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For wives only, husbands can also do the same of what is advised for their wives

Discussion in 'Biashara, Uchumi na Ujasiriamali' started by Ntemi Kazwile, May 24, 2010.

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    May 24, 2010
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    By Napoleon Hill in The Law of Success: Self-confidence
    From having analyzed more than 16,000 people, most of whom were married men, I have learned something that may be of value to wives. Let me state my thought in these words:
    You have within your power to send your husband away to his work or his business or his profession each day with a feeling of Self-confidence that will carry him successfully over the rough spots of the day and bring him home again, at night, smiling and happy. One of my former acquaintances of former years married a woman who had a set of false teeth. One day his wife dropped her teeth and broke the plate. The husband picked up the pieces and began examining them. He showed such interest in them that his wife said:
    “You could make a pair of teeth like those if you made up your mind to do it.”
    This man was a farmer whose ambitions had never carried him beyond the bounds of his little farm until his wife made that remark. She walked over and laid her hand on his shoulder and encouraged him to try his hand at dentistry. She finally coaxed him to make the start, and today he is one of the most prominent and successful dentists in the state of Virginia. I know him well, for he is my father!
    No one can foretell the possibilities of achievement available to the man whose wife stands at his back and urges him on to bigger and better endeavor, for it is a well known fact that a woman can arouse a man so that he will perform almost superhuman feats. It is your right and your duty to encourage your husband and urge him on in worthy undertakings until he shall have found his place in the world. You can induce him to put forth greater effort than can any other person in the world. Make him believe that nothing within reason is beyond his power of achievement and you will have rendered him a service that will go a long way toward helping him win in the battle of life.