Dr. Ndumbaro Remove the whole Executive Committee of entire Tanzania Olympic Committee (TOC) are Corrupted since 2002.

Melubo Letema

JF-Expert Member
Apr 1, 2020
Honorable Minister, we would like to put it in your attention existence of the following facts;
1. That, since 2002 Tanzania Olympic Committee’s current top leadership has been in power untouchably and since then Tanzania has never gained a single Olympic Games Medal.
2. That, since 2002 there has been (Five Olympic Games); 2004 Athens, 2008 Beijing, 2012 London, 2014 Rio de Janeiro and 2020 Tokyo (all of which Tanzania departed back home empty handled.
3. That, in the 2012 London Olympic Games, according some athletes preparations were not good due to corruptive behaviors.
4. That, in the course of their illegal prolonged time of leadership International Olympic Committee (IOC)’s Financial Documents TOC has received more than 5.4 Billion Tsh to support development of sports in Tanzania which in return the prove of such financial assistance should have been earning medals.
5. That, according to financial aid from IOC there are several programs as follows; Olympic Scholarships for Coaches,Olympic Scholarships for Athletes, Coaching Coursers, Athletes Financial Support, Development of National Sports Structure, National Training Courses for Sports Administrators, Team support Grants, International Executive Training Courses in Sports Management, NOC Exchange and Regional Forums, Sports and Environment, Women and Sports, Sports for All, International Olympic Academy, culture and Education, NOC Legacy, Olympic Games Subsidies and Special Assistance.
6. That, It is a fact honorable Minister that, TOC’s current leaders have benefitted of the Financial Aid from IOC more than our entire country has, you should have done a simple research of their financial and wealth differences between 2002 and 2022 and draw your own conclusion.
7. Honorable Minister, it is our Athletes beliefs underregulations 10(1)(a) and (b) of the “Kanuni za msajili wavyama na vilabu vya michezo” GN 441/1999 is mandated to take actions whenever a constitution of a sports club or sports association is being contravened by the leaders of that sports entity.
8. Honorable Minister, inaction by the Minister in a place where facts are vivid before his/her eyes raises doubts and more questions on his/her accountability. It has been several months now since this matter was brought before NSC and Ministry’s office by our Athletes.
9. Honorable Minister, it is still our Athletes position that, constitution of TOC like any other constitution must be observed, and that government officials shall not turn a blind eye where such constitutions are being violated by any one for any reason.
10. That, athletes feels that, it is necessary that your good office intervenes in this matter in order to ensure that justice is done in this situation because our athletes (from all sports) deserve to perform well so our country can capture the place in the sports worldwide.
11. With this note; Honorable Minister; athletes wrote this letter advising , that you should take the following actions to rectify the situation as soon as practicable;
i. To order the Registrar of Sports Clubs and National Sports Council to take action in accordance to the governing laws and regulations
ii. To order the National Sports Council to instruct TOC to surrender their financial returns dated back to 2004 quadrennial reports (5 reports)
iii. AND finally if all flops athletes are advise you to remove the whole Executive Committee of entire Tanzania Olympic Committee (TOC) from office, refer to the ACT number 12 enacted by the Parliament of The United Republic of Tanzania.
Kama Waziri amefanikiwa kumuondoa Filbeth Bayi na kundi lake, basi atakuwa amefanya jambo jema sana. Maana huyu jamaa alijimilikisha TOC kwa miaka nenda sasa.

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