Idd To Be Upgraded To National Public Holiday


May 10, 2007
KENYA will from next years make Idd a National Holiday, President Mwai Kibaki has directed.

Kibaki who was meeting with Muslim leaders directed the Attorney General to speeden up the process for his signature saying that the Muslim holy day needed to be accorded a national status.

Muslim leaders led by SUPKEM dismissed claims that they had signed an MOU with a section of politicians and instead promised to support the president.
Shkrani kutupa habari motomoto toka Kenya! Is this a political strategy for Kibaki? Why now and not before?
Yet one of those gimmicks that KIbaki and PNU are mooting to counter the strong support Raila and ODM command from the increasingly influential Muslim vote in Kenya. While stomachs of certain Muslim clerics will be filled at the end of the day, many common Muslims will remain put with Raila. The core of the issue is not whether we have Idd as a national day or not ( I support the idea and Diwali too) but whether it will succeed in changing the tide of an imminent election lose for Hon. President Kibaki.

Lets discuss.Mzalendo in Dodoma last week we saw Muslims sweeping 75% of the plum posts in CCM. Is there a Muslim political awakening in East Africa akin to that happening the world over?
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