya Zanzibar yabinafsishwa kwa kampuni ya kigeni, wazalendo wahoji

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Mkataba huu wa Africa Global Logistics una tofauti gani na huu wa DP World?

Opposition party ACT-Wazalendo has said the recent awarding of the Malindi Port management to an investor was a misplaced priority and misuse of public funds.

Speaking at a rally on Sunday in Chubwini, Unguja , one of the party's senior cadres Ismail Jussa said there was no point in investing huge amounts of money and then almost immediately hand over its management to a foreign investor.

"The government spent some Sh13.6 billion in procuring new equipment at the port and another $6million on the installation of the e-port system to increase efficiency. It does not makes sense at all! What is the investor bringing on the table?" asked Mr Jussa.

According to Mr Jussa, it would have been ideal for the investor to bring in the technology and the new equipment.

“Worse still, that amount was far much more than what was use to install a similar system at the Dar es Salaam port where only $460,000,” he said.

He said that when they had questioned the performance of the board, they were told that the board had just been appointed and now they have made U-turn by bringing in a new management company.

“In running state matters you can’t keeping trying and erring, it is important that those that take over the mandate to run a country have clear objectives and that is why we at ACT are telling you exactly what we want to achieve with our brand promise,” said Mr Jussa.

Speaking at his most recent press conference at State House Zanzibar, President Hussein Mwinyi said it was important to reduce the berthing time for ships that dock at the Malindi Port because it was not good for business,

He added that it had reached a point where ships had to spend up to two months waiting to offload cargo because the port operations were manual in this era of automation.

The inefficient port operations affected the economy, he noted.

“The slow process at the port of Malindi was hurting businesses in Zanzibar, so we had to act,” he said.

As a result, the Ministry of Works, Communication, and Transport signed a five-year contract with a French company, Africa Global Logistics Group, which is a subsidiary of the Mediterranean Shipping Company, to manage the port.

“You can’t have a port where you’re not sure when your cargo will be offloaded; that’s why we said we had to look for a competent company to run the port on a special contract,” he said.

He said that apart from the MSC subsidiary, which was eventually awarded the tender, several other companies had expressed interest, and the negotiations were held by the government negotiation team.

According to President Mwinyi, under the outgoing arrangements, Zanzibar only earned 16 percent of the total revenue, whereas under the new arrangement with the MSC subsidiary, the government will pocket 30 percent of the total earnings.

“We also decided to cut the berthing time from the current seven days to two days because some ships were starting to avoid docking at our port due to the delays,” he noted

Source: ACT faults Zanzibar port Investment
Africa Global Logistics uendeshaji wa Bandari ya Malindi.

Swiss billionaire Gianluigi Aponte’s AGL wins contract to manage Zanzibar port​

By Mfonobong Nsehe

Africa Global Logistics, a company controlled by Swiss billionaire Gianluigi Aponte and his wife Rafaela Aponte, has been awarded a contract for managing the Malindi Container Terminal at the Port of Malindi in Zanzibar.

Malindi Port is the primary entry point handling International Trade for the Islands of Zanzibar. About 95 percent of Zanzibar’s imports and export passes through this port.

The Malindi Port has the busiest passenger terminal in the East African Region, handling an average of 1.5 Million people annually.

Africa Global Logistics is the new name of Bolloré Africa Logistics. In December 2022, Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC), owned by Aponte and his wife, paid $6.1 billion to acquire Bollore Africa.

In late March, Bollore Africa Logistics changed its name to Africa Global Logistics (AGL). The new name and branding reveal took place by live-streaming from Bollore’s global head office, in France, on March 30.

AGL will be responsible for cargo handling operations and maritime services at the country’s main port infrastructure.

The official signing ceremony of the new management contract took place on May 18, 2023, in Zanzibar, and was attended by Khalid S. Mohamed, the minister of infrastructure communication and transport, Tony Stenning, regional director of Southern Africa at AGL, and Nahaat Mahfoud, CEO of Zanzibar Ports Corporation.

At the event, Stenning said the company is committed to implementing an investment program for the modernization and development of the Port of Malindi. AGL plans to construct a depot zone outside the port to alleviate congestion.

“We are going beyond operational improvements at this port, as we are determined to invest in its development, attract a greater variety of maritime lines, and stimulate trade volumes,” Stenning noted during the signing ceremony.

Because of AGL’s experience in port terminal administration, this deal will enable the country to have a modern infrastructure capable of ensuring imports and exports in circumstances of quality, security, and safety that meet international standards.

“The signing of this contract confirms our commitment to continue developing our portfolio of port concessions in Africa. It is a great opportunity for us and our partners in Zanzibar to develop the Port of Malindi and make it the gateway to Zanzibar,” Olivier de Noray, CEO of AGL Ports and Terminals, said.

AGL’s new presence will preserve all existing direct jobs and create hundreds of indirect employment opportunities for the residents of Zanzibar.

Training and developing skills for local talent are among the commitments made by AGL.
Source: Billionaires.Africa
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