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google vs oracle

Discussion in 'Tech, Gadgets & Science Forum' started by nurbert, Aug 27, 2012.

  1. nurbert

    nurbert JF-Expert Member

    Aug 27, 2012
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    If you’ve been closely watching the
    Oracle vs Google court fight, you
    already know everything you’re about
    to read. If you’re one of the many,
    however, who’ve been keeping an
    open ear but not checking forums every few hours for updates, consider
    this a run-through of the battle for
    Android code – a battle that could
    potentially have huge implications for
    industry giants like Google, the entire smartphone market, and, of course,
    the millions of smartphone consumers
    worldwide. Android Code – What’s the Big Deal? The controversy began when
    somebody just happened to notice
    that Android code looked an awful lot
    like Java code. This would be no big
    deal if Google (Android’s developer)
    owned Java, or if the code was open source (which means that anybody
    can use it for any purpose). However,
    Google doesn’t own Java; Oracle owns Java and Oracle wasn’t exactly ticked
    to see their coding being used to
    generate billions as the most popular
    smartphone platform out there,
    especially since they weren’t seeing a
    dime from the platform’s popularity. Oracle decided it was lawsuit time.
    They sued Google for copyright
    infringement, stating that they owned
    the rights to Java and all code therein.
    Consider it like this – if you rent a book
    for your Kindle, take entire chunks of text from it and then insert those text
    chunks into a book which you publish
    as your own, you’re committing
    copyright infringement. That text was
    copyrighted by the original author,
    and you have no right to use it. This is Oracle’s standpoint regarding Android
    code – Google had no right to market
    it as their own since they did not write
    the code in the first place. The battle has gone on for years,
    recently making it to court. Die-hard
    techies have been watching, eyes
    peeled, waiting for a verdict. In May,
    they got one – a federal court judge
    decided unanimously that Google had committed no copyright infringement
    when it developed Android code. What the Android Code Debate Means for You? Since the judge decided that Google
    did nothing wrong, as it sits the entire
    debacle means a whole lot of nothing
    to consumers. However, we’re not
    underestimating Oracle, and we
    wouldn’t be surprised to see new lawsuits popping up in the future. What this lawsuit could have meant to
    consumers, however, is a whole
    different story. If it was decided that
    Android was essentially created
    illegally, Google would potentially
    have had to pay a huge amount in royalties to Oracle. Whether a complete
    revamp of Android would be in the
    cards is anybody’s guess, but it would
    be one potential outcome. Another would be that Android would
    exist as is, but every new bell and
    whistle, every new smartphone; every
    aspect would require a royalty
    payment to Oracle. This is where
    things would get sticky for handset carriers, manufacturers and
    consumers – all those royalties would
    ultimately add up to big, big increases
    in the costs of carrying, producing and
    using an Android device. Seeing as
    how Android is currently the most popular and widely used platform out
    there, this could have devastating
    effects on the market. Thankfully, for now, no such royalties
    are necessary, and you can keep on
    falling in love with each new yummy-
    sounding Android version without
    worrying about the dent it might make
    in your wallet. Author: Darren Wall aka Prepay is a
    technology enthusiast who writes
    about smartphones, applications,
    games and the latest mobile
    technology news for the Pre Pay As You Go Blog.

  2. L

    Loloo JF-Expert Member

    Aug 27, 2012
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    Hii inafanana na wale jamaa wa face book cjui hata yao ipo kwenye status gani .Kumbe wenzetu kwa kuiba patents right ndo wenyewe walishinda tu lakini kihalali ilitakiwa washindwe.
  3. nurbert

    nurbert JF-Expert Member

    Aug 27, 2012
    Joined: Feb 26, 2012
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    Yap! Nakubaliana na ww