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Sep 6, 2022
After barely surviving his previous mission, Tyler Rake retires from mercenary work to a cabin in Austria, where he is approached by a stranger and asked to rescue his ex-wife Mia's sister Ketevan and her two children Sandro and Nina. They are currently imprisoned along with Ketevan's gangster husband Davit Radiani at Tkachiri prison in Georgia. Tyler recruits Nik and Yaz to join him, and they infiltrate the prison. Their mission is to get Ketevan and her children out without alerting Davit, but their plans go awry when Davit wakes up and alerts his loyal prisoners. A riot ensues, forcing Tyler and his team to fight their way out. In the chaos, Tyler kills Davit during a confrontation.

As Tyler and Ketevan fight through the swarm of prisoners, they face constant attacks. Eventually, the group manages to escape and returns to their safehouse in Vienna. However, Sandro, Davit and Ketevan's teenage son, who idolizes his father, discovers that Tyler was responsible for his father's death. Sandro secretly contacts his uncle, Zurab, who is Davit's overprotective older brother, seeking vengeance. Zurab and his men track down Tyler and the others, trapping them in the safehouse. In the ensuing chaos, Sandro leaves the group to find Zurab. Tyler and the remaining group members manage to flee in one of Zurab's helicopters, but Yaz is killed by Zurab during the escape. They seek refuge at Tyler's cabin, where he and Ketevan are reunited with Mia.

Tyler apologizes to Mia for leaving on a mission while their son was battling cancer, leading to his death. Meanwhile, Zurab contacts Tyler, demanding a meeting at a nearby airfield where he is holding Sandro hostage. Tyler launches an assault on the airfield, locating Zurab and Sandro in a nearby church. Sandro is wearing an explosive vest, and Zurab forces him to take aim at Tyler with his pistol. Just as the situation reaches a boiling point, Nik arrives, creating a standoff. Tyler manages to get Sandro away, and a shootout ensues. Tyler ultimately kills Zurab, but Nik is gravely injured and falls unconscious as the police surround the church.

In the aftermath, both Nik and Tyler are imprisoned, and Mia informs Tyler that Ketevan and her children have been placed in protective custody. She reveals that all their assets have been frozen. Tyler instructs Mia to give Ketevan 1 million dollars in cash, which he has hidden in his cabin. Mia informs Tyler that their deceased son had admired his bravery, bidding him farewell. Tyler is transported out of prison to meet the stranger who initially approached him, and the stranger offers to recruit him. However, Tyler insists on including Nik in any decision. To his surprise, the stranger reveals that Nik has already been brought in because he anticipated Tyler's preference.

Extraction nimeikumbuka Kuna jamaa muuza madawa ya kulevya special unit wanapewa kazi ya kumkamata kumpeleka akashitakiwee........

Ila katikati zinaibuka team mbali mbali za kuingilia mission maana jamaa alikua ni most wanted.......

Kuna ka demu kalikua kanapiga mkono balaa...

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