Courage is a must to overcome the troublesome policemen

Lekanjobe Kubinika

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Dec 6, 2006

Lekanjobe Kubinika

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Source: Yahoo friends.

A wealthy gentleman had passed on and was being buried at the kongowea cemetery in a very expensive coffin.

One of the fellows at the burial estimated the coffin to be worthy about 250k, and got ideas about it. He came back at mid night the same day, exhumed the coffin and buried the body back. He then lifted the coffin and carried it away on his head.

Just as he was leaving the cemetery gates he came across four cops on patrol!
"Wewe! Umetoga wapi na unagwenda wapi na gwanini unazika watu usigu?"
"Afande..... Mimi niliambia jamaa zangu “SITAKI KUZIKWA MOMBASA”! Wanipeleke bara. Sasa leo wamenizika hapa na nimekataa, narudi kwetu!!!

Before he finished, all the cops had scampered in different directions!


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