Five Things Poor People Do That Keep Them Poor (The Rich Don’t Do Them)

Mr What

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Oct 22, 2016
There are things that the poor people endulge themselves in, that keeps them poor. The Rich class don’t do those things…….

people have always wondered why they still remain poor despite the efforts they have putted in place in the past years……..After much self questioning, they tend to give up hope and start pointing fingers towards their village people. Some even question the authenticity of the money the rich are controlling. Others would say it is blood money, or shady money.
The truth is that, there are things you are doing that is keeping you poor, that the rich don’t do……

Watching TV.
poor people are always at the consuming end of everything. Life is not about what you take but rather, what you can give. If you want to be rich, quit watching TV and read books. When you watch TV, you are cosuming contents made by people and by so doing, you get poorer while the content providers gets richer.

Needs And Luxury.
Poor people tend to buy things because others are buying. They like to feel among…….if you are doing that you better stop. The Rich only buy what they need and what will give them more money. If you want to be rich, buy what you really need and not what you want…

Save More Than You Spend.
What keep most people poor often is that they tend to spend more than they earn, which is very dangerous. Some even rent bigger apartments just to show off but they are dying inside. No matter what you do, if you want to be rich, you must learn to save more than you spend.

Buy Asset Not Liability.
Poor people tend to buy liability instead of assets. Asset is what gives you money and liability takes money from you. Buy something that will give you money. For example, you can buy a car and register it with a transport company. By so doing, you won’t have to fuel your car or maintain it yourself cause the transport company will do all that. Your money stays intact.

Counting Of Money
Poor people don’t count their money. Poor people don’t have budget to checkmate what’s going out and what’s coming into their pocket, which is very dangerous. The rich on the other hand checkmate their expenditure to know if they are improving or not…..count your money if you want to be rich.

So, if you inspired to be rich, you can still do it by applying these methods……Stay safe.

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