Good Customer Care Lady Available

kindili kindili

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May 27, 2013
Hello, a good customer care lady is available in Dar, with strong marketing skills, interpersonal skills, ready to work under less supervision, highly convincing power, able to answer customers question in a strategic manner, good bargaining power, yuko tayari kufanya kazi hotelin, (sio bar please), dukani au eneo lolote ambalo liko busy, nyie wa sabasaba karibuni pia, sifa nyingne: Fluent in English and Swahili, Good looking-presentable, outgoing, multi culture etc.
Ready for interview anytime
weka picha nikupe kazi coz hata huyu ni gud looking
Emil yake pls.
Ana degree ya Procurement and logistics management, Uzoefu: Vodacom Webbox sales representative 3months, Miller beer sales representative- 1.5 year, Samsung beal deal sale around Arusha- 3months, Safari lager sale representative in Tunduma- skilled pia

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