Indonesian Military Plane Crashes, Killing All 13 Aboard


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May 25, 2011
An Indonesian military plane crashed into a mountain near Wamena, Papua, Sunday, killing all 13 people on board.

The statement from the Indonesian Air Force sent to VOA said that the Hercules C-130 plane was carrying 12 tons of food supplies from Timika to Wamena, a distance of about 200 kilometers (125 miles), and some other areas (Jayapura, Merauke, Biak) when it crashed.

The plane left Timika around 5:45 a.m. local time and was to arrive in Wamena around 6:15 a.m. local time. Just before it landed, the control tower lost contact with the plane.

The crash site on Lisuwa Mountain had been found and the bodies of the victims were being brought back to Wamena, said Ivan Ahmad Riski Titus, operational director of Indonesia's Search and Rescue Agency.

The Air Force Chief of Staff Agus Supriatna told the local press that bad weather was suspected to be the cause of the crash and the rescue team had reached the wreckage.

It was the third serious air accident in Indonesia in less than a month.

On Nov. 24, a Bell 412 EP helicopter from the Indonesian army crashed in the Indonesian part of Borneo island, killing three. A week later, a police plane with 13 people aboard crashed into the sea on the way to the island of Batam, near Singapore.

Indonesia, a sprawling archipelago of more than 250 million people, has been plagued by transportation accidents in recent years, from plane and train crashes to ferry sinkings.

The military, which suffers from low funding, has also regularly suffered airplane and helicopter crashes.

In July last year, an air force Hercules crashed into a neighborhood of Medan, Indonesia’s third largest city, killing more than 140 people including military personnel, family members traveling with them and people on the ground.

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Nov 6, 2009
Kuna kesi nyingi za ajali za ndege Indonesia hivi ni kwa nini?
indonesia si nchi tajiri na weather yake ni very extreme sasa ndege ambazo hazina maintenance nzuri au pilot wazur sana ktk bad weather ni disaster in the making nchi nying za africa hatupat ajali za ndege si kwa vile tuna maintenance nzuri au ma pilot wazur its mere tuna weather nzuri clear sunny sky all day long!!! indosia ni balaa

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