“If you can’t do great things, do small things in a great way.” Napoleon Hill


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Mar 30, 2022
It’s never necessary to do great things to be successful. People who are successful have achieved success in their lives, not because they have done great things. They have become successful in their lives only because they have done small things in a great way.
You do not need to do big things to achieve in life. All you need is to do little things in big ways to get all the appreciation. In life, you do need to do things uniquely. You need to do small things in a unique and innovative way.
Some of the ways through which you can improve yourself every single day are by sticking to the commitments that you make and focus on gaining knowledge instead of seeking results. Once you gain knowledge, you will automatically be able to see success following you.
Another amazing thing that you can do is by making your journey worth enjoying. You need to ensure that your life is full of fun. If you love the job you are doing, you will be able to achieve success in it. Try to use your imagination and implement your creativity in doing things in your own way, and you will be able to reach your goals.
Consequently, you should start getting rid of your negative thoughts. The more you become positive in your approach; the chances of your success get higher!
Try to do things all by yourself. If you burden others with the jobs that you were supposed to handle, you will lose your control over them. Getting things done by others is definitely easy, but that doesn’t give you the assurance of getting things done perfectly.


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Feb 13, 2014
Ingawa mafanikio ni mapana na marefu kwa muktadha wake ,lakini kitu nilicho jifunza kwenye uzi huu ni kuwa positive kwa kila unachokifanya.

everything starts from thinking, when you have free thinking the results must be good
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