HOW LONG does it take a former African president to fall from statesman to a crook?


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Feb 11, 2007
Just like fisadi Mkapa, from statesman to fisadi.

The decline and fall of Olusegun Obasanjo

HOW LONG does it take a former African president to fall from statesman to common crook? Less than a year, if the experience of Nigeria’s Olusegun Obasanjo is anything to go by. In the past few months, parliamentary committees have exposed allegations of government corruption during his eight-year tenure, and consensus is emerging that Mr Obasanjo’s final three years were the most corrupt since Nigeria’s independence in 1960.

His own son has accused him of sleeping with his daughter-in-law, and investigations are being conducted into deals, such as a $10 billion electricity project, that never took place. His son-in-law, Kenny Martins, is being questioned over $42 million missing from the Police Equipment Fund, while his daughter has been arrested for looting the health ministry.
Huyu OBASANJO ni SWAHIBA mkuu wa SALIM AHMED SALIM...salim haoni wala hasikii kwa huyu MNIGERIA

Mfano wa viongozi wa Africa, rejea kwa yule scientist aliyesema ngozi nyeusi ni Laana.
tazama hapa chini, viongozi wa kiafrika wanapotawala wanajivika ufalme ni lazima wafie kwenye madaraka, wapinzani wao wanastahili kuliwa na mamba ziwa victoria kama alivofanya idi amini, au tsavaingai anavyofanyiwa huko zimbabwe


Our Father Mugabe,

Who art in Harare ,

How bad is your name that it can be hated in all corners of the world?

Thy kingdom is no more,

Give us this day our poll results

& 4give us 4 voting you out

As we 4give u 4 trying to rig the votes.

Lead us not into stoning u, but deliver us from your policies.

4 thine is DA cruelty, DA poverty and DA shame.


Don't join Politics

Pleaseeeeee !!!!!!!!!. Do not join politics. It will destroy you. Look how handsome this guy was in 1953


kuna picha hapa ya morgan tsavangirai tangu akiwa mdogo hadi alipopsuliwa taya la kichwa na mugabe, nashindwa ku-attach anayeweza anipe maelekezo
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