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Oct 10, 2008
Double Dipping Votes Delays Tanzania Election Results

Jakaya Kikwete checks off one more tally as officials arrest Daudi Gindishi for double voting

Jen Hoskote | Tue Nov 2, 2010

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Kikwete grabs one more vote

Even though Tanzania’s election polls closed on Sunday, the country doesn’t plan on announcing the winner until at least Friday, according to the electoral commission's director of elections, Rajab Kiravu.
As of Tuesday, current president, Jakaya Kikwete was in the lead grabbing 40 out of 57 votes. Kikwete is expected to be re-elected however does face competition from Ibrahim Haruna Lipumba of the Civic United Front (CUF), who leads in 16 constituencies, and Wilbrod Slaa of the Chadema party leading in one district.
Tanzania’s ruling party, the two opposing parties and members of the European Union have all expressed concern over the delayed results, believing the election to be rigged and accusing the National Electoral Commission as bias.
Police officials were brought in to stop opposition supporters and angry demonstrators in the country’s capital of Dar es Salaam and Mwanza. For a country that has 43 million inhabitants, which is geographically larger than France and Germany combine, you would think they’d understand it might take awhile to tally up the votes.
However, the country’s frustration may be justified as Tanzanian courts have detained Daudi Gindishi after convicting the 41-year old for voting twice on Sunday’s general election.
Gindishi was spotted entering a Ghalani polling station in Mwanitumai village with six ballots. After the loose papers were found, Gindishi admitted the polling officer not only allowed him to vote twice but also bribed him with Sh100, 000 if successful.
Magistrate Thomas Mtani of the Maswa District Court sentenced Daudi Gindishi to three years in jail without hearing the convict’s defense, saying voting twice is a very serious offense and Gindishi’s penalty should serve as a lesson to other Tanzanian offenders.

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