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Diana,Princess of Wales

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Historia' started by Andrew Nyerere, Oct 19, 2012.

  1. Andrew Nyerere

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    Oct 19, 2012
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    First taking things in sequence of events: There were two persons waiting within the tunnel for Diana,Princess of Wales,and Dodi al Fayed,to finish off the first of many plots plot to vanquish what was blossoming in the world as an unacceptable happening. Are you actually ready to receive truth? Well,you are going to get it anyway and you are going to find out that both of these people were working with some of my projects.
    First let us cover what happened in a localized focus. The two prominent parties were leaving the Ritz Hotel,owned by Dodi’s father.They were traveling TO the’ Left Bank’ to attend some night clubs
    The Press were told of the transfer and that the pair would be leaving’ in five minutes if you want some pictures’. They were not headed to his apartment for a love-in,-they were going to go dancing.
    The driver was not a regular driver,but rather, was a security person. He,further,had been drinking and was found to be intoxicated. This is important only in that there was a standing contract on both the Princess and Dodi.
    Calls were made and the assassins were already IN THE TUNNEL when the party reached that location. They were on the walkway ahead of the vehicle and shot both the driver and Dodi with laser weapons. The piercing light was so blinding that even the following entourage was momentarily blinded,and at least one motorcycle operator was unable to keep his vehicle upright-nor could they see. This was a planned assassination,and of course, orders were given that neither Dodi NOR Diana were to survive the crash.
    Diana was not only alive when the mob appeared- but was both conscious and viable while carrying on a conversation.
    The assassins tried to blend in with the crowd arriving,but the photographers realizing something was amiss and they, in fact,attacked the already-present agent and did actually beat one of them badly.
    It is already noted that the paramedic vehicle was already’ on the way’ when the call came of the accident.
    There was an American hospital between the Paris facility, where Diana was taken, and the accident. The orders,however,were to take her to the Paris hospital and ‘she was not to leave alive’
    The new relationship between al Fayed and Diana was planned as well. Dodi was to have been married to his own love in August and did continue to speak with the American model right through the news -breaking headlines and stories.
    Note that you hear almost NOTHING of the follow up of the dead Dodi. Therefore I am going to give you some information.
    Mohamed al Fayed the father of Dodi,is also connected to Adnan Kashoggi,the uncle of Dodi. Is this plot ever getting thicker?
    These people are Egytpian moneyed people owning properties all over the world and NOT the favourite family for interrelationships. They are ‘Islamic’. Everything about the relationship of Diana with this person was a totally unacceptable happenstance. The relationship itself was to greatly annoy the Royal Family in the face of unfaithful Charles as he plans to marry his mistress.

    Now,how can you come to believe outrageous’ 007-type’ secret plot activities? Easy. Note the flag draped around the coffin of Diana was NOT the flag of Great Britain but,rather,the personal flag of the Queen of England reclaiming her property,and was from the House of Windsor. Ah,the plot thickens? Well,note that,at the reruns of the wedding pictures of Diana and Charles,even the Archbishop of Windsor was wearing a cloak of the same House of Windsor and which is the Queen’s private religious icon.
    Now,friends,check out Ireland and England and reconsider how well this relationship would fare in the courtyard.
    How can you know that what I tell you is correct? Look at what is taking place and how the focus is now an emotional smash hit on Broadway and otherwise.
    Diana was working diligently,AGAINST THE CROWN,in occupying herself with most popular causes ESTABLISHED BY THE ELITE IN THE FIRST PLACE TO DEPOPULATE THE WORLD-AIDS and land mine removal. Well.who put the land mines there in the first place?Nasty little game,is it not?
    So why should she be involved? Easy: Diana and Dodi were working to raise fundsf for the activities and they knew where to go to do the work. It is hard to figure just where al Fayed,the father, is as to political structures but he desired in a most unusual way to be a British subject. Kashogg iwas totally tied up in arms for funds in the Iran mess,etc. Will this cause the elders in the house of Fayed to finish the money raising? Who knows,but I think they must have opportunity.
    Do you actually think the people will stay aroused and resentful? No,it is already over as the graciousness of the Crown is already apparent as to the generosity of their stance in this embarrassing time of confrontation-but the Press is already eating away at the ‘convenience’ of ’ having Diana out of the way.’ Well I would be very concerned if I were Camilla or Charles, either one or both. This is a last-stab effort to save the HOUSE OF WINDSOR and the monarchy from oblivion.
    How many of you even noticed that old Hank Kissinger was spewing out his garbage? Well, indeed ,he was never allowed on the air a second time at the event of the accident. But even at the time of the announced death he was supposed to speak, but was cut off at the microphone. And since when are heads of state notified of an accident to an unfaithful ex-wife of some silly triad? That was simply to inform’ you are possibly NEXT’ and the deed is accomplished. The murder was not able to be committed at the scene of the accident because of the fact that Diana was in pretty good shape, conscious and was visiting with the people around-so next had to come the grand effort to’ save her.’ She was shouting at everyone because she knew she was going to die, one way or another, and was pleading for her children’s sake.
    Now there is this false hue-and-cry over the photographers who were arrested,to get them out of the scene and shut away from telling the truth,and now come the pictures being shut away from ability to have evidence in full-blown color.
    And what was the cry of the people against the papers and phtoographers in London? Ah indeed,’Shut down the SUN’ This,readers,is the major paper first established by Rupert Murdoch,acrh rival of such as Ted Turner and Elitist brigades.
    Do NOT for one minute forget or overlook the connections of everything to everything! Note the only party who dared to speak out against the’ bureaucracy’ was Taki, a Greek friend of Diana who called the spades exactly what they are-miserable cheats,liars and bureaucratic hate-mongers. Of course that interview was not allowed repeating on any network.
    Now for follow up:There was at least one, and perhaps two, motorcycles MORE than entered the tunnel with anyone following the Mercedes. Tusu the vehicles were quickly confiscated and removed so that everything would be lost in confusion.
    What do you think are the chances for a healthy life for Mr. Jones,the bodyguard who is able to talk? Why was he not killed? Hummnnn,interesting indeed. If he had a radiator in his lap,that means he would also have had a Mercedes motor in his lap,and yet his injuries were head abrasions.
    You have,world,just witnessed the assassination of troublesome people to preserve the ‘Grand Plan’. What a perfect idea:a beautiful and sad Princess and a playboy.
    Will this change al Fayed’s thoughts and actions? Who knows;these people are not naïve.
    Ah,but there are several things that will come out through questioning the photographers present. One:that there were at least two blinding lights coming from ahead in the tunnel and there were already people present at the scene IMMEDIATLEY prior to the accident and they were-on foot.
    So how can you get all this information? You have to be willing to pay attention. The point of the coverage is to wear and your sense down to nubbins with what you are SHOWN so that you never continue to question possibilities.
    Who is actually next? Well I like my people to be attuned to my radio[short wave 16.9433,this is the frequency with which we transmit to Dharma,and also it is the frequency for ‘visualising’ our crafts and persons] and begin to look for major’ coincidences’. This,my loves IS THE NEW WORLD ORDER! And,no don’t think Sir Spencer,brother to Diana is in your corner as he bit on the photographer gambit even before it was publicly presented as the cause of this terrible accident. He is in,and from,SOUTH AFRICA,so take heed good buddies. THE CONCEPT OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER WAS LAUCHED FROM AFRICA AND CECIL RHODES! And no, these factions are not friendly, particularly, but work together for the common ‘cause’ Look for the changing or differing FACTIONS and note movements.
    Ah, where is George Bush ,for instance, and why would Kissinger be silenced at the onset of events?

    Next briefly,as you contemplate other topics for the day. Consider this patriotic move to stop the Chinese from having factories and outlets in Southern California. HAVE YOU SEEN THESE AREAS FOLLOWING BASE CLOSURES? Wow-deadvilles. While you focus on Long Beach,Adelanto and other nearby towns are totally destroyed by your government and that plague is spreading to everything around the aerospace and military areas.[see related story pg.6]
    Meanwhile Donald Trump is working for the biggest development program yet ,for New York . Working with whom? RIGHT,THE CHINESE. All nicely approved,hook,line and sinkers. It is not as big as your local market building. One third, perhaps, as large as a typical K-Mart store. And no, this is not gossip- several people went to explore and see for selves. And wow, SPOTLIGHT makes it sound as if the complex would be the size of Manhattan. No,not even a large building-its skeleton standing there in its rusting condition. And’ hidden’? Nope,the sign is more outstanding than the little building and was obviously put in place prior to starting the framing. Oh well-America.