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Dr. Dalaly Peter Kafumu amlilia Gaddafi...

Discussion in 'Habari na Hoja mchanganyiko' started by Daady, Oct 25, 2011.

  1. D

    Daady Member

    Oct 25, 2011
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    Baada ya kupata ubunge amekuwa malenga badala ya kufikiri wananchi wake!!


    Dr Dalaly Peter Kafumu

    I had a dream that the death of Gaddafi is a seed for the unification of Africa,
    It is a wake up call for African leaders to mend and stop a fragmented Africa,
    To heal Africa that is tormented by globalization statutes and mystica,
    People of Africa must cry before the Holy Throne of God for a United Africa,
    As we mourn Gaddafi we must endevour to eradicate oppression from Africa,

    The people of Africa must remember hundred and twenty years in the past,
    West domination in a conference in Berlin fragmented the African Continent,
    African countries since then was colonized and put under a painful start,
    Each country wa ruled and manourveered individually to deepened its lone root,
    Colonialism disregarded that Africa was one people and one Continent.

    Africa emerged from colonialism and was to begin the union struggle,
    The struggle for the African togetherness, unity, freedom and independence,
    Nkurumah, Lumumba and Nyerere, as Fathers of African Unity came,
    And all wanted the unification of Africa to be one as it was before,
    But they encountered the new world economic order as a stiff resistance.

    In our midst stood neo-colonialism in form of support strain,
    Globalization came as a gizmo and weapon for domination,
    Brain drain out of Africa was a giant beast at its elevation,
    Africa intensified the struggle for economic freedom to sustain,
    But the economic freedom of lone countries was in suppression.

    As they struggled, world economic giants expressed hidden joy,
    They continued to rejoice in Africa's suffering, torments and agony,
    They set massive arsenal to these poor countries to destroy,
    Africa became a market for, political manoeuvre and technology,
    Hour by hour, day by day; poorer Africa became each passing year.

    As a Leader of the African Union; Gaddafi was a dazzling light in the Libyan capital,
    A light that wanted Africa united; against all traits of neo-colonial cynical,
    Before African leaders united; and took the lead to embrace the unification call,
    Gaddafi was vanquished by NEO-COLONIAL mighty; the dream for one Africa fell,
    A wave of revolution in the name of democracy has engulfed countries in the Sahel.

    Gaddafis' call was vivid and clearer as the African Union was a vehicle to compel,
    To let globalization be the vehicle of a regional grouping and strengthen trail,
    Now African Leaders need to rekindle the tempo for unification to grow tall,
    Gaddafi remains an icon of one Africa that will on that day stand on the union stall,
    The day Africa will be the United States of Africa to dominate the economic ball.

    By: Dr Dalaly Peter Kafumu


    Dr. Azaveli Lwaitama

    The world is indeed full of wonders.

    A tribute to Gaddafi from a person who has been cooperating with Western multinational mining companies in stealing all Africa's minerals on the cheap and who has just so-called won a by-election in Igunga on a ticket of a political party that abandoned socialism and non-alignment as long a ago as 1991 when it shelved the Arusha Declaration an embraced the Zanzibar decisions that allowed capitalist tycoons like the former MP for Igunga who had occasioned the Igunga by-election by resigning his MPship due to being hounded out of the NEC leadership of the same party due to what he called dirty politics!!! Now this same mining expert has abandoned his technocratic job and decided to be a politician under the flag of a party controlled largely by rich tycoons who are close friends of American companies like Richmond and Symbion!

    The world is really full of wonders and ordinary folks are really thought to be very gullible ....

    So Gaddafi was removed by the bad old imperialists who are helping us out with mosquito net in the fight against malaria and we are proud when our leader is praised by them .....

    So we were all revolutionaries fighting against neo-colonialism when we kept quite when Gaddafi was preparing grounds for his sons to take over the rule of Libya when he died?

    So we are now shedding revolutionary crocodile tears on account of Gaddafi's capture and murder, eh? And yet, just a few weeks ago, we did not like any poems when our leaders invited the USA military to Zanzibar to conduct so-called exercises with our East African armies, eh?

    And of course we are not disturbed by the fact that in some respects the ruling party has on occasion be allowed run more and more like a private family affair of our dear leader, eh?

    And we cannot say anything about it least we are seen as lacking in deep respect and love for our dear leader, eh? The world is indeed full of wonders, because the death of a poor Chadema young man at the hands of political zealots who purportedly were supportive of the so-calling winning of the Igunga by-election by the ruling party did not move us to write emotional poems about the dream of One Africa, did it?

    And we have the nerve to criticize the Libyan fighters who have killed this lunatic tyrant who yes did indeed support the establishment of the AU?

    The world is indeed full of wonders!

    It is ok for ourselves to cooperate with the Western imperialist and neo-colonist enemy in the fight against malaria and Somali pirates but it is wrong for the Libyan NTC Freedom Fighters to cooperate with the same diabolical, yes diabolical, enemy to remove a lunatic Libyan tyrant, eh? Who is being taken for a ride, here?

    Dr. Azaveli Lwaitama
  2. Mpendwa

    Mpendwa Member

    Oct 25, 2011
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    Wapo wanaodai kwamba Gaddafi ni "shujaa" na ni "kamanda" na vyovyote vile ambavyo angeweza kuitwa! Sawa! Lakini lazima watambue kwamba kuna mambo kinyume na "sheria" na "kanuni" za kimaumbile binadamu akiyafanya anakosa "ubinadamu" na anakuwa kama "mnyama" na au zaidi ya "mnyama". Na wale wote wanaoweweseka na "ushujaa" wa Gaddafi wakumbuke historia:


    kama na historia hii imesahaulika naomba muulizeni General Mboma (Rt.) ambaye anaelewa vema kwa vile alikuwa akiongoza "Kikosi cha Ndege" wakati ule au muulizeni "Mzee" na Major General Muhyiddin Mfaume Kimario (anayeishi Dodoma kwa sasa) juu ya Vita vya Kagera na jinsi Idi amin Dada alivyosaidiwa na Gaddafi! Narudia, historia ingekuwa "tamu" na wengi mngeujua ushujaa wa Gaddafi pale "historia" ya Dar es Salaam, Mwanza, Dodoma, Morogoro, Tabora na Tanga ingeandikwa na "wino wa damu" ya mauaji ya askari wa Gaddafi waliyokuja rasmi kumsaidia Idi Amin Dada!
    Tusome historia kwa manufaa ya kujua yaliyopita, kutathmini yalipo na kupanga mustakabali wa yanayokuja. We cannot reverse the past; but we can learn from it. Gaddafi ni "mwema" pale alipokuwa anatafuta "maslahi" yake" na alikuwa adui pale alipokuwa anatetea "uadui" wake. Watanzania tusome historia (kama ni sahihi) na tumtuze Gaddafi kwa yale yote aliyoyafanya kwa watu wake na Afrika na dunia. Tuache ushabiki wa "kiwendawazimu" kwa kuwa hata Adolf Hitler alikuwa na "washabiki" wake enzi zile za Vitaa vya Pili vya dunia na hata alipokufa wapo waliyempa "tuzo" za "ushujaa" kwa vile alikuwa mtu anayewakilisha maslahi yao! Hivi ndivyo historia ilivyo....mara zote wafuasi wa watawala "katili" na "wauwaji" hawakosi kuwasifia watawala wa aina hiyo kwa vile wamelewesha na haiba zao za kiwendawazimu!
  3. Tusker Bariiiidi

    Tusker Bariiiidi JF-Expert Member

    Oct 25, 2011
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    Nyani haoni kundule...

    BRUCE LEE JF-Expert Member

    Oct 25, 2011
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    mpendwa you dont know what you are talking about, yes gaddafi helped Amini to fight against tanzani in1978, and he has more than 100 reasons to do so, you dont know why Gaddafi did so and also even Mwalim Nyerere fabricated the reason to fight amini it was influence from england and america and also to support his friend obote, amini wa a threat to Israel and he even wanted to attack tel aviv because of what israel was donig against palestinians, he was a true muslim who decided to support his brothers and mean while he was true pan africanist who even predicted that one day america will be ruled by a black man now you have obama. also Nyerere was not strong enough to defeat amini he was helped in secret like waht NATO did to Libya, please if you dont haveproof you have no right to speak, and you tell why nyerere fought with him? do you know the reasons? he just said sababu tunayo, nia tunayo na nguvu pia tunazo, why mzee kenyata was neutral in that war?just try to ditch infos then come back we will talk.
  5. Julius Kaisari

    Julius Kaisari JF-Expert Member

    Oct 25, 2011
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    Daaaah???? Akili ni nywele,
  6. M

    MWananyati Senior Member

    Oct 25, 2011
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    Naona brucelee kajaribu kukuelekeza.

    Ila kama ni sula la gadaf kutaka kuwaua watanzania wakati ule, inaweza kabisa isiwe na uzito ukilinganisha na sasa hivi ambapo watanzania tunauana wenyewe sababu tu ya siasa.

    Kubali kataa, Gadaf is among african patriotics.

    Saiv nchi hizi za africa zinaongezwa na marais wasiojua hata kwanini tulipigania uhuru wetu. Tumepigania uhuru ili tujitawale kiuchumi, kiutamaduni, kisiasa na kifikra. Zaidi ya Mugabe ni nani anayeweza kusimamia hayo?

    Mnabinafsisha? utandawazi? ujinga mtupu

    Viva gadaf!

    Na ukae ukijua umoja wa afrika hautakuwepo tena sababu nchi za magharibi walijua threat itokanayo na nguvu ya umoja huu ukiwa chini ya gadaf.

    mtabak ombaomba ukijisumbua kufikiria ya 1978
  7. clemence

    clemence JF-Expert Member

    Oct 25, 2011
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    Kwa hiyo mkuu hapa unataka kutuambia kuwa hata kama Nyerere alikosea kwa hiyo gaddafi tumuenzi kwa kumsaidia amini ili atupige?Sijakuelewa kabisa kwenye uzalendo na nchi yako.Acheni ushabiki wa kidini mlizoletewa na wazungu na warabu
  8. Feedback

    Feedback JF-Expert Member

    Oct 25, 2011
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    Pesa mwana haramu penye udhia penyeza pesa hata kama kaua ndugu yako atatakaswa, nyie ndio wasaliti wakubwa wa taifa kumbe wakati wa vita tulikuwa na maadui wa ndani.
  9. F

    FJM JF-Expert Member

    Oct 25, 2011
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    Brilliant comment from Dr Lwaitama. Absolutely spot on.

    The level of hypocrisy being shown by Dr Kafumu & Co on the death of Ghadaf is beyond words. If indeed Ghadafi meant so much to them as they would want the world to believe, why then they did not help him during the 7 months he was fighting the 'West'?

    Killing Ghadafi in the way he was killed and parading his body on the street of Sirte was not the proudest moment for Afica, but killing innocent civilians and throwing the corpses on the steets of Nyamongo is even worse. Strangely enough, Dr. Kafumu chose to write about Ghadafi's killing and not Nyamongo!
  10. Safari_ni_Safari

    Safari_ni_Safari JF-Expert Member

    Oct 25, 2011
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    Yaani huyu kafumu kasahau vita ya kagera tayari?
  11. Nkoboiboi

    Nkoboiboi JF-Expert Member

    Oct 25, 2011
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    Watanzania waliuawa au ................ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. J

    Jasho la Damu JF-Expert Member

    Oct 25, 2011
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    eti kulikuwa secret issues za nyerere kufight against Iddi Amin hv waislamu mtapevuka akili lini? Amin alipoua watz kule kagera ulitaka nyerere amchekee kwa sababu analinda uislamu. Nyambaf.
  13. F

    FJM JF-Expert Member

    Oct 25, 2011
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    @BRUCE LEE, Ghadafi a true muslim? Huyu mchapa wanzuki ndio unamuita a true muslim? The man was sorrounded with women all the time (bodyguards, Voluptuous Bulgarian nurses) sijui kama hii ni sahihi kwenye Islam! The good thing is, we now live an era where we can learn 'private thoughts' za viongozi wetu. And I can tell you in private most AU leaders wamefurahia the demise of this man! Kama kweli walimpenda kwa nini hakuna hata nchi moja toka AU iliyopeleka majeshi yake Libya kumsaidia? Tanzania ilikuwa mstari wa mbele kupeleka majeshi Comorro so why not Libya? For 7 months Ghadafi amekuwa anapigana, walikuwa wapi hawa wanaotupigia makelele kuhusu 'West"?

    Pili kuna kitu sijaelewa kabisa, tangu lini na kwa vipi West wamekuwa watu wabaya kwetu? Wabaya lakini tunawapa madini? wabaya lakini tunawapigia magoti watupe vyandarua vya mbu? Wabaya lakini tunawakaribisha kufua umeme?

    Huu Pan African wa Ghadafi BRUCE LEE hauko kihivyo. He became more and more fond of the idea of a United Africa baada ya kutoswa na waarab wenziwe na pia baada ya 'initial' idea yake ya kuwa na one state ambayo ingejumuisha Libya, Syria, Egypt among other other states. Hivi inakuwaje sisi watanzania ndio tuna uchungu na sio jamii yake (Walibya)?
  14. M

    MAPINDUZI75 Member

    Oct 25, 2011
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    someni chanzo halisi cha vita za kagera.
  15. M

    MAPINDUZI75 Member

    Oct 25, 2011
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    someni chanzo halisi cha vita ya kagera( uislam au urafiki wa mwalimu na obote?)

    SILENT ACtOR JF-Expert Member

    Oct 25, 2011
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    Nimependa habari hii, Daady! Hebu nipe source. Back to the topic, hata kama Gaddafi angefanya mambo mazuri kosa lake kubwa ni kung'ang'ania madaraka. Siku zote watu kama hawa mwisho wao huwa mbaya. Halafu tuelewe vizuri, mambo mazuri aliwafanyia watu wa kabila lake zaidi huku waliobaki akiwaendesha kwa vitisho kwa utawala wa kiimla. Libya siyo ya kabila la Gaddafi pekee. Sasa kama yeye alitawala kibabe, nini cha ajabu akiuwawa kibabe? Tusiegemee upande mmoja wa dikteta, tuwatazame walibya kwa umoja wao na tatizo kubwa la ajira kwa vijana katikati ya utajiri wa mafuta!
  17. Saint Ivuga

    Saint Ivuga JF-Expert Member

    Oct 25, 2011
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  18. Elli

    Elli JF-Expert Member

    Oct 25, 2011
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    Saaaafi kweli unafiki kwa unafiki na wema kwa wema
  19. Gagurito

    Gagurito JF-Expert Member

    Oct 25, 2011
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    to kill one person for the sake of many is not bad, is just Ok. If Gaddafi wasnt killed, thousands of innocent people (like those during kagera war) were going to die!
  20. Dingswayo

    Dingswayo JF-Expert Member

    Oct 25, 2011
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    Umezaliwa mwaka gani wewe? Historia ya Tanzania umeisomea wapi? Sisi wengine tulioshiriki katika vita ya kumtoa Idd Amin Tanzania, tunasikitika kuona kuna watu kama wewe. Ndugu na jamaa zetu waliuawa na majeshi ya Idd Amin ambaye alisaidiwa na Gaddafi. Nyerere alikuwa sawa, nguvu, uwezo, ujasiri na vijana wazalendo tulikuwepo na tukamtoa.