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Humanitarian Intervention as the world turns.

Discussion in 'International Forum' started by UncleSam, Apr 11, 2011.

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    Apr 11, 2011
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    We are living in a transformative era in world politics. Internationalization of human rights, globalization, developments in telecomunications and technology ie the internet, the individualization of international law and the emergence of new actors on the international plane, and the changing nature of armed conflicts have contributed to the erosion of the concept of state sovereignty.
    Human rights have become increasingly internationalized as states have undertaken international commitments to human rights either by treaty of under coustomary law, consequently the UN Chaters ban on intervention in to the domestic jurisdiction of a state only applies where human rights are not subsumed under international obligations. All UN members have a duty to support human rights and may not claim the maltreatment of citzens purely as an internal matter. Sovereinty must be reconciled with human rights principles. In todays world gross violations of human rights by goverments against their own people are no longer encompassed within the internal affairs of states. The domestic jurisdiction limitation is inapposite in 2 ways. 1st by the security council determination that the violation of rights constitutes a threat to the peace of a nation and 2nd by vitrue of the states violations of its international legal obligations.
    In pursuing a clear, transparent and consistent policy and practicd of forcible Humanitarian intervention, the UN needs to start by reassessing its role as an organization that strives to maintain international peace and security. So far, the UN has allowed for non legal factors to inhabit it from carrying out its role