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Hail the soothsayers!

Discussion in 'Habari na Hoja mchanganyiko' started by BAK, Dec 9, 2009.

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    Dec 9, 2009
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    Wednesday December 09, 2009 ColumnistHail the soothsayers!


    Adam Lusekelo, 8th December 2009 @ 22:00,

    IT must be the season. People seem to be excited with the year-ender. I will forgive the school kids for shifting classes and think that next year things are going to be different. Poor things. But you can't blame anybody to for imagining how things are going to be.

    Man's decision is usually made from what man and woman has passed through. Unless, of course, you are politician. Those guys have a premonition of everything which will happen next year.

    They are not very different to soothsayers. The Sheikh Yahya types. They already know, for example, the general election results next year. They also have kicked off next year's political campaign. Secretly; they imagine.

    Take Braza Joe Makamba, CCM's Secretary General, for example. He has done his analysis of Bongo's general elections next year. According to Braza Joe, CCM will again win by a landslide.

    Most people in the know have not been impressed. But Joe then went further and said that all those who did not want his party to continue ruling must be out of their nuts. "Watu wehu!" He thought aloud with his mouth.

    When I saw that headline recently, I was keenly studying some juicy looking mangoes. I must confess that I like mangoes. But then, I lost my appetite for mangoes and went to the gym instead.

    Insults we are used to, I think, because presently Bongo is wallowing in that and there seems to be nothing we can do. If we don't think like Joe and his likes, then we are nuts. Sisi wehu. But we have seen nothing yet.

    In times like these, this is only the beginning of the spin-doctors in parties to look for imaginary heroes. Watch out the blasphemies come out like: "He has been chosen by God!"

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