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Find All kind of cleaning services at a reasonable price!

Discussion in 'Nafasi za Kazi na Tenda' started by ELPI, Mar 27, 2011.

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    Mar 27, 2011
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    Outsourcing office cleaning or contract cleaning has many benefits for companies and there are numerous reasons why it could help a company actually do better at what it does.

    Thinking you or that anyone can do the cleaning is a quaint notion but one that is way our of date. Simply posting a note up in a shops window and taking the first person on who applies is just not possible nowadays, with the raft of health and safety requirements, insurance, employee legislation, a company would have to spend considerable resources and time just to manage what in effect would be another employee (the cleaner doesn't work out - you will need to go through all the same disciplinary procedures as with any other employee).

    Another great reason to outsource your cleaning services is that it actually frees you up to get on with your core business and try and make money, getting bogged down with managing cleaners, ordering cleaning stores, checking timesheets, recruiting, etc is this really the best use of your employees time, or indeed your time, did you really recruit employees to deal with day to day cleaning issues or did you employee them so you could get on with making some money.

    Cost again is another reason, outsourcing is remarkably cheap for what you get. With intense competition prices are cut to the bone by cleaning contractors.

    You may think on the surface that you can hire a cleaner yourself and surely it will be a cheaper hourly rate. Probably not, bearing in mind all the unseen costs of management, recruitment, administration, HR, stock, you also need to work out how much its going to cost in holiday pay (yes cleaners are entitled to their full holiday entitlement/sick pay etc and you will have to pay for them) plus who is going to clean when the cleaner is not there, who is going to pay for this as well. So remember to factor the above into your calculations to try to get some sort of direct comparison.

    ELPI Limited is a solution to your need, we use independent health and safety consultants to ensure we are up to date with current legislation: we invest a great deal in selecting the right staff, ensuring they have excellent ongoing training and support, meaning we can deliver excellent cleaning standards day in day out and remain one of the Tanzania leading cleaning companies.

    If you are interested in our eco friendly office cleaning services Call this number +255 783 667638 or write to