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Haki za Wanaune sasa tunaanza rasmi (from daily mail UK)

Discussion in 'Habari na Hoja mchanganyiko' started by RealTz77, Jan 25, 2011.

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    Feminists are obnoxious bigots and men have a raw deal: Tory MP calls for male equality

    By James Chapman
    Last updated at 8:23 AM on 25th January 2011

    Men are increasingly the victims of ‘obnoxious bigotry’ by women and should start ‘burning their briefs’ in protest, according to a rising Tory star.
    Dominic Raab, a new Tory MP tipped for high office, said men were getting a ‘raw deal’ from the cradle to the grave following years of anti-discrimination legislation favouring women.
    He pointed out women in their 20s are now paid more than their male peers, who work longer hours, retire later and die earlier.
    Mr Raab, the 37-year-old MP for Esher and Walton in Surrey and a former chief of staff to David Davis, called for an end to what he called feminist bigotry.

    [​IMG] Mr Raab (pictured with his wife Erika) is the 37-year-old MP for Esher and Walton in Surrey and a former chief of staff to David Davis. He has demanded an end to what he calls feminist bigotry

    He said men were blamed by society for the banking crisis, discriminated against by parental leave rules which favour women who want time off and ignored by the courts when relationships break down and they seek custody of their children.
    Mr Raab suggested men should rise up against what he called the ‘equality bandwagon’, which has pitted them against women since the 1960s, likening the cause to that of the Suffragettes.
    ‘Maybe it’s time men started burning their briefs, to put to an end once and for all what Emmeline Pankhurst used to call “the ­double standard of sex morals”, the MP wrote in an article for the politicshome.com website.


    Mr Raab welcomed the Government’s plans to make the system of parental leave more flexible, by allowing mothers and fathers to divide up time off evenly.
    He said that sort of policy was more relevant than Labour’s ‘outdated and obsolete equality and diversity agenda’.
    ‘Take the gender pay gap. The fascinating thing is just how sexist its champions have become,’ he said. ‘It is almost taboo for a man to question the assertion that the rapidly dwindling pay gap is the result of discrimination, rather than genuine choice,’ he said.

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