How you can identify Intelligent People

Mr What

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Oct 22, 2016

1) There is a certain aura of natural decency in the way they carry themselves. They have an inbuilt courtesy mannerism that makes it difficult for them to ever look down on you even if they are more knowledgeable.

2) They treat everyone equal. An intelligent person always respects people, and will relate to you in a decent and open-minded manner. Well, except you start showing a funny side which they may not be comfortable with; they may choose to start ignoring you.

3) Intelligent people don't feel insecure about the intelligence of other people. Rather, it attracts them. They don't get repelled by the fact that someone else is more knowledgeable than them. Their curiousity is sure to increase, and they will learn from the person instead.
4) They have an insatiable appetite and desire for knowledge and experience. Intelligent people know that knowledge and experience rule the world. They learn, they unlearn, and relearn. They also repeat the cycle because if you stop learning, the mind starts to deteriorate.
5) They pay attention to detail, and may appear to be perfectionists at times. This comes from their meticulous nature of doing things to the best of their ability as opposed to doing something for glory or personal glamour.

6) Intelligent people may keep procrastinating a work for a while, but they usually finish the work in one single sweep when they eventually decide to do the work. Though this may seem like a good trait at first, overtime the procrastination may lead to many unfinished works, overburdening the mind, causing exasperation in the process. Therefore, as much as possible, an intelligent person ensures that procrastination doesn't take the place of actualising set goals.
7) Every intelligent person i know is broad-minded and love constructive discourses about ideas, politics, religion and concepts.
8) Intelligent people accept people for who they are, knowing fully well that everyone have their own personal baggages and different life experiences. They embrace other people's culture and will share in the good attributes of such culture whenever they can.
9) Intelligent people are open minded person's who will never discriminate against anyone because of where they come from or the religion they practice. An intelligent person knows that maturity involves acceptance of other people's culture without bias towards their gender, race, religion or ethnic origin.
10) Intelligent people make mistakes too. However, they're quick to self-correct the mistake, and so you may always think they're saints and the world has lined a smooth sailing passage for them. No! Intelligent people also have their personal problems, but they don't let it get it in the way of their common sense of reason. It doesn't give them an excuse to turn to jerks and start throwing queer tantrums at random to the world or people.
Because their situation in life rarely affect their mannerisms, other people will always misinterpret their behaviour and assign their own different conflicting interpretation.




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